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Jersey-City-2468 t1_j5gzvfx wrote

RIP Brownstone Diner


STMIHA t1_j5h6hc2 wrote

Seriously. What a dumb rebranded name.


squee_bastard t1_j5havx0 wrote

I wonder if it’s still owned by the same family, i used to love this place when I lived closer to it but it’s probably been about 15 years since I’ve been in here.


WarrenBuffetsDriver t1_j5gyne5 wrote

Haven't been there since the rebrand and haven't seen a reason to try it yet given other similar spots and the time they close.


SpicyMargarita143 t1_j5hmg3y wrote

It’s the same people who ran it originally, just with a nicer interior


WarrenBuffetsDriver t1_j5hoyd4 wrote

The daughter who took it over did a complete re-brand, not for the better.

Cut portions + raised prices + shifted menu (no more combo for example and added avocado toast options), wanting it to not be a diner any longer. The one in Edgewater still has the same offerings and I believe her brother runs that.


EagleFly_5 t1_j5hpkdk wrote

Correct, the owner of Brownstone Pancake Factory’s sister runs Life Pancake Company, and it all stemmed from the OG family diner in Jersey City. Won’t expect too much of the fun as BPF and not as expensive, but it works like a charm.

Agree with others here, the hours are a bit wonky for a diner restaurant like this, feels like they’d miss out on business if they only opened a bit earlier (maybe 7-8 AM some days), and/or did dinner service.


Jahooodie t1_j5i2w3r wrote

The fact I can’t get a combo platter is frustrating as a customer. Like you don’t have to be what you were, but you have all the stuff just make me a queen combo as a possible dish


Jahooodie t1_j5i0btq wrote

I actually hate the new interior. It’s cold and industrial with a harsh high contrast color and 8 years too late to catch when that was trendy. It lacks comfort and charm and isn’t inviting to me, compared to the old one


oatmealparty t1_j5jcjgy wrote

I went for the first time since the rebrand recently and they were blasting music, at like 11am. Between that and the decor it's like they want it to be a night club. So strange.


JS_NYC_208 t1_j5h03i3 wrote

I went once after the rebranded and I said to the host “ the diner remodel looks great!” She replied “it’s not a diner”


lump- t1_j5j767x wrote

If they serve pancakes, it’s a fuckin diner


data__daddy t1_j5kba39 wrote

diner menu, diner pancakes, diner hours of operation, non-diner pricing.


Jahooodie t1_j5i2lp6 wrote

It’s… missable, not a must go. It’s more expensive and less good than the old dinner, while also having worse hours. It’s fine enough, but I went from going to the brownstone 1-2 times a month to going to life once or twice ever with no plans on going back. It’s not even a thought that clicks in my head anymore


p4177y t1_j5j7sxv wrote

Yeah, I feel like if OP ever went to the place when it was Brownstone, they would not be recommending this place.

I know a lot of restaurants have had troubles with staffing and inflation since COVID, but this remodel, IIRC, was in 2019 before the pandemic, so their quality, prices, portion sizes were already going down before from what I could tell the one time I went after the remodel.

I'd hate to think what it's like now...


DifficultyNext7666 t1_j5n9dg5 wrote

It's fine. Everyone is just being disagreeable to show they've lived here a long time.

The food is basically the same. It's more expensive but not expensive.


wavybbq t1_j5nd1j9 wrote

People are just disappointed. It used to be a town favorite and doesn’t have the same charm anymore


PICHICONCACA t1_j5ho7zz wrote

Her parents ran it better. The renovation took away any character that place had and the food? Okay at best.


garth_meringue t1_j5gy8lo wrote

What's the price on that these days?


[deleted] t1_j5i1nlk wrote



garth_meringue t1_j5i6860 wrote

I haven't been there in a year, but just trying to get a classic platter of pancakes, eggs, bacon, with a coffee, was astronomical and made me feel like a complete sucker.


DirectorBeneficial48 t1_j5iay94 wrote

I agree, but also, eggs are $5 per dozen in stores now, so not AS crazy as it feels.


th3greg t1_j5m7fob wrote

less crazy now, but the price has been in that range for a while now.


Gojira5400 t1_j5ia9uw wrote

No way am I ever going back to this place, paid close to $30 just for pancakes, eggs, and a drink. Honestly the biggest rip off I've eaten since I've moved up here and the pancakes are worse than Denny's.


cannibalism_is_vegan t1_j5gzem2 wrote

So many great memories of gorging on pancakes and getting day drunk at the Brownstone lmao


DontBeEvil1 t1_j5iec8r wrote

Take it you're new to the area?


TheLairdKnows t1_j5icoxl wrote

A classic example of how to fix something that wasn't broken.


m_pops t1_j5hdhn3 wrote

Place ain’t bad at all, but yeah… kinda wish they stayed open a bit longer. I think the whole place usually closes up by 3 or 4 most afternoons.


TheObliviousPickle t1_j5gvrb0 wrote

Their stuff has always looked fire but I cannot subject myself to eating 3500 calories for breakfast/brunch lol


FunCandy8149 t1_j5ifci6 wrote

They ruined it tried to like it went a few times but it is no good :(


Tankisfreemason t1_j5ilipd wrote

The service at Life Pancake House isn’t good. It was decent when it first opened back up compared to Brownstone. One time (and last time) at Brownstone, there was a waitress who was going to every table and saying “It’s my birthday, give me money”. Currently, Life Pancake isn’t that much better than how the service was before. Stopped going there a while back, I take the trip to Edgewater instead to Original Pancake


Nexis4Jersey t1_j5k33y7 wrote

Just like many have said, I miss the old Brownstone and I hate this trend of making Diners into rebranded hipster overpriced piles of crap... The Tick Tock Diner on Route 3 has suffered a similar fate and Tops Diner in East Newark also got a rebranding...lost all its character and charm of the old building... Only a few dozen true diners left in this region , Bendix on route 17 , Andros in Newark , Broadway Diner in Bayonne , Court Square Diner , Murray Hill Diner to name a few..


BeyondDadBod t1_j5k7ash wrote

I was really hoping that in the year 2023, my duty would be done. But, here we are.

The last hipster died cold and alone some time in 2014, in a share house in the Hudson valley. Pushed out by gentrification even from Bushwick (but unwilling to do, you know, ‘real’ bushwick) he had to make a choice, and decamped from Brooklyn along with his Kombucha production cooperative. Unfortunately man can’t live on Kombucha and vinyls alone, and as sales dried up they couldn’t afford heat, which led to the tragic end of the last true hipster. No more exist, and most people have moved on to blaming gen Z for their woes


nasty_brutish_longer t1_j5kn2j8 wrote

Miss America on West Side holds the fort as the last true diner in this town.

The food is fine.* Not great, not even particularly good, just fine. It's a diner. Fast, cheap, filling.

*When last I went in 2019. Please don't ruin my life by telling me it's not anymore


No-Practice-8038 t1_j5kbayd wrote

Andros was always terrible but haven't been in years.


Nexis4Jersey t1_j5kd8gg wrote

Its a meh diner , a classic...nothing special but it works for me and is still cheap it's also open 24/7.


Mocha-Fox t1_j5jigpd wrote

It was better before the daughter owned it. I miss the classic, inviting interior and their old menu


Laraujo31 t1_j5juxw9 wrote

I have eaten here a few times. Its not terrible but its not a must go (Brownstone was better). Its definately very pricey. The service isn't bad ( i have never had any issues). I know the owner's daughter bought it and decided to rebrand everything. Don't know why because it was just fine when it was Brownstone. The last thing that area needed was another trendy spot. Have no idea why they close early when they are missing out on a lot of potential business later at night.


danm888 t1_j5gxf6n wrote

Food is great here and the service even better. Shame they're not open in the evenings.


gamerdudeNYC t1_j5ha8ph wrote

Place is always packed and was on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives when it was Brownstone

Gotta try the “Pancake Wrap” at least once


revesby9 t1_j5hdyx5 wrote

Their mudslides are god sent


New_Regret_8076 t1_j5jjrzd wrote

This place is terrible. So expensive and over priced. The last time we were there they had no running water and was charging us 6.00 for a small apple juice no refills.


Jahooodie t1_j5k9lxe wrote

Uhhhhh no running water means they have to shut down if staff can't wash their hands. Gross!


LaNaranja315 t1_j5h0gbo wrote

They have some of the best home fries I've ever had, perfectly seasoned and crispy


Mammoth-Housing-4395 t1_j5ihqhb wrote

We ordered to go. It arrived on time. We actually got vegan pancakes and they were good! Had some nonvegan items and enjoyed them. Packaging was good. We didn't complain. Would I order again? I would. My issue with going is that it seems to have odd hours. Oh...the lady on the on the phone was super helpful. Yes I called and didn't order through an app.


alowe13 t1_j5il44k wrote

I used to get their chicken and waffles all the time before the rebrand. Only been once shortly after it reopened and it was the same, but that was years ago…


Lilmitten82 t1_j5j77so wrote

The last two times I’ve been here there was hair in my food


brandy716 t1_j5ke3nr wrote

All the places that use to be good are gone now. It’s a shame.

First the name is terrible. I use to order here when I worked the late night shift or wanted a nice bite on a Sunday with the family. It was our go to anytime. Some people just don’t understand what makes a restaurant/ dinner great.

I haven’t been here since the update and will not be going back from the reviews.


HobokenJ t1_j5jm84p wrote

Recommend for what?


JourneymanHunt t1_j5jmzau wrote

Yeah, it's different, but it's still great. Loved going there before and I enjoy going there now.


boojieboy666 t1_j5kuh71 wrote

Was better when it was the diner but still good


Hot-Ad2515 t1_j5l2r3y wrote

Sure. I'll go whenever it's not closed


MisterSynister t1_j5qasu1 wrote

I'm glad they stop calling themselves a diner.


Puzzlekitt t1_j5schis wrote

The pancakes were dry and crumbly so I never went back.


someguyfromnj t1_j5ipmrf wrote

But why would you cheat on Wonder Bagel PEC?


flippenstance t1_j5gy9zu wrote

Before they upgraded there was a much smaller diner in that spot owned by the same family. It was pretty rundown and i think I remember the ceiling leaking when it rained.


spypol t1_j5h3jo2 wrote

You mean like more than 20 years ago? Because brownstone diner right before this remodel was the exact same size.


Knobbies4Ever t1_j5i7c4m wrote

Yeah the original place was vintage 60s / early 70s (maybe older). Not sure when the old place was knocked down & current building went up: possibly just before JCMC, which opened in 2004.


smjcnj t1_j5h6ypz wrote

I believe it was the Newport Pancake House when I moved here in 97…looked like it hadn’t changed since the 70’s


smjcnj t1_j5jf5vt wrote

Some background on the origin:


Knobbies4Ever t1_j5i5uuq wrote

Jeez, folks around here are quick with their downvotes.

I remember the old-old place from my early days in JC / mid-90s. No idea why it was called "Newport" as it predated the mall. Smaller, shabby building - but same family, great food, great value. I think it closed at 2 pm or something like that?

I also recall a controversy in which the city wanted to take the land by eminent domain in order to create a parking lot for teachers... maybe for the not-yet-built Conwell School? There was a stink & that plan was withdrawn. Maybe some other old-timers can confirm / add some detail on that history?