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[deleted] t1_j02jtsx wrote


geoemrick t1_j05j69s wrote

It is a debate. It’s the real world vs you. Go ahead and keep hurling insults at me. I’m greatly entertained by how you try to argue your position with the vocabulary and maturity of a 4-year-old who just learned a few curse words.

Or maybe you’re more like a 13 year old who says cringe-y shit because they try to be edgy, when really it’s apparent they have 0 life experience and saying bad words is the peak of “coolness.”

Take your pick.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j07eml6 wrote

It's not a debate. The fact that you think it is indicates even further that you're one of those sad, useless dweebs who yell out DEBATE ME and then throw out the dumbest, most useless non sequiturs to obfuscate. You're a dumb, sad, stupid sack of shit who imagines the world was something else.

You're up to 60 bucks. Who do I send the bill to.


geoemrick t1_j08iwev wrote

It is a debate. It’s you vs reality. If a store is losing money from thievery, it will close, and that will hurt regular working class folks.

Last time I checked, if your place of work closes, you lose your job.

It’s not “sticking it to the CEO.” It’s hurting regular people like you.

You just want to take what’s not yours because you’re that pathetic you can’t earn it. This is your excuse. How degenerate of you.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j09u2ba wrote

You're repeating yourself as if it has any bearing on what I said. You're so fucking stupid you can't figure out that we're talking about two separate things. At this point, you're just so sad and dumb, that I'm not even gonna waste thought out insults on you anymore. I'm just going to copy/paste "you're a waste of oxygen and a fucking moron" every time you reply to me, because that's really all you're worth now.


geoemrick t1_j0acrkf wrote

You don’t debate. You don’t offer up anything. You just insult because your vocabulary and mentality is stuck as 12 years old. Come up with something better. You can’t though because everything I’m saying is true.

Stealing is never a victim-less crime, and you’re not God. You don’t get to pass that judgement on anyone and say to anyone “I deserve to steal from you.” You’re not some kind of guru like you think you are. Grow up.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j0ag8xx wrote

>You don’t debate.

Correct. This isn't a debate. you're a waste of oxygen and a fucking moron


geoemrick t1_j0aihcp wrote

It’s a debate when you sit here and say stealing is not a victimless crime, or when you say you are the almighty authority to say who deserves to be treated like shit, especially common everyday workers.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j0ak21o wrote

>This isn't a debate. you're a waste of oxygen and a fucking moron


geoemrick t1_j0al3zi wrote

Why do you bother replying? At least I’m not just copy/pasting a reply. Why not just stop? At least with me I’m actually coming up with a response.