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Ilanaspax t1_iy4cfhd wrote

Pet shop


jasonleeobrien t1_iy53p4v wrote

Came here for Pet Shop. Those “chicken” nuggets taste EXACTLY like McDonalds nuggies


skunkachunks t1_iy43edn wrote

Wurstbar in JC has all their franks and burgers available in veggie options!!

If you'd count NYC places in this question then I highly recommend Spicy Moon. Super affordable all vegetarian dim sum in Greenwich Village. Also Hangawi in ktown for vegetarian Korean.


kushNation141 t1_iy3qxqz wrote

majority of the amazing indian places by JSQ,


jerseycityfrankie OP t1_iy3rty6 wrote

Yah true. But I wonder if there’s dedicated vegetarian places elsewhere in town? I’ve taken vegetarian friends to Newark in the past I’m trying to expand my comprehension.


kushNation141 t1_iy3uagz wrote

Sapthagiri Taste Of India


Vegan AF


look those up see if any work for you.


CatMad25 t1_iy3ssoj wrote

Gaia and Loki is good!


Wishflthinkr22 t1_iy410al wrote

Seconding Gaia & Loki.

Also if you feel like taking the trip, House of Flavor in Bayonne is really good.


LimpComb3102 t1_iy41s36 wrote

Thirding Gaia & Loki. I was there yesterday!


gigiwasabi_jc t1_iy611e4 wrote

Is Gaia & Loki more on the heavy/greasy side, or fresh/light/healthy? (Absolutely no hate on the heavy/greasy veg, just need to be in the mood for it.)


LimpComb3102 t1_iy658nn wrote

I would say somewhere in between in that they some “greasy style” foods, but I’ve never felt gross after going there (also no judgment. Sometimes I like food that makes me feel gross lol). The apps are a little heavier, but I really like the lumpia if you’re up for it. For the main course, they have more options. The burgers aren’t too heavy, but there are some past/zoodle options if you’re feeling that kind of thing

Let me know how you like it if you go!


drkensaccount t1_iy4k462 wrote

Sapthagiri is a vegetarian South Indian restaurant, with many vegan options.


Direct_Ad18 t1_iy60b94 wrote

I'm not vegetarian so can't comment on purely vegetarian places but I do enjoy eating vegetarian from time to time. It you're ok with a traditional menu with vegetarian options, the black bean burger at Hamilton Inn is excellent. I've had black bean burgers at a few different places in town and theirs is the best. The vegan ramen at Ani ramen is also excellent. Uncle Momo's has the best hummus in town and their falafel is unique. Also you can't go wrong with Razza for pizza. Almost all of their pizzas are vegetarian, only a few have meat.

All of these restaurants are also vegetarian friendly with plenty of vegetarian appetizers on the menu as well, except maybe Ani Ramen as the menu is just pretty small.

For quick serve, the fried avocado tacos and/or nachos at Tacoria are unreal.


NeitherPot t1_iy8crf2 wrote

Sorry but I’m veggie and I have to rebut the notion that Hamilton Inn is good for vegetarians. It is not.


Direct_Ad18 t1_iy8diup wrote

You are correct that the black bean burger is the only entree. But it is the best black bean burger in town. OP specifically asked for tastiest. To me, it's one of the tastiest vegetarian entrees you can get in town.

I specifically called out vegetarian friendly appetizers. Their French onion soup dumplings are amazing, pierogis are good, sauce on fried cauliflower is divine, and the nachos sans meat is good. That's four solid vegetarian appetizers, pretty rare in my opinion for a non-vegetarian place.

Also, all three of their entree salads are vegetarian to start with the option to add meat. And they are solid salads, not just lettuce and cucumbers.

Obviously it's not going to hold a candle to an actual vegetarian place. I was just trying to give OP some options outside of the box as they seemed to express wanting non-Indian places and 90% of the purely vegetarian places in this town are Indian.


NeitherPot t1_iy8fgrh wrote

I’m sorry if I ruffled your feathers, but I stand by what I said.


Direct_Ad18 t1_iy8i7pc wrote

You did not ruffle my feathers. I was simply clarifying what I said, which was that they have vegetarian friendly appetizers. I never claimed the entire menu was vegetarian friendly. Would love if you provided some alternates, instead of criticizing places other people are suggesting, on a matter which is incredibly subjective.


peanut_buttergirl t1_iy7ydwx wrote

Pet Shop, Vegan AF, Vibez Juice, Subia's, the vegan options at Tacoria (they have beyond meat chorizo and amazing brussels sprouts). Two boots is also a good option for vegan pizza but you can get a cheese slice from anywhere for vegetarians.

Veggie burgers are good at Mathew's, Frankie, Beechwood Cafe. Frankie has a bomb vegetarian green curry too.

All of the mediterranean/greek places have vegetarian falafel (Ibby's, Uncle Momo, Gypsy Grill)

I will say that something JC is lacking are solely vegan/vegetarian restaurants. Most places have options, but there are very few 100% vegetarian restaurants to choose from.


amrech t1_iyaygzd wrote

Short grain. Not sure it’s entirely vegan tho