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Nuplex t1_j6hbvia wrote

Why just NJ? PATH is managed by both governors.

Really PATH should just be owned by an NJ authority. NY has very little interest in improving the service, and as a result, so does the Port Authority. If it were an NJ commission our complaints would actually mean something.


GoHuskies1984 t1_j6hlzr0 wrote

That would take a NJ governor who isn't elected by the suburbs. If anything improvements to NJ Transit is more important to the suburban NJ voters.


Nuplex t1_j6hsp8b wrote

The authority owning PATH does not need to be NJ Transit. In fact nationwide its rare for urban systems to be run by surbaban transit organizations due to exactly what you said. That's why the set up of the MTA is weird.

Ideally it'd be a Hudson & Essex County based authority.


sutisuc t1_j6j5ltv wrote

Eh no NJ governor can win without the support of the suburbs but Murphy absolutely would not have won either term as governor without landslide numbers in our cities. He should absolutely be doing more to alleviate issues with the PATH and seemed to be dedicated to making Newark more of a place of importance in his first term but has since pivoted to try and become more “moderate” in appeal so he can got trounced in the first round of a presidential primary


FinalIntern8888 t1_j6jmz94 wrote

He should be improving PATH service and not widening the turnpike.