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[deleted] t1_it469hs wrote

Why is it so eery and empty? Every time I walk by on the boardwalk, I see all those high-top tables and chairs through the window and it looks so lonely. Is there anything in there except Bright Horizon? Is that florist ever open? So much empty retail space. Looks like some pedestrian tunnels in the subway.


garth_meringue t1_it4e6l5 wrote

Before the pandemic and renovation there was some life with Piggyback bar, and there were active shops in that corridor, but they haven't really brought anything back yet. The other bar that had opened seems to be closed still too.


new_account_5009 t1_it5mwd7 wrote

Pre pandemic and pre renovation, I used to work across the street and get lunch there all the time. It was always lively with people from the office towers nearby. Post pandemic, we went WFH (as did a lot of others), and the place was never the same.


[deleted] t1_it5njz6 wrote

I went to a couple beer fests there pre-pandemic and the whole complex had a hollow, faceless feeling to it.


objectimpermanence t1_it9xfvn wrote

I used to work nearby before COVID too. It was only busy on weekdays until like 6:30pm or 7pm. It was a complete ghost town on weekends.

I know it’s technically a historic building, but I think they should’ve just demolished the whole building instead of renovating. The layout of this massive multi-block long building is inherently uninviting and I don’t think the renovation did enough to change that.