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munsuro t1_iwwxypc wrote

A lotta boot licking going on in these comments. I guarantee that the problems that PATH (and MTA) has wouldn't be resolved if every single person paid their fare. If you saw someone evading their fare, no you didn't.


moobycow t1_iwzb3h4 wrote

It is eye opening when you see what fare evasion vs fare enforcement costs the MTA.

I would much rather the enforcement money be used for stuff that more directly impacts quality of life when riding (disruptive passengers, cleaning stations, etc.)


caroline_elly t1_iwzd8s5 wrote

>If you saw someone evading their fare, no you didn't.

Do you even take the path lol. At WTC, I literally see handfuls of people walking through the handicapped turnstile everyday.


jcskunk t1_ix5y511 wrote

With Port Authority Police officers standing to the side chatting away doing nothing all day.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_iwzovlk wrote

In that case, let's just have no one pay their fate. We'll see how you like the world with only half the trains running.


munsuro t1_ix0ellp wrote

I'm with you 100% if you're advocating for free public transport. 🤝🏻


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_ix1lpq5 wrote

I bet you'll be running right off the wagon like the rest of this subreddit when it comes time to increase taxes or cut service to cover the difference.


munsuro t1_ix1swb6 wrote

If PATH offered free service for anyone making less than $35k a year, I'd gladly pay more tax and I almost exclusively take the ferry.


PICHICONCACA t1_iwz1746 wrote

Is interesting to me how many people support fascist state.


drew_z t1_iwz412n wrote

enforcing laws isn’t facism lmao relax


Simple-Television-27 t1_iwzit7c wrote

We live in a society, scholar. Asking someone to pay the subsidized fare for mass transit to go to Manhattan isn’t facist by even the dumbest college freshman’s standards.


PICHICONCACA t1_iwz7w9l wrote

Laws that punish the poor should not be enforced.


caroline_elly t1_iwzd3w3 wrote

This is pretty condescending. My family was poor but we had enough dignity to pay $2.60 when we take the path.


M00tWisd0m t1_ixhbxtw wrote

I was in Montreal recently and I went to use their public subway, I bought the card that I thought best suited my needs for 20 bucks. After which a local told me that it's free on the weekends. Could've just walked right on. I made a joke that I'm an American and am so used to being abused financial by my government that I just walk around holding out a 20 dollar bill and apologizing. It's crazy that we pay such high taxes and then RE- pay for "public" transportation, tolls etc. Not to mention all the other shit we double and triple pay for.


PICHICONCACA t1_ixhhmtb wrote

I know. But clearly people don’t understand. They still like to give tax breaks to corps and billionaires.


M00tWisd0m t1_ixhi2mn wrote

Don't worry. Any day now it's gonna trickle down. The actor promised us back in '84. Man of the people.


PICHICONCACA t1_ixi5hb9 wrote

They complain about their rents and other problems and don’t realize that it all comes down to businesses buying politicians who make laws that protect billionaires and corporations. The problem isn’t with poor people.


FunCandy8149 t1_iwwqyqm wrote



Lowkeylowthreadcount t1_iwyxizq wrote



JeromePowellAdmirer t1_iwzp417 wrote

As if you'd support the tax increases necessary to fund PATH in a fare free world


AshIsAWolf t1_ix16gq8 wrote

I would if I knew the money was doing some good instead of disappearing into a black hole


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_ix1lll0 wrote

Some of it by definition has to be doing good. Otherwise there'd be no trains and no stations.


AshIsAWolf t1_ix1yjj3 wrote

Port Authority doesn't recieve state or local subsidies.

And its pretty clear I was talking about tax increases, not all taxes


imaluckyduckie t1_iwwholt wrote

Do we really need to alert the masses to this?


possums101 t1_iwwj826 wrote

You would prefer poor people get arrested or a court summons? Help me out here why would you give a shit if someone is fare jumping?

Edit: oh boy looks like you luxury dickheads found me!


Hazel2468 t1_iwwvxc8 wrote

Nah I’m with you on this. Cops stand around all day where I am. Don’t give a shit about everyone nearly getting run over by fucking bikes who can’t decide if they’re pedestrians or vehicles. Can’t enforce that. Can barely give a shit when you call them for actual help.

But harassing people who fare jump? Oh top priority.


eight13atnight t1_iwxc97j wrote

Aren’t they a different set of cops? JCPD are different than transit cops


Hazel2468 t1_iwxso26 wrote

I know it’s an unpopular opinion on this sub for some reason but idgaf. acab bud. I’ve had clients who either had to choose between fare-hopping or their fucking medication because they were down to the cent and homeless. Prosecuting fare hoppers is a waste of time and an excuse to harass people.


RosaKlebb t1_iwzt1dm wrote

I just find it comical for some people from a recent flashpan moment they were allegedly in arms over policing, "stay out of people's business", "don't talk to cops, know your rights", "boost and support people", mutual aid, all sorts of supportive language etc to I actually like pineapple on my slice of boot.

I'm with you, there's infinitely bigger fish to fry and any complaint of theoretical dollars lost on people fare hopping will always be small peanuts to endless amounts of money pissed with things like local beat cops crying how they need to play army man, military hardware and all, and the salaries for people playing with their phone and taking a nap in their squad car around Van Vorst Park.


Mindless-Budget9019 t1_iwzzcvv wrote

What flash pan moment? It’s not just about dollars lost, it’s about safety, law and order. If people think they can get away with small things then they will do the big things.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_iwzpg1b wrote

The solution to that is subsidies for the poor not letting a bunch of people get free rides which inevitably leads to tax increases and service cuts to fill the gap.


Hazel2468 t1_ix06mud wrote

True- but the solution to those issues isn’t harassing and fining and arresting people who can’t even afford to pay the fare, let alone legal fees.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_ix0xx84 wrote

I'd wager quite a bit that the majority of fare skippers aren't broke. Obviously I think differently about those who are, but the majority aren't.


boojieboy666 t1_iwxo5zc wrote

You’re doing Gods work, mate.

Pass off your used tickets to people walking to the train. I always do.

Wouldn’t mind paying if the light rail had better service and was clean, but it’s not.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_iwzpcnr wrote

Almost as if if everyone payed they'd be cleaner with better service


Paid-Not-Payed-Bot t1_iwzpdni wrote

> if everyone paid they'd be


Although payed exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in:

  • Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. The deck is yet to be payed.

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Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment.

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DontBeEvil1 t1_iwy05sd wrote

If you're breaking the law, a cop isn't harassing you. They are literally doing their job. Something's wrong with your minds.


Ask-Downtown t1_iwye2ic wrote

I dont think it's right to assume that everyone jumping the turnstile is poor - there's some prejudice against poor ppl in you comment.


FloatingWeight t1_iwz1as9 wrote

One of the Richest girl(at least parents) I know jumps turn styles


assanza t1_iwwka2g wrote

Exactly, victimless crime, right? Just like stealing from CVS or whatever. /s


possums101 t1_iwwr77z wrote

Okay I’ll bite. Who’s the victim in fare evasion and shoplifting from CVS?


FloatingWeight t1_iwx3wcl wrote

The victim in those situations (aside from CVS and PA) would be the customers and tax payers who subsidize theft with higher costs. Not to mention have you been to a store where everything is locked up ? Shit is ass,

Do you really think CVS is eating the cost ? Or they just pass than on to customers, same with PA and tax payers


fltlsyko t1_iwx8i81 wrote

I mean, they DO have budgets allotted for dime outs, expired goods, damaged goods, and... stolen goods. It's called shrink, and it gets written off.


zmchiban t1_iwxcvfq wrote

The city has budget adjustment for waste, too. It’s called tax increases.


scubastefon t1_iwxph1r wrote

“Wtf man you have insurance, I don’t get why you’re so pissed that I burned your house down.”


tehbored t1_iwzn32h wrote

And those insurance rates go up if there are more thefts.


GioDesa t1_iwxa29j wrote

Have you not heard of all these drug stores closing down due to massive shoplifting? Its happening all over NYC and its becoming a problem in some areas because people no longer have access to a drug store close by.

Also, next time you need anything that costs more than $8 and you have to spend 5 minutes wandering around looking for a store manager to unlock it from the can thank shoplifters. Drug stores also raise prices to offset some of their shoplifting losses. Its not victimless. It impacts the rest of society negatively.


RemyDWD t1_iwz0y9u wrote

> Have you not heard of all these drug stores closing down due to massive shoplifting? Its happening all over NYC and its becoming a problem in some areas because people no longer have access to a drug store close by.

About that…

> In fact, the two reported Manhattan Rite Aid closures appear to be part of a nationwide downsizing. In December, Rite Aid said it would be closing 63 stores “to reduce costs, drive improved profitability, and ensure that we have a healthy foundation to grow from, with the right stores in the right locations, for the communities we serve and for our business.” Shoplifting was not a listed rationale. Asked about the Manhattan store closures — and whether shoplifting played any role — a Rite Aid spokesperson says only that that the decisions “are based on a variety of factors that retail businesses consider such as overarching business strategy, lease and rent considerations, local business conditions and viability, and store performance.” Again, no mention of shoplifting.


GioDesa t1_iwz1r9z wrote

Heres a Rite Aid article to the contrary.

Rite Aid CEO Heyward Donigan told analysts the company “experienced unexpected headwinds this quarter from front-end shrink, particularly in our New York urban stores.”

Donigan noted the company has begun “shrinking our footprint” in New York City as it proceeds with a plan to close dozens of less-profitable stores.

The company said a $5 million year-over-year increase in “shrink” – a term in the retail industry meaning losses related to theft, fraud or administrative errors – had cut into its profits*. Rite Aid’s chief retail officer Andre Persaud expanded on the point – stating* NYC-area losses from shoplifting had worsened despite the company’s efforts to improve “product protection.”


sutisuc t1_iwwtemd wrote

The notoriously beloved port authority and the corporation CVS. This sub loves the port authority and corporations right?


blehhhhblahhhh t1_iwxs0h4 wrote

You say shit like this but that type of attitude is what leads to becoming like San Fran. Cops won’t do shit til you steal over 1k


JonstheSquire t1_iwxmnh9 wrote

People don't like the Port Authority because of how shitty the PATH is, which is partially a function of fair evasion.


sutisuc t1_iwxsbjh wrote

How do you know the evasion is fair?


LateralEntry t1_iwyxrag wrote

All of us. We all have to pay more taxes and higher fares for maintenance because of people freeloading.


tehbored t1_iwzmyua wrote

The taxpayers of NY and NJ are the victims in the first example, and the owners and customers of the CVS corporations in the second.


DontBeEvil1 t1_iwy0abn wrote

Why stop there? Poor people should steal from other people too. If they need it, what's wrong in taking it? 🤦


Simple-Television-27 t1_iwzk2t3 wrote

Yeah, I would prefer a court summons. You can afford Air Max 95s, you can afford the subsidized fare. Nothing luxury about me. Just believe we live in a society and if you lived anywhere else in country, you’d need a car to get from point A to B. Don’t be a parasite and pay your fair share.


tehbored t1_iwzmrqf wrote

Yes, people who jump fares should get a ticket.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_iwzp8wi wrote

Go look who fare jumps in NYC, it ain't the poor, it's middle class and business people walking through the accessible entrance.


mbstor23 t1_ix0brsg wrote

Honestly… anyone making less than $80,000 should get mailed an unlimited smart link card.


lynch_95_ t1_ix0pa6z wrote

Poor people? If I could count the amount of time I see people with beats head phones, designer clothes and $7 Starbucks drinks jumping. If that’s being poor, I wish I was also.


Jckev t1_iwwpiq1 wrote

The exchange place PATH elevator entrance just has people walk straight through the accessible wheelchair entrance. Honestly it just doesn't feel right. Pay the fare.


RebeccaLoneBrook29 t1_iwwvird wrote

Make it free. I love that accessible entrance.


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_iwzp1dj wrote

Make it free and the rest of the money has to come from somewhere. Yet this sub screeches whenever taxes go up.


Nexis4Jersey t1_iwwq24u wrote

They hide cops behind the wall waiting for people to jump the gates...


Jckev t1_iwwq5bm wrote

Definitely not when I'm there, hah.


Nexis4Jersey t1_iwwqc41 wrote

Its usually offpeak..and sometimes on long holiday weekends.


DontBeEvil1 t1_iwy0fzq wrote

Get a job and pay for things you have to pay for, like the rest of us mere mortals are expected to do.


postbox134 t1_iwwszfj wrote

They were at Grove st yesterday AM


JS_NYC_208 t1_iwws3us wrote

Mall cops are finally doing something!


[deleted] t1_iwwr5ys wrote



TexasTheBlackCat t1_iwwuhb1 wrote

You clearly never been broke


JeromePowellAdmirer t1_iwzpr21 wrote

Not everyone who fare jumps is broke. In fact barely anyone who fare jumps is broke. Turns out people don't lose their morals just because they're poor, regardless of what sheltered Redditors want to think.


halsuissda t1_iwwkp6l wrote

They were doing that at 9 am on Wednesday as well.


MelGz03 t1_iwxuutw wrote

Just pay attention before you hop. These cops are usually easy to spot. Jsq in the afternoons baseball caps and in groups literally standing around doing nothing, but fishing.


Simple-Television-27 t1_iwzk844 wrote

Don’t be a parasite your whole life. Aspire for more.


MelGz03 t1_iwznx6h wrote

Sounds like your not fit enough to hop. It’s ok to suck your whole life, loser.


Mindless-Budget9019 t1_iwzydks wrote

Yes, please do keep hopping. We need more people to hop so they can get fined and help fund the city.gif


brandy716 t1_ix0c5qk wrote

What people don’t understand about fare hopping is as long as the Trasit system is not profitable they will find a way to get it from your taxes, tolls, not providing additional services and likely more services will be cut.

There are very few people that are too poor to pay for services as there are programs to help with that.

Like in NYC they have a fare fare card and each ride is about $1.35 for low income people.

The majority of the fare beaters are the ones committing the crimes, tossing the trash all over and causing delays but keep on defending them. This is why things will never get better because there will always be an excuse for bad behavior.


mooseLimbsCatLicks t1_iwz3i9c wrote

These posts are allowed, it’s not illegal to advise people that cops are setting traps. That’s why Wyze can tell you when there is a cop checking for speeding, and radar detectors etc are allowed.


rakesh111989 t1_iwz96ig wrote

Is there exemption for path fare for kids ? What is the age limit?


RGE27 t1_ix04mst wrote



lynch_95_ t1_ix0oys2 wrote

People complaining about fare enforcement but what exactly do you think the PA pays PAPD all this money for them to do?


Morkitu t1_ix2dwbx wrote

Interesting "hot takes" from folks on here. For me, it's more about a person's character. The kind of person that would intentionally evade a fare, is likely also the kind of person that could or would cause problems on the trains. A person that would likely smoke, play loud music, steal from, harass, or assault someone, or some other form of mischief.

When I see people intentionally hop the turnstile, I make sure to avoid the car they are riding on, because more than likely it will be a (censored) show for the rest of the ride. gif


PICHICONCACA t1_iwz1d8i wrote

The pigs are out in the town.


Parking-Holiday314 t1_iwxv0fk wrote

You know other modern countries have free transit.


DontBeEvil1 t1_iwy0d5m wrote

You know this transit in this city in this country isn't free, right?


biryan1 t1_iwxvppp wrote

May be but other people who actually pay, bear the brunt of those idiots who are freeriding!


Simple-Television-27 t1_iwzkou8 wrote

Not here they don’t. Pay the $2.75 or get a monthly unlimited. You should have a sense of shame and embarrassment when you jump the turnstile and if you don’t, your parents could’ve done a better job.