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bubandbob OP t1_iyin13y wrote

Can confirm quality on the first day (at 11am right after opening but before the lunch rush) was good. Saw one person being given q free drink because they had to wait a bit longer than usual.


Ezrahm t1_iykmrss wrote

I waited like 30 min for 1 shake last night. Sorta tilted me lol


KustyTheKlown t1_iyj0bx8 wrote

nice. the one by grove street has a bunch of shake shack branded window dressing now, and my gf peaked in the other day and said inside looks like a mostly ready shake shack


edgertor t1_iyli31z wrote

a little sad to lose the subway. it was cheaper and had more veg options.


KustyTheKlown t1_iymmofg wrote

while i feel you on lack of vegetables in jersey city, subway is absolutely disgusting.

i really wish they would open a westville here.


bearvsshaan t1_iyjcfzs wrote

Was this where Johnny Rockets was?


Nexis4Jersey t1_iyk3xbi wrote

I'm surprised how fast this opened , I ate there in the late Spring...


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_iyl7o9t wrote

Chains can be super quick. They’ve basically made stores into kits. Once they’ve got measurements for the space, they pick the components that fit, a contractor installs and it’s up and running.

They do this for redesigns too. They can retrofit a place in a week or so even keeping it running during the day and working overnight.

A crazy amount of engineering, design, architecture, etc must go into planning to minimize modifications to meet code in various places etc.


dannydeets t1_iykosv4 wrote

So Johnny rockets is gone now or did they move location at the food court?


[deleted] t1_iykw0q2 wrote

there's one in hoboken but johnny rockets? ehhh


residentasian t1_iyj03eo wrote

Cool! I wonder when the one near Grove Street is going to open...


Jahooodie t1_iyj2ym0 wrote

What's the JC location specific concrete?


jotjotzzz t1_iym3t29 wrote

Opened before Whole Foods.


ffejie t1_iyneqbs wrote

This could be a whole thread: things that were announced after Whole Foods and opened before. I bet some of them have even opened and closed.

If nothing else, it could be flair.


semx_ t1_iyof7c8 wrote

I believe there’s progress on the whole foods recently


mathfacts t1_iyklq8w wrote

now we can get hamburger from S.S. and chickenburger from The Lord's Chicken


StrikeWave_ t1_iykwvhu wrote

Highly recommend the sugar cookie shake. It’s ridiculously high calorie (so if you care about that you could not drink it all or just not get it), but it wastes exactly like a liquified, frozen sugar cookie! Maybe that’s not your thing, but it’s pretty good imo


[deleted] t1_iykvy5z wrote

i thought they were building more apartments and demolishing this mall. no way that's happening now.


StrikeWave_ t1_iykx0ec wrote

Since when? Mall has been incredibly popular for a long time now, with tons of lunch spots and a movie theater


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_iyl7xkc wrote

That’s just the “master plan” from the city.

Real Estate companies dump potential ideas for their lots in there, so when they want to sell it’s easier to adjust zoning.

It’s now much harder for city council to object to a plan like that if it was proposed. If they attempted it would end up in court and the city would likely lose.

That makes the land way more valuable and more potential buyers.

This is how wealthy corporations make money.


ReadersAreRedditors t1_iyixe40 wrote

Five Guys is Better


Jahooodie t1_iyj2w17 wrote

Both used to be better years ago, before aggressive expansion


pixel_of_moral_decay t1_iyl825c wrote

Agreed, though I think Shake Shack went a little further down hill than Five Guys.


Jahooodie t1_iymi3ty wrote

I've given up on Five Guys as the average quality varies so dang much.

The average quality of Shake Shack seems to have higher standards regularly enforced, but it's still a chain.