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nuncio_populi t1_jcpqshq wrote

Just so we can all skip the faux outrage because the title conflates two separate stories — What the article actually says is that the State of NJ also supports the Pompidou museum coming to Jersey City because they view it as an anchor in the redevelopment of Journal Square.

If you are concerned about who funded the mayor's trip, that's a very valid issue and should be discussed. But it deserves its own articles and threads.

There just isn't any need to stir up outrage over routine state funding for the arts that is unrelated to Fulop's jaunt to Paris.


boneapetitty t1_jcp1qtk wrote

12 million that should probably go to fixing the roads around the future Pompidou…


shanes3t t1_jcr6uir wrote

Nah. I love driving by there feeling like I'm in a war-torn country where I pay $2k/ month in property taxes.


pchow16 t1_jct6l81 wrote

What the article actually says is that it's 36 million, 24 million in 2022 budget! You want to make journal square better let Kushner, and whoever else is building there, fund the museum. They are the ones getting the tax abatements. Not us! Put it on their backs not ours. They are the ones who will profit from the redevelopment!