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hardtalk370 t1_iu4tlem wrote

Where’s our LUXURY HOUSING guy?

Haven’t seen him comment on this yet.. Probably still asleep on the corner of Marin Blvd. Really cool dude btw.


VanWorst t1_iu56bbw wrote


hardtalk370 t1_iu56p12 wrote

Bro that’s a different post(s) lol. 83/133 days ago. He needs to post on this one. Really concerned for his well being now 🤷🏻‍♂️😞


LateralEntry t1_iu4yrmb wrote

he's annoying af and doesn't even live here. can we ban him already?


Ilanaspax t1_iu5icbw wrote

you know when you leave comments like this it just makes the person want to keep doing it right? It’s like the first rule of trolling.


hardtalk370 t1_iu50d29 wrote

I never make fun of homeless people, or people with special needs - it’s just a rule man I dunno 🤷🏻‍♂️


BountyBunter t1_iu5zsyh wrote

Redditors literally out here advocating to ban the LUXURY HOUSING poster (whos been here before you all btw) but not the bums who harass people and toss dog shit bags all over the street

cant make this shit up


Rogue-Journalist t1_iu6de6s wrote

This mediocre art is the best art I’ve seen in the Arts District.


BountyBunter t1_iu4ql6j wrote

none because reddiors by and large lack the risk tolerance for such activities


Ilanaspax t1_iu5i5qn wrote

They’re making a “what’s that noise?!” post at the first clank of a spray paint bottle being shaken.


BountyBunter t1_iu5zlmd wrote

Apparently theres entire swaths of people living here who have never heard a firework IN THEIR ENTIRE LIFE

Ive never seens such a phenomenon. And some of them claim to have lived here for years. SOMETHIN aint right


bodhipooh t1_iu8wbb7 wrote

>SOMETHIN aint right

Get with the times! the expression to use is "the math ain't mathing"


Epidemickittykat t1_iu8o5iv wrote

Best part that y’all probably don’t know is Blaze put 8-bit style Super Mario Turtles here and the building removed them, hence the tongue in cheek “art district” 😹 you can still see the glue below


DontBeEvil1 t1_iu6w2mp wrote

You took a picture of it, but didn't read it? It literally says who did it.


superpuzzlekiller t1_iu4jwy8 wrote

Wannabe Banksy


Blaze_on_walls t1_iu57b8x wrote

Yes can confirm, my whole existence is to copy BANKSY


samwiseganja96 t1_iu6fai1 wrote

Tbh ur DOOM work is one of my favs keep it up ur art is cool.


Blaze_on_walls t1_iu6m00o wrote

Ah, thanks dude! Doom was a legend… I’ll make another one to paste up.