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ArturiousDudley t1_j5yln41 wrote

Live in Bergen Lafayette with a car as well. I actually like the Stop & Shop in Bayonne—quick to get to thanks to 185 and 440 (although I guess that depends where in BL you are). Not insane like Shoprite. Good selection of stuff.


uieLouAy t1_j5yxv2i wrote

This is the answer if you have a car. Very easy to get to Bayonne and they have a great selection, especially for produce.

I also like 99 Ranch and it’s very close by, but their produce is hit or miss. And I wouldn’t rely on the Grind General Store for produce unless you’re in a pinch; small selection and can be pretty expensive (one time saw a small bell pepper there for $5). They’re pretty good for dry and frozen goods though, and their coffee shop is definitely worth going to.


henry_sqared t1_j5yc1x0 wrote

The Extra at the MLK light rail stop is actually not too bad. The Grind coffee shop has a store a little further down Pacific (towards LSP)--even has some fresh produce. And for small stuff there are lots of reasonable bodegas in the area.


Laraujo31 t1_j5yy03r wrote

Extra on MLK is good. If you have a car, Acme on 440 and Shoprite in downtown are good options. There is a stop and shop and Lidl in Bayonne as well. I would recommend to do your shopping early in the morning, less crowded.


ThenIGetAChipwichOK t1_j5zlf8i wrote

I’m also in B-L and do a lot of shopping in Bayonne, at Costco and the Stop and Shop. Sometimes I go to the Acme by the tunnel if I also need to hit up Target or Buy Rite.

But I actually get most of my groceries via FreshDirect. It’s honestly not that much more expensive, especially considering how much time it saves me (and because I don’t end up impulse purchasing stupid stuff I don’t need). I see them delivering on my block often and if you order early enough in the day you can sometimes even get same day delivery. Just another option!


MichaelDeMarcoCEO t1_j5zqu9i wrote

the acme in newport is a hidden gem. might be slightly more expensive but worth avoiding shop rite


lmn82688 t1_j66pf3e wrote

Stop and shop in Bayonne. Extra is actually pretty great! Pioneer in a pinch


DejaVictoria t1_j654us5 wrote

I hop on the light rail (I live 3 blocks from the LSP stop) and ride to ShopRite or the Whole Foods in Weehawken. I tend to go to the ShopRite in Hoboken (9th st stop) because the one in Jersey City (Harsimis Cove stop) is pretty miserable and the Hoboken staff are much nicer and helpful. I'm also just shopping for one person, so I'm not carrying much. I also like to pick up random things I need from The Grind General Store on Suydam and Communipaw. I was able to throw together a last-minute dinner for four people for less than $50. Pasta, sauce, cheese, saussage, mushrooms, broccolini, onions, tomatoes, and garlic all purchased there.


ManchurianPandaDate t1_j5yk6xj wrote



FileAlternative5247 OP t1_j5yl1on wrote

I have a car, where should I go to grocery shop?


ManchurianPandaDate t1_j5z11wz wrote

I go to acme by the Holland tunnel a lot, they have good produce. Also Trader Joe’s in Hoboken. If I can I go to grocery stores far outside Jersey city area on my way home from work. Essex county area.


G_Funk_Error t1_j5y7345 wrote

Ooof I’m sorry.


FileAlternative5247 OP t1_j5yl3d5 wrote

Why lol I have a car I can drive to a grocery store


bodhipooh t1_j5yni26 wrote

You should have added that to your OP. With a car, my recommendation is to drive 20 minutes to WF and TJs in the Vauxhall area, or drive 30 minutes to Wegmans in Woodbridge or the better one in Parsippany. Drive 10 minutes to Bayonne where you can hit up Costco and Lidl (across from each other) or drive a few minutes more and hit up Stop & Shop and/or Walmart. With a car, you have a ton of great options within 30 minutes of BL if you are close to the LSP area.


Miringanes t1_j5yw2nf wrote

I live in SO and WF and TJ’s in Vauxhall are hit or miss. TJ’s is ALWAYS mobbed and WF is definitely expensive though I get a lot of produce there because it’s much better than anywhere else.


bodhipooh t1_j5yymwj wrote

Agreed that the TJs in Vauxhall is often overran. I try to stop there during times that are not too busy (midday, midweek) but it is SUPER convenient to have WF and TJs close to each other, which is why I suggested that particular location. If I was going to just WF, I would suggest the one in Weehawken (tiny, but usually has everything I need, plus I get to charge my car while shopping) or the ones in Montclair if I feel like shopping at a large location. For TJs, we have Hoboken close by, but it is always crowded, and there's little else in that area, so it becomes a one store trip. I try to maximize my trips by combining them because I generally despise driving in this area.

Alternatively, there is the option of driving to Westfield, where there's a TJs with a liquor license, right next to a Stop & Shop, with a WF down the street a mile away. And, heck, if one is feeling nostalgic, there is a Charlie Brown's Steakhouse down the road from TJs (one of only two surviving locations!) where you can grab a bite after going grocery shopping.


Miringanes t1_j5yzqs6 wrote

I remember getting prime rib from Charlie browns as a kid


FileAlternative5247 OP t1_j5ynm4z wrote

Thank you!!


bodhipooh t1_j5yzttx wrote

Left unmentioned in my post is that the Wegmans in Parsippany has a liquor license, with amazingly good selection (and prices) for beer, wine, etc. Worth checking out. It will damage you because your expectations for a supermarket will render all close by options as subpar, at best.


Also, in my response to miringanes, I mentioned the other convenient location where you can hit multiple options within a short distance of each other: head towards Plainfield and you can hit TJs and Stop & Shop (next to each other) or ShopRite (a mile away) or Whole Foods three miles away. If you go via Route 22, you can even hit up Costco on your way without having to detour. That TJ location is ~30 minutes away from the LSP area.