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FunkMasterLove t1_iu53clu wrote

Glad to see Birds In Row in here, huge fan of theirs ever since Collected. Saw them 3 or 4 times on their first US tour, really nice guys.


Brass_and_Frass t1_iu5ebf0 wrote

First time I saw them was a VFW hall basement show and it was f’ing amazing. Pilori in such an intimate environment blew my mind.


FunkMasterLove t1_iu5lmhb wrote

Yes! I think the first time I saw them was Knights of Columbus in Keene with Full of Hell? So long ago it's hard to remember, but Cottbus in a small venue like that has always stuck with me.


based_pinata t1_iu68027 wrote

I’ve been obsessed with them since they dropped “We Already Lost the World”. It’s one of those albums I can listen to front to back. They also have a sick Audiotree live session:


LamBeam t1_iu5k027 wrote

Oh man, birds in row reminds me of the chariots farewell tour 🥲


based_pinata t1_iu684p0 wrote

Dude nothing can fill the hole the chariot has left. They’re just such a perfect combo of absolute brutality and complexity. Got any other like band suggestions?


jacobartillery t1_iu6ij1q wrote

The Undertaking! is kind of getting close to it. They have a few tracks that just absolutely scream "yeah, we love The Chariot and are proud of it."


Heightman t1_iu9qu1f wrote

Don't know if you've listened to 68', but the have like 3 albums out now.


c0pyrate t1_iu5cjne wrote

Just watch the noah / cathedrals session on YouTube, it is incredibly powerful and moving. 3 French dudes that formed the band with one idea on mind : play as many gigs as possible.


_interloper_ t1_iu7nhl3 wrote

How the fuck did I miss this band?

These guys are great.


appleburger17 t1_iu5g3qk wrote

Haven’t stopped playing this album. So goddamn good.


Ichivonuno t1_iu6p9dq wrote

Holy shit I love this.


Farveille t1_iu8h0lg wrote

Hey! They are from my hometown ! (Laval, France). I used to know some of them


AcuMan_NYC t1_iu5wrsm wrote

Steve-0 niiiice look just like ta after a hit of N02


Nickt_bc t1_iu6xio9 wrote

Coincidentally I was listening to this all day. Top shelf content.


Adeno t1_iu82lsc wrote

The guy looks like Mr. Bean if he lived as an old timey monk tending to the flowers.


istolethesun t1_iu88th5 wrote

Saw them live for the first time in the Netherlands two weeks ago or something. Never listened to them before, but after that show I am hooked! Such great songs on this album. And for a support act they completely nailed that show.


ConsumedByDeath t1_iu8fll7 wrote

Loved "You, Me & The Violence" by them. The next one was more sophisticated, but the first one still sticks with me.


Madeche t1_iu8p3pt wrote

Saw these guys live back in 2011, random concert for basically nothing and maybe 50 people in an underground spot. I stopped following them for a few years, and also don't listen to the genre as much, but this album is amazing. Definitely goes in my list of best of the year


MajinFlasher t1_iu6ymeg wrote

Kind of reminds me of Comeback kid