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DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izhxuv0 wrote

>A lowly floor employee may suffer for goods going out the door on their shift. The store might close and now you don’t have a store in your neighborhood.

Lmfao you clueless dunce. This is best buy. Employees are told not to stop theft because they could get hurt and fired. Best buy isn't closing its location because someone popped some ipads.


geoemrick t1_izhzarh wrote

Lol you clueless dunce. Stores are closing locations all over the place due to this shit. You are in Support of regular Joe’s losing their jobs, just FYI.

It’s not this “we’re gonna stick it to the CEO’s” thing you think it is. The CEO’s will just close stores and continue paying themselves $50 mil per year. It’s the regular workers and community members who suffer from theft.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izi0sz5 wrote

One Nike store closing is not best buy closing a location due to theft, you fucking idiot. And they could literally afford to keep it up indefinitely if they felt like it. Nike annual revenue for 2022 was $46.71B, a 4.88% increase from 2021. And the other company you brought up, Target, their annual revenue for 2022 was $106.005B, a 13.3% increase from 2021.

Steal from them. If they're closing a store and putting people out of work, steal from them more.

And the dumbfuck press calls about "organized retail theft" are the stupidest shit ever, kind of like you. It's dudes shoplifting, not the fucking mob. Unclutch your pearls and rise off your fainting couch, you dumb puss.


geoemrick t1_izi4o93 wrote

Why don’t you go run a store that is losing money and tell me how long it stays open you incredibly amazingly talented savant human being who can keep stores that are losing money open.

And no, corporate does not bail out an indivisible store, corporate profits don’t save a store losing money. Simple as that.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izi69mj wrote

>indivisible store

You even edited it, too. Try again.


geoemrick t1_izl6187 wrote


You like advocating brutalizing people, stealing from them, being a general POS by taking what's not yours. You have no decency and treat other humans like garbage while claiming your views are because you are against abuse.

You advocate for abuse. Stealing is wrong; it's not your shit. If you disagree with that company don't patronize them. Vote for a politicians that will tax corps more. Be an adult.

Don't deal with the world the same way a 5 year old would. Grow up.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izlq5lu wrote

Who the fuck said anything about brutalizing people, you fucking shitstain? I specifically said in my original post on this, "no one got hurt". Go fuck yourself. I hope you fall on an aids needle, you gaslighting, lying motherfucker.


geoemrick t1_izmybi0 wrote

What a baby. First wants to take what’s not theirs and believes they are entitled to other people’s stuff.

Then cries and wishes violence upon someone on the Internet who simply said “stealing is wrong no matter who it is.”

So embarrassing for you.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izo2ki8 wrote

You keep lying to justify your stupid fucking comment. You're a ripped colostomy bag of iq. Go fuck yourself and your family.


geoemrick t1_izmxyb8 wrote

You’re so pleasant. What an upstanding citizen.

And lastly, stealing is brutalizing. Taking shit that’s not yours is brutalizing someone. It’s violating. It’s a crime. It’s wrong. It’s disgusting. Deplorable.

You need to get help. You constantly insult and cuss me out when I simply state that you advocate violence (stealing is violence) against someone who has done no violence to you.

Talk about who the “shitstain” is.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izo2xnv wrote

"stealing is brutalizing" "stealing is violence" you are the dumbest, most useless, infant-brained dipshit I've seen on this board. Make up more dumb shit. I feel bad for the lead paint you ate as a kid - that paint didn't deserve that fate.


geoemrick t1_izqj584 wrote

Stealing is wonderful I guess. It’s not violent, it actually feels really good and is a huge improvement to one’s life isn’t it?

What a moron.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izrbsli wrote

Yea, I'm sure best buy is going to cry itself to sleep at night, as it's a sentient being. You stupid fucking waste of oxygen.


geoemrick t1_izu9uzm wrote

Are you god? Do you get to determine who is “well off enough” to be stolen from and taken advantage of? And again, Best Buy employs humans. There are victims, even lowly paid employees, to store shut downs that are 100% caused by unattainable stores due to theft.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izuzsyz wrote

They don't close. The employees do not give a single solitary fuck. You're fucking stupid. Go fuck yourself, you ignorant piece of shit, you dumb, ignorant child.


geoemrick t1_izyd2u0 wrote

Again, you're incredibly mature, your opinion is really one people should listen to.

YES THEY DO by the way. DO YOU THINK a store LOSING MONEY will stay open? THINK.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izztcuz wrote

You know so little of what you're talking about. Even 20k in shrink is literally nothing to places like this. That's two weeks worth of their built in budget. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about and if you cared at all about not looking like a fucking moron, you'd shut the fuck up and learn something.

But you won't because you're a goddamn pile of aids needles. The dumbest, most useless shitface around who thinks they know anything.


geoemrick t1_j002lir wrote

If a store is losing more money than it makes.



Maybe if you’d “shut the fuck up, you’d learn something.”

Even IF as you claim they don’t have to close when being stolen from, but still do, my point stands


So go ahead and be a complete hypocritical moron who says they are all about the little guy while also being in favor of the little guys LOSING THEIR JOBS when the store closes.

Pathetic. Sad. Childish. Grow up.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j00breq wrote

You stupid, ignorant bastard. You're buying bullshit propaganda. This is like talking to a little child who believes in santa. You dumb, dumb, dumb motherfucker.

Stores are not closing because of shoplifting. Your the most naive, ignorant dipshit in the world if you believe that. Go believe in the tooth fairy, at least it's cute.


geoemrick t1_j00e853 wrote

So stores can lose money forever and stay open?

Also, it’s *you’re


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j00tlny wrote

Yup, got auto corrected by the phone and missed it. Ya got me. Yore a fooking idjit. Grats.

Yur still harping on that point like it means anything to the conversation. Touch grass and learn what the adults are talking about. You'll figure it out. Or not and every time you speak up with this stupidity, I'll ridicule you for being a window-licking dummy.


geoemrick t1_izu954c wrote

Nobody works for Best Buy, I just learned. It is 100% run by robots. Thanks for the enlightenment genius.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izv02jk wrote

None of the workers there give a single shit if you steal from that store. They're not paid to prevent theft. They do not care. You're deflecting and trying to change the subject repeatedly because you're the dumbest piece of shit on god's green earth and don't grasp the basics of how this world works. You dumb shit.


geoemrick t1_izydd23 wrote

They can still be fired for not "protecting the items."

They still get laid off when the store closes from losing money. Do you have a brain???????????????????? JESUS CHRIST.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izzsrqi wrote

I've worked retail before, you ignorant, stupid child and no one gets fired for that. Employees are literally told do not touch, do not try and stop. You know so little and think you know the world. You dumb little infant. No one is getting fired from a mega chain store because some people shoplifted.

No matter how much you think that happens, in the real world, where you know fucking nothing, it does not. Again:







You are so dumb and confident. It's a terrible combination.


geoemrick t1_j002b9d wrote

Have you worked at every single mega corp, at every single location in the entire country?






DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j00dkhf wrote

I've worked at enough and know how all the rest operate because it's basic common knowledge. You're stupid. A fucking idiot. You want 2+2 to equal 5, but it doesn't. I'm sorry that you're a disappointment to every person in your life, but that's a you problem.


geoemrick t1_j00ezy9 wrote

Here’s math for you:

1,000 total items go on the shelves. They cost $1,000 to buy from the supplier.

Each item has a 50% markup, so each item will cost $1.50.

500 items are stolen. That’s $750 lost. The other 500 items are sold and $750 is made.


Stop listening to the bullshit propaganda that wants anarchy, destruction, pain, suffering through violent degenerate criminal acts like stealing.

The math is there.

Stealing closes stores. Stores closing means regular people lose jobs AND the community loses stores and eventually don’t have access to food and other services.

it’s so fucking obvious, I hope you never, EVER interact with society as a whole because you’re such a degenerate you’d just ruin everything for everyone else, you selfish asshole.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j00tdh2 wrote

You're in a land of make believe where you think those numbers and interactions are facts. You're a fucking moron who is trying to tell people the world isn't round. You're a dunce of the highest order.


geoemrick t1_j00tn0i wrote

If a store doesn’t make money and loses it instead because the product is flying out the door and no one is paying for it, the store cannot stay open due to basic economics.

Let’s see what fourth grade doodoo poopoo peepee (that’s how you sound) language/insults you have for me this time. Because that’s the only response you can ever give.

Curse words, just as someone as inarticulate, illiterate, childish, naive, immature, out of touch, and degenerate as you would do.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j00wjq2 wrote

You're the dumbest, most ignorant piece of shit around for countless reasons. The fact that you keep harping on this like it has any basis in reality is truly sad. I feel bad for every person that raised a human being only to have it come out as willfully stupid as you. They put in all that time and years and the result is this useless sack of shit that's talking to me like they've got any point in the world.

What a disappointment to humanity you are.


geoemrick t1_j02fl7e wrote

If you run a business, you have to make money to stay open.

If people steal your stuff, you lose money.

If you lose enough money, you go out of business. These are facts.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j02frxg wrote

You're a moron and you keep repeating that point like it has any validity to what I said. Please apologize to your parents for being such a dumb life failure


geoemrick t1_j02gpda wrote

It does have point. It’s truth. Stealing=store losing product without making profit.

Not making profit=losing money.

Losing money=store goes out of business.


Also, even if you had a certain amount stolen from your store and you still came out with a profit, and month after month you kept seeing items stolen, why would you want to remain open?

When you can just close and go somewhere else without shitty people who steal your shit.

For real. It’s moronic. No one wants to deal with that bullshit, not even you. If you had shit constantly stolen from your home you’d be like I either have to move or arm myself.”


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j02jc3b wrote

I truly feel sad for everyone in your gaslighting little life. You think you're saying something at all relevant to anything, when you just keep repeating the same dumb shit over and over. Perhaps one day, the problem will solve itself.


geoemrick t1_j05iqrf wrote

You keep repeating the same shit because you have no answer.

It’s simple. If you allow thieves to keep stealing your product, you WILL go out of business. You will also have to lay off regular working class folks.

Therefore: stealing =/= “just hurt” the mega corps, and on top of that, the richest don’t even feel it. It’s the managers, floor employees, etc who will be laid off.

Not to mention that it’s not your shit. Find some other, civilized way to “right wrongs” besides fucking up everyone else’s day and making people lose their jobs. How incredibly selfish, sick and twisted of you.

Your entire philosophy is a total disaster and embarrassment, not to mention cruel, abusive, violent, demeaning, and sub-human.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j07ecic wrote

Look at you, crying over this still. You're a fucking ignorant, sad waste of oxygen. I'm sorry you exist and can't figure out basic common sense. Please fix this.


geoemrick t1_j08javj wrote

Who is more the sad waste of oxygen: me, who is in favor of helping regular working class folks and defending peoples’ liberty, or you, a thief/lowlife scumbag who wants to steal from people.



geoemrick t1_izn1oz8 wrote

Imagine this:

Imagine you won $500 mil in the lottery.

You don’t do anything charitable with it. You selfishly spend $100 million on houses, mansions, whatever.

Because you “have plenty” and aren’t being charitable with your money, do you deserve to be stolen from?

First, let me cut to the chase: no.

If you say “yes,” the next question would be: who is the morality police? How much is it “okay” to be stolen from you?

If someone considers you “too well off” and wants to steal from you, why not someone with “only” $100 mil?

$50 mil?

$1 mil?




Where does it stop? Where are the “rules” about WHO it’s okay to steal from depending on how much they have and how moral they’ve been in their lives?

There is always someone who could look at you and see you as “having a lot,” and that person could use your argument to fuck up your whole life. It’s a slippery slope of “exceptions here, why not exceptions there.”

So the obvious answer is: no one should steal from anyone. Ever. It’s fair. It’s just. It’s right.

Your argument is the opposite. It’s wrong. It’s sick. It leads to violence, as I’ve said. Perpetuating breaking into something and stealing is advocating for pain and violence. Destruction. Suffering. That’s what you are advocating for.

Stealing=wrong is the simple, fair way to avoid pain and violence (not that there’s still not pain or violence, but if stealing were okay then there’s be A LOT more of it).


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izo2cct wrote

Imagine this: you wrote all that shit and I didn't read it. Go make up more fantasies to solve your brain-worm addled bullshit. Go fuck yourself.


geoemrick t1_izqj27t wrote

You have no argument.

People should steal from you from morning until night for the rest of your life….at least by your warped, disgusting philosophy.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izrbx5o wrote

Go hump someone with ebola. It'll make everyone's day better. You have the dumbest, most infantile thought process on the entirety of the internet.


geoemrick t1_izu9983 wrote

Wish I was an upstanding thief and abusive, insulting, violent human being like you that wishes death and acid raining down on others.

You’re a great role model, and definitely not a degenerate yourself.


[deleted] t1_izuzwea wrote



geoemrick t1_izyd9k8 wrote

You're so intelligent and mature. You insult someone constantly with awful rhetoric like a mature, well-rounded, grounded individual.

Seriously though, you should be embarrassed. I know I would be if I found out how much of a child I acted like.

Temper tantrum throwing toddler.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_izzt224 wrote

It's very basic: I don't need to be nice to you. You're a stupid piece of shit. You keep espousing lies and misrepresenting what I've said to some weird bullshit black and white view of the world.

You're a fucking idiot and I have zero need to be polite or nice, especially online. You're a dumbass who thinks they know what they're talking about, when in reality you're an ignorant leaking asshole. Eat shit.


geoemrick t1_j002ijl wrote

I never said you had to be nice.

You do however, need to understand that the world is bigger than you and just because at YOUR store they didn’t close or fire employees for not catching thievery, it doesn’t mean that other stores don’t do that.

And when you are okay with stealing you are okay with people being treated like shit. That’s not a lie. Try again.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j00dfx8 wrote

It's literally how the world works. I understand that you're a pouty, infantile dipshit who has expressed something and desperately wants it to be true, but that isn't how the world operates. You're stupid. You're ignorant. You're a gaslighting fucking moron.

One day, perhaps with enough shutting the fuck up and learning, you won't be that anymore. Today is clearly not that day.


geoemrick t1_j00ec8c wrote

That’s how the world works? Stores lose money indefinitely and everything’s just fine? They remain open?


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j00tfxv wrote

Child you are so fucking dumb and ignorant that you think anything remotely related to that is the point.


geoemrick t1_j02fqfz wrote

Me: facts. Logic.

You: foul mouthed insults a 4th grader would say.

What a great debater you are.


[deleted] t1_j02jtsx wrote



geoemrick t1_j05j69s wrote

It is a debate. It’s the real world vs you. Go ahead and keep hurling insults at me. I’m greatly entertained by how you try to argue your position with the vocabulary and maturity of a 4-year-old who just learned a few curse words.

Or maybe you’re more like a 13 year old who says cringe-y shit because they try to be edgy, when really it’s apparent they have 0 life experience and saying bad words is the peak of “coolness.”

Take your pick.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j07eml6 wrote

It's not a debate. The fact that you think it is indicates even further that you're one of those sad, useless dweebs who yell out DEBATE ME and then throw out the dumbest, most useless non sequiturs to obfuscate. You're a dumb, sad, stupid sack of shit who imagines the world was something else.

You're up to 60 bucks. Who do I send the bill to.


geoemrick t1_j08iwev wrote

It is a debate. It’s you vs reality. If a store is losing money from thievery, it will close, and that will hurt regular working class folks.

Last time I checked, if your place of work closes, you lose your job.

It’s not “sticking it to the CEO.” It’s hurting regular people like you.

You just want to take what’s not yours because you’re that pathetic you can’t earn it. This is your excuse. How degenerate of you.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j09u2ba wrote

You're repeating yourself as if it has any bearing on what I said. You're so fucking stupid you can't figure out that we're talking about two separate things. At this point, you're just so sad and dumb, that I'm not even gonna waste thought out insults on you anymore. I'm just going to copy/paste "you're a waste of oxygen and a fucking moron" every time you reply to me, because that's really all you're worth now.


geoemrick t1_j0acrkf wrote

You don’t debate. You don’t offer up anything. You just insult because your vocabulary and mentality is stuck as 12 years old. Come up with something better. You can’t though because everything I’m saying is true.

Stealing is never a victim-less crime, and you’re not God. You don’t get to pass that judgement on anyone and say to anyone “I deserve to steal from you.” You’re not some kind of guru like you think you are. Grow up.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j0ag8xx wrote

>You don’t debate.

Correct. This isn't a debate. you're a waste of oxygen and a fucking moron


geoemrick t1_j0aihcp wrote

It’s a debate when you sit here and say stealing is not a victimless crime, or when you say you are the almighty authority to say who deserves to be treated like shit, especially common everyday workers.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j0ak21o wrote

>This isn't a debate. you're a waste of oxygen and a fucking moron


geoemrick t1_j0al3zi wrote

Why do you bother replying? At least I’m not just copy/pasting a reply. Why not just stop? At least with me I’m actually coming up with a response.