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suztomo t1_iw3dsx0 wrote

“Opening soon” in Jersey City means years away. I keep my expectation low.

… But I’m super excited!!!!!! The closure of their Manhattan 34th street was very sad news to me. With Newport mall, I don’t need to go to Hudson Yards, American Dream mall, or Paramus just to get my normal cloth any more. This is a game changer!


Ezl t1_iw4gqu9 wrote

> “Opening soon” in Jersey City means years away. I keep my expectation low.

Yeah but I think beginning to rent an existing space in a mall is a whole different thing than a regular storefront. I think…we shall see.


restricteddata t1_iw472wj wrote

The Hudson Yards Uniqlo is super tiny, too. Totally useless for menswear. The Fifth Avenue Uniqlo is the only one that has anything like a full stock of clothing, and it's a total zoo (and practically set up like a maze). Here's hoping the Newport one is full-sized and not crazy...


L0v3_1s_War t1_iyaq4yj wrote

Their mall locations aren't typically that big. Just don't expect it to be like the ones in 5th ave or soho.


LateralEntry t1_iw3yupn wrote

You must be skinny! Uniqlo is always tight for me


boogieeeeee t1_iw33mzy wrote

How do you know


saltypbcookie t1_iw35riz wrote

Not OP but there are signs up in the location where it will be saying "UNIQLO coming soon." It's on the first floor to the right of bath and body works


Hopai79 t1_iw3gtuk wrote

and 0% taxes on clothes :) Best part living in NJ tho I personally order online for the most part since you usually save more money unless you find something you like on clearence in-store only.


EksXxx t1_iw39obz wrote



red__what t1_iw3cadq wrote

nice.. I wish Superdry would open up in JC too.

They don't have a single outlet in NJ


RealMaRoFu t1_iw3cim6 wrote

Used to be one in Bridgewater Commons but it’s gone

Have also been wishing for Muji to open up ever since they closed up at Garden State Plaza


ssh7201 t1_iw3lsh6 wrote

Can’t share the excitement because I have been disappointed so far. Their clothes start looking very worn out just after a few washes, unless I am consistently buying the wrong stuff. In quality I feel it’s even lower tier than GAP or OLD NAVY. Can someone suggest what is good at the store ?


Aware-Web6586 t1_iw3obck wrote

Their heat tech is not an item to skip. Three different levels of thickness and warmth. I have some lasted many many years.


a_bigsalad t1_iw45rk3 wrote

HeatTech for life, especially the base layer stuff. Also a big fan of the all of the loungewear


objectimpermanence t1_iw4x0do wrote

I have noticed that some of their stuff feels rather thin and less durable than I would like.

But washing clothes in cold water and line drying them really helps extend their life. I never put anything from Uniqlo in the dryer to avoid the extra wear and tear.

Just mentioning this because I know a lot of people toss everything in the dryer out of habit.


vocabularylessons t1_iw44l9x wrote

The heattech, airism, and socks.

imo Uniqlo is a step up from Old Navy and Gap. Not the best quality but good for simple basics that will last for a bit.


restricteddata t1_iw47b5g wrote

Depends on what you want out of it, but their men's casual office wear is great. As far as I can tell they have cornered the market on men's work clothes for people who don't want (or need) to spend a mint on them, and just want something that is well-made and reliable and looks fine (not fashionable, but fine).


Historical_Times_29 OP t1_iw3n522 wrote

My husband loves their graphic Tshirts and denim, the quality is been great so far


Hulk_Runs t1_iw4mbct wrote

Buy all my underwear and socks there, some dress pants, a jacket, heat tech, and a few T-shirt’s. Zero complaints.

I’m told in Japan they’re essentially thought of as local Old Navy, but for us here it’s a bit more chic because the fit and style is way better than ON, Gap, etc. They do simple really well.


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_iw3pk7i wrote

It’s not great quality, but for trendy looking clothing it’s pretty cheap compared to their “competition”.

Quality on clothing in general has dropped like a rock in the past decade, on all but the very high end, so a dropping tide lowers all ships… or something like that. They’re all trying to compete with fast fashion.


poe201 t1_iw6gx9t wrote

their pure linen goods are always excellent and much cheaper than their competitors!


RealFunBobby t1_iw443fk wrote

Nice.. This mall is popping up! Next up... Apple Store? I know there's one right across the river, but NJ really needs one on this side of the river..


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_iw4lizd wrote

An Apple Store deal has been tried multiple times apparently, but failed ( I think the last attempt would have been where Zara's is, where they extended into the empty comon space).

NY has always considered NJ's "urban economic zone" to be questionable legally when setup right on it's border. NJ's not going to take a chance on letting NY test that in court. You could save a lot by going from the 14th Street or WTC Apple store to Newport to save on taxes for a family's iphone upgrade.

Apple doesn't want to be a court case, and they've got several stores within minutes by train, and just slightly further by car. So not much temptation to get involved in that mess.

Everyone in NYC already knows there are several Apple Authorized dealers who intentionally don't have a presence in NY so they don't have to collect sales tax. So ordering online is always an option too. Nobody self-reports items they didn't pay sales tax on.


RealFunBobby t1_iw5muax wrote

TIL about the legal fights involved in this matter, thanks for the insight!


Brudesandwich t1_iw90n60 wrote

That goes for other businesses here as well. NY has clauses so that no other sports team can operate in the area unless it's NY.


rightwing328 t1_iw5a6yp wrote

Probably where American Eagle was. They moved to a different spot in the mall a few weeks ago


thedukeoferla t1_iwd3nvk wrote

Finally more mediocre disposable fashion!


PICHICONCACA t1_iweb0iv wrote

Fastfashion needs to go. Bangladesh is literally destroying itself to keep up with demand.


percbish t1_iw3h2ji wrote



iamnowundercover t1_iw5t74l wrote

In “the” Newport Mall. Do you also call it “the” West Side?