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geoemrick t1_j02fl7e wrote

If you run a business, you have to make money to stay open.

If people steal your stuff, you lose money.

If you lose enough money, you go out of business. These are facts.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j02frxg wrote

You're a moron and you keep repeating that point like it has any validity to what I said. Please apologize to your parents for being such a dumb life failure


geoemrick t1_j02gpda wrote

It does have point. It’s truth. Stealing=store losing product without making profit.

Not making profit=losing money.

Losing money=store goes out of business.


Also, even if you had a certain amount stolen from your store and you still came out with a profit, and month after month you kept seeing items stolen, why would you want to remain open?

When you can just close and go somewhere else without shitty people who steal your shit.

For real. It’s moronic. No one wants to deal with that bullshit, not even you. If you had shit constantly stolen from your home you’d be like I either have to move or arm myself.”


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j02jc3b wrote

I truly feel sad for everyone in your gaslighting little life. You think you're saying something at all relevant to anything, when you just keep repeating the same dumb shit over and over. Perhaps one day, the problem will solve itself.


geoemrick t1_j05iqrf wrote

You keep repeating the same shit because you have no answer.

It’s simple. If you allow thieves to keep stealing your product, you WILL go out of business. You will also have to lay off regular working class folks.

Therefore: stealing =/= “just hurt” the mega corps, and on top of that, the richest don’t even feel it. It’s the managers, floor employees, etc who will be laid off.

Not to mention that it’s not your shit. Find some other, civilized way to “right wrongs” besides fucking up everyone else’s day and making people lose their jobs. How incredibly selfish, sick and twisted of you.

Your entire philosophy is a total disaster and embarrassment, not to mention cruel, abusive, violent, demeaning, and sub-human.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j07ecic wrote

Look at you, crying over this still. You're a fucking ignorant, sad waste of oxygen. I'm sorry you exist and can't figure out basic common sense. Please fix this.


geoemrick t1_j08javj wrote

Who is more the sad waste of oxygen: me, who is in favor of helping regular working class folks and defending peoples’ liberty, or you, a thief/lowlife scumbag who wants to steal from people.