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JerseyCityGeordie t1_isb80s5 wrote

Companies are given huge tax breaks to open up offices in certain states and cities with the expectations that those employees for the offices will pay taxes and spend their money in the state or the city. Companies are unwilling to give up those tax breaks but need to hire people at lower costs, so they hire someone in Texas, payroll them through an NYC office so the company can keep the tax break.

Anyone saying that I am wrong has no idea how this works. I have been dealing with this every day since CoVid started and people started moving out of cities.


InternetMedium4325 OP t1_isfusch wrote

Yeah I get this but I assume those people have relocated to other states and kept their NY job but work remote. I don’t have a NY job. The company does not operate out of the state and has physical headquarters in VA. So if I moved to say California, are you saying that I would be paying NYC city tax for the rest of my life because I used to live there?