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Just want to make an appreciation post for Andrea Sulemeria. This is a family owned business in the heights on central that make authentic Italian sandwiches at the same price of any subway chain. The bread and cuts are always fresh and the staff there are super nice and welcoming. Unfortunately they are opening a subway right next door. Let’s keep supporting this family owned shop and keep what makes Jersey City great!



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kittyglitther t1_jdo7vo2 wrote

Ha, I thought this post would be one asking for the best sandwiches and I was ready to say Andrea Salumeria.


flapjack212 t1_jdo3yrk wrote

i'll be completely honest with you, i've never been here but these two restaurants don't sound like substitutes... certainly not any more than any other lunch option would be a substitute, so i'm going to guess the Subway opening next to them will not change much

if you're looking for a $5 footlong no one is going to be able to help you but Subway. if you're looking for a real italian sandwich and you walk into a Subway you may as well be in mcdonalds at that point...


Jussttjustin t1_jdocub3 wrote

>if you're looking for a $5 footlong no one is going to be able to help you but Subway

Maybe in 2009 but today that footlong is $9


DontBeEvil1 t1_jdoqk8k wrote

But the sentiment remains. 2 completely different customers.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_jdoun7b wrote

With coupons you can get it down to 6 or 7 each for 2

Not that I would go there with Andrea Salumeria right next door


arca650 OP t1_jdo5t53 wrote

That’s fair, I’m just tired of large chains running mom and pop shops out of business. You should give this place a try btw!


DontBeEvil1 t1_jdoqec8 wrote

Agreed. But I'm even more tired of large developers and wealthy residential transplants running long time residents out of their homes.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_jdouwub wrote

If they get priced out and are tethered to the area by their job where else are they supposed to move? The real issue is NIMBYism in New York City blocking housing supply and causing them all to move here. Plus none of the Heights McMansion conversions would even be viable if new multi unit development was allowed by right.


DontBeEvil1 t1_jdovq3f wrote

I'm priced out, so I will move to your neighborhood so you can be priced out. But the real problem is the people that caused me to be priced out. Way to take zero responsibility and shift the blame. Rents are astronomical only because there are people willing to pay them. They know people will move to an area, and pay outrageous amounts for small, poorly built, cramped highrise apartments, and will continue to pay it and do nothing but complain about the flooding, thin walls, bad HVAC, noise and all their other building issues, and neighborhoods on Reddit. Also, there's lots of places other than DTJC someone priced out in NY can move.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_jdow46w wrote

OK. They can move to a new other place. You understand that there will then be people in this other place who are priced out, right?

There is no solution other than New York City and its suburbs building enough supply.

Your idea of blaming the people being priced out solves absolutely nothing.

The Heights is a higher income area than Newark and Union City and has been that way for a long time. It has always been a middle class neighborhood. Many people priced out of the Heights go to those areas. Are they now the evil problem in those areas? Or maybe you should just tell New York City to build enough housing and stop the problem at its source.


DontBeEvil1 t1_jdoygic wrote

You understand that the sheer action of moving does not automatically equal pricing others out, right? I'm actually not solely placing the blame on people moving into a neighborhood, unlike you, who's placing it only on "NY Nimbys."

"You lost your home, oh well, not my concern, it was the NY Nimbys that did this to you. By the way, before you move away can you tell me where the nearest Whole Foods is?"


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_jdpj7px wrote

I ain't a Whole Foods shopper bud. There ain't no Whole Foods in the Heights and if there was I wouldn't go there. You're now getting mad at imaginary characters on the internet, what a fun life.

> You understand that the sheer action of moving does not automatically equal pricing others out, right?

Do state your theory of how more people can move into a neighborhood without expanding supply and manage to not displace someone.


DontBeEvil1 t1_jdplt1d wrote

Even a casual read of my quote you're referencing makes it clear I didn't say anything about YOU shopping at Whole Foods. 🤦

What's is hilarious is that you have an imaginary scenario made up in your head about someone else getting mad about imaginary characters. Now THAT is a fun life. I guess.🫤


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_jdovcp0 wrote

I find it funny that it's Subway (Subway!!) regarded as the "gentrification option" in this thread. If it was the Subway that already existed and Andrea Salumeria was opening up, the sentiment would be the exact opposite. The same people would be accusing the more expensive place of "gentrifying". Like all the people in the thread the other day saying we don't want good food in the Heights, it'll raise rent.


fattusmaximus t1_jdofoez wrote

Our hero


FinalIntern8888 t1_jdqsvmr wrote

They’re good, nowhere close to being as good as Venti. Also the fact Our Hero is cash-only is annoying.


mules-are-half-assed t1_jdqykpj wrote



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Brudesandwich t1_jdp2py3 wrote

They could open the subway inside Andrea's and I still ain't buying that shit. Haven't had subway in years and last time I did it was so goddamn gross.


xTheShrike t1_jdo9xog wrote

I agree - this and Giovanni's in Secaucus are probably the best Italian delis in NJ. Subway is garbage and their tuna is cat food. Come at me bro


malex930 t1_jdonh5h wrote

I don’t think anyone is coming at you for saying Subway is shit


Ilanaspax t1_jdnzejs wrote

They let cops cut you if you’re waiting in line so I’m sure they’ll be fine.


scubastefon t1_jdom0lj wrote

I can't verify this myself, but the place definitely has that kind of vibe.


iLiviN t1_jdomen4 wrote

Andrea’s, dope. Veloce, dope. Subway was always C tier but the prices were alright, now they’re crazy high and the product is so far below those two, I wouldn’t worry.


Ezl t1_jdqf45h wrote

The only thing subway is good for is the veggie delight. It’s a good sandwich you can’t really get anywhere else (even much better quality places because they just don’t have the ingredients). Everything else on the subway menu is wayyyy subpar and you can get better anywhere else.


214ObstructedReverie t1_jdotku2 wrote

>Veloce, dope

They ain't got nothing on Marco's, the spot that used to be.

Marco's specialty subs were amazing.


idkinfo t1_jdon5zh wrote

Puchos on Lafayette and pacific Ave.


No-Practice-8038 t1_jdp6lzf wrote

I’ve never been. Do they have a veg option? And how is the tuna?


fastAFguy t1_jdosr42 wrote

Best sandwich shop in New Jersey, maybe even the NYC metro area!! Love them and a highlight of the Heights.


sanjaykhu t1_jdp8ew3 wrote

Gonna give a shout out to Giovanni's salumeria in Bayonne, super nice owner great sandwiches and really good macaron ice cream sandwiches


Just_ice_luv_a t1_jdpzc2k wrote

I go here all the time. They are really amazing people. Pete is great.



214ObstructedReverie t1_jdosxuj wrote

I miss Marco's.

Their Zoom (Spicy eggplant parm) and Ciara (Chicken cutlet, prosciutto, smoked mutz, sun dried tomatoes on fucking garlic bread) were the shit.

Andreas is amazing for cold subs, though.


kenalt1818 t1_jdp89sl wrote

If people choose subway over Andrea, I hope they get infected by the cordeceps from last of us and move to Newark


RealFunBobby t1_jdpe1jh wrote

Looks great! Any recommendations for a vegetarian?


FollowMeKids t1_jdqk3qh wrote

My gf recommended it to me, I tried it and it was meh. Sandwich was dried and bread was hard as balls. Never went back, this was 2 years ago.


capothecapo t1_jdr7n0m wrote

i just wish theyre bread was a bit fresher. sometimes, it can be too tough


din0DNA t1_jdrcoaq wrote

Pete and his shop have the best sandwiches in JC hands down


jgweiss t1_jdup0wg wrote

Pete really makes the place. I once saw him run half the length of pershing field to give someone the mutz they forgot


JohnPaulSatire t1_jdrf193 wrote

See also: Terranova deli. It’s the bread.


bearvsshaan t1_jdpc4x1 wrote

Andrea Salumeria is AMAZING! Definitely the best sandwich in JC.


REIsteve t1_jdps9ir wrote

Veloce is great.

Giovanni’s in Secaucus is my favorite in the area however


HobokenJ t1_jdr1mnb wrote

BUMP. Andrea's is a treasure, Subway is a blight.

We need the nun from "Game of Thrones" to shame anyone who enters shithole Subway in lieu of Andrea Sulemeria.


bradgrimaldi t1_jdregaw wrote

As a retired sandwich artist - fuck subway. That place is disgusting.


Hank929 t1_jdrpbm5 wrote

K and S Deli


ChissWiz t1_jdpkt6g wrote

No hot sandwiches and overpriced, enjoy it.


Neither-Cherry5884 t1_jdobg4z wrote

Cangianos>Andreas 7 days a week!!


badquarter t1_jdpkpnr wrote

You're wildin!! Cangianos and the other reddit darling Venti are both f u g a z i

Downvote me but transplants can't tell the difference. I'm just trying to put you guys on.

Support Andreas, 2nd St Bakery, Antique.

Shout out Milanos and all the legit Hoboken spots: Biancamano's, Fiore's, Vito's.


Metal_Massacre t1_jdpnm9y wrote

Venti isn't trying to be authentic Italian but their sandwiches are good!


meggywaggy t1_jdomntp wrote

Cangianos is incredible! Haven’t had Andreas, so I can’t compare.