Submitted by HumanBoot4428 t3_10cl98m in jerseycity

Does anyone ever used an off peak hour tickets during regular hours? I’m looking to go out of town & my train is scheduled at 10am (which basically is not off peak hours)



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Perps_MacAbean t1_j4gco8v wrote

I thought NJT did away with peak pricing?


TrafficSNAFU t1_j4gkqf5 wrote

NJ Transit got rid of off peak pricing years ago.


jwd64 t1_j4gnccn wrote

Use the NJtransit app on your phone? Always fine and if you don’t use the ticket, it doesn’t expire.


scubastefon t1_j4gabqm wrote

From what I remember, they just upcharge you while you’re on the train


TrafficSNAFU t1_j4gl45c wrote

That's only if you don't purchase a ticket prior to boarding and the conductor asking for your ticket. Obviously if you tried to buy a ticket at a station's ticket vending machines and they weren't working, they'd waive the fee.


jman457 t1_j4lrve1 wrote

That’s how metro north does it, does jersey transit just kick you off?


TrafficSNAFU t1_j4ls3y1 wrote

Nj Transit has the same policy. It's printed in their timetables.


ThisFallOnFox t1_j4gvic1 wrote

Off peak tickets are weekends and weekdays not between 6:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m

They still exist but only for specific routes and must be purchased round trip.


Economy-Cupcake808 t1_j4g8lxr wrote

You could do it on metro north not sure how it works on njt