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NoMoLerking t1_j92fhqs wrote

Maine out here proudly eating paint chips.


FunkyChromeMedina t1_j92jayz wrote

Oh come on, they lead.

…at lobster, seeing the sunrise first, taxing out-of-state spousal income, all sorts of things.


RumSwizzle508 t1_j92vqc7 wrote

They technically lead the US (continental division) into each day.


prberkeley t1_j934mxf wrote

I think there is one remote island of Alaska that is technically west of the international date line and thus is the first part of the US to begin each day. But that's stupid so Maine all the way.


0621FiST t1_j935v94 wrote

The motto came before Alaska became a state to be fair.


squarerootofapplepie t1_j987tye wrote

No, even though they are in the Eastern Hemisphere the Date Line goes around them so they’re in the same time zone as the rest of Alaska.


prberkeley t1_j98b2hf wrote

I realized I was thinking of Guam. They are west of the date line so I guess it depends on whether you include territories or not.


Agreeable_Sun3754 t1_j950yb6 wrote

I lived in caribou main for a month once... there is so much radon in the groundwater I sware I started losing hair like a cancer patient within that month.

high is like 4 carries.... caribou had more than 300 carries.


Mediocre_Coconut_628 t1_j928h9v wrote

I have always loved the Massachusetts state motto.


atigges t1_j93ok6t wrote

I love our motto - it's basically a Revolutionary Era way of saying "F- around and find out".


BovaDesnuts t1_j98esob wrote

The first part is about the Wampanoag on account of them wiping out 53% of the colony, and the second part is about the British


Snowstig t1_j92b7y8 wrote

Some of those are downright ironic


johnny_cash_money t1_j92euhm wrote

Like "One and inseparable" from literally half of the Dakota Territory?


nba123490 t1_j9abttg wrote

I feel like some of them were made by democrats way back in the day and then the state turned extremely Republican and they just never changed the motto


commentsOnPizza t1_j92i1r4 wrote

Personally, I like Rhode Island's. "Hope" is something that works for all times. "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty," is somewhat caught in time. It might work well during war times, but it doesn't really offer anything during peace times. It's the kind of thing that you adopt in 1775 when the main concern of the day is the revolution. It feels like New York deciding in 2002 to make their motto, "9/11, Never Forget."

To me, it doesn't capture the spirit of Massachusetts which has been based in hard work, education, experimentation, and intellectualism for most of its history. We're the state of Emerson, Thoreau, and Alcott. Of the first 12 presidents, the only two non-slaveholders were from Massachusetts. We're the state Horace Mann, advocate for public education. We're the state of the Massachusetts 54th and W. E. B. Du Bois. We're the state of Senator Sumner whose outspoken abolitionist views saw him beaten on the Senate floor. We're the state where the telephone was invented, where anesthesia was first used for surgery, where the first routers were made to enable the ARPANET (the US-government precursor to the internet), and the hub of mRNA research.

In some ways I guess it does capture Massachusetts. Even when preparing for war, we put an intellectual spin on it - that peace is only worthwhile under liberty. Still, it feels a bit trapped in time for me. It feels like the 1770s preserved in amber rather than something that continues to apply to our modern life.


andr_wr t1_j92qn2j wrote

Love Rhody's motto as well. Simple and appropriate for the history of these lands.


AbidanYre t1_j93qe78 wrote

And Sumner outlived the coward that did it.


BNL52577 t1_j92kmla wrote

"While I breathe, I hope" - South Carolina's - really grabs me. That's a powerful sentiment.


JustaTexaninBoston t1_j947qy8 wrote

Go check out the South Carolina flag. It’s one of the best in the country!


Foomanchubar t1_j94jgci wrote

Definitely agree with that, palm tree was a nice touch.


SainTheGoo t1_j92ebjb wrote

I like Vermont, very true to the culture.


willett_art t1_j92h849 wrote

After all that Texan boisterousness their motto is “friendship”??? 😂


borkmeister t1_j93ca83 wrote

"Ubi omnia maior est" does sound pretty fitting


rubbish_heap t1_j92hsqw wrote

I like "It grows as it goes".
"By and by" is pretty cool too.


WhipCityUrchin t1_j92pgxh wrote

Some of these states need a reminder of what their motto is. Wyoming and Nebraska, I’m looking at you.


monmostly t1_j95oaur wrote

Speaking as a Nebraskan, the state has an interesting progressive history. Nebraska and Kansas joined the union at a time when there was a big controversy over whether new states would be slaveholder or free. There was a huge conspiracy to vote in slaveholding in Kansas that Nebraska managed to steer clear of and join as an abolitionist state. The state capitol building has some really interesting progressive mottos all over it and the only unicameral nonpartisan state legislature. It's also the only state in which corporate agriculture cannot own farms or ranches and public power districts are the norm. Too bad it's so solidly red right now.


RoastMostToast t1_j92plmr wrote

New Hampshires is probably the most badass though.


NH_Licks_Boots t1_j937l2d wrote

If they followed the motto instead of being a state full of militant douchebags and bootlickers it would be more fitting.

Hell, Maine lives more free or die than them. VT does. MA does. Nh is an absolute joke and low quality state.


GiveMeCheesePendejo t1_j937dyk wrote

I always read it in aggressive capital letters in my head every time. LIVE FREE OR FUCKIN DIE


borkmeister t1_j93bu7v wrote

That's kinda the vibe they are going for, you aren't wrong


miguk t1_j963u7h wrote

It's inaccurate, though. They don't live free; they live dependent on MA providing jobs to them, especially when their minimum wage is half of what it is in MA. That's why the majority of NH's population lives on the MA boarder.

A more accurate motto would be "Live dependent on the neighbors and die by bear attack."


TomatoManTM t1_j92s0f4 wrote

It's interesting how every single one would be improved by adding the word "fuckin'":

  • Under God the people fuckin' rule
  • Equal fuckin' rights
  • Ever fuckin' upwards
  • Strong deed, gentle fuckin' words
  • By the fuckin' sword we seek peace, but peace only under fuckin' liberty

US of fuckin' A baby


BadDesignMakesMeSad t1_j932rtt wrote

Rhode Island should put an asterisk after their motto that reads “it’s all we got”


thomascgalvin t1_j92m9nl wrote

A bit too wordy. I'd go with something like "by the sword, liberty and peace." Or maybe "liberty above all, peace when possible, the sword when necessary."


goPACK17 t1_j92odd1 wrote

Anyone else suddenly wondering if Mac is from Ohio?


tapakip t1_j939an3 wrote

A lot of these are actually pretty awesome but for some reason they seem to just get worse and worse as you head west.

Utah has to be the worst by far. INDUSTRY. Settle down Mormons.


theavatare t1_j97cfo4 wrote

Ronnie Chieng has a bit about this. Fixed the name based on feedback


todayIsinlgehandedly t1_j92ppyw wrote

I always thought our motto was “Go f#%k yourself” but this is way better!


mcolorado3 t1_j92gx9a wrote

New Hampshire has the best


feidle t1_j93bahn wrote

“Let it be perpetual” is fucking cool too.


Nobel6skull t1_j92aef7 wrote

It’s one of the best mottos anywhere


SheeEttin t1_j92ms7n wrote

TIL Michigan's. I cannot say I have ever sought a pleasant peninsula. Is that something people do?


motherof16paws t1_j934ltg wrote

The only thing I remember from elementary social studies in Michigan was learning this motto and being told how cool it was.


mallorn_hugger t1_j92wo1k wrote

As a Mass native now living in Missouri, that MO state motto is a twisted joke. Dark humor level 1000.


Cinco-X t1_j9357ae wrote

> As a AL native now living in MA, that MA state motto is a twisted joke


NerdyKirdahy t1_j937v73 wrote

Kansas has no right to such a good state motto.


neifirst t1_j9298gt wrote

The state motto is great, sad that they're probably going to change it to something in English that isn't as threatening


Gregthegr3at t1_j92k6x2 wrote

I like ours but VA is solid too


NoMoLerking t1_j93krv9 wrote

LOL. Quoting a great American hero?


AbidanYre t1_j93qxgo wrote

> great American hero

"Believe it or not, I'm walking on air" would be a good motto.


CustyMojo t1_j97vome wrote

I thought our motto was "nice blinkah, fuckface"


Deadfreezercat t1_j95yf81 wrote

What keeps Georgia from being Florida?



JerkBezerberg t1_j96hds6 wrote

New Hampshire - live free or die. Massachusetts - live free or we'll kill you.


TomatoManTM t1_j92rkke wrote

NH's motto was actually recently changed to "Live free or fuckin' die"


BlindBeard t1_j97imgp wrote

I was always wondering when they'd change to Be Rich or Eat Shit


onewithoutasoul t1_j9350tn wrote

New motto for my Stellaris Democratic Crusader empire


Pappa_Crim t1_j93y7j6 wrote

We should shorten it to peace only in liberty


tsk__tsk__tsk t1_j9421bk wrote

It cool until you realize it's talking about the sword raised over the head of native Americans


wallybinbaz t1_j943hdp wrote

I thought New York's was "Excelsior."

Edit: Nevermind, I read the key.


bunkerbash t1_j946q8a wrote

I’m jealous. The fuck even does our motto for CT even mean??!


thisnewsight t1_j94e1k2 wrote

Legit feel proud when I read that motto out. Totally agreeable.


mikenice1 t1_j96bxj5 wrote

Colorado is a little obsessed with Rhode Island.


diadem t1_j96tdms wrote

Alaska: North to the future

Map makers: let's put it south


NativeMasshole t1_j92bzm3 wrote

Got to love that Romance languages are listed separately from English and Latin.


DildoBreath t1_j92oke8 wrote

I think English is a Germanic language at its core with lots of borrowed words from Romance languages.

Latin is not technically a Romance language.


shrewbs t1_j92v9uu wrote

English is not a Romance language.


SheenPSU t1_j92qj3x wrote

What the hell does Washington’s even mean?


dolo_ran6er t1_j930h93 wrote

Hope for some affordable houses!


modannaye t1_j934lee wrote

I thought the state motto was “The spirit of America”???


TheTr7nity t1_j935d79 wrote

FAR, FAR from perfect but yea, we are better off then most of the other states


Balsac_is_Daddy t1_j935v6v wrote

By the sword? Damn MA, I thought we were more civilised. But it tracks that we're pretty tiny but have like the longest motto 🤣 If MA was a person, he'd be a short king with BDE. Fkn love it!


Semyon t1_j937ex0 wrote

I don't ever remember hearing "North to the future" while growing up in Alaska


cspan92 t1_j93sryn wrote

Ours is awesome, but i gotta give the edge to New Hampshire


SomeDudeUpHere t1_j94b3fw wrote

New Hampshire is the GOAT state motto


Alkaen500 t1_j94hu16 wrote

The motto is too long in my opinion. It doesn’t really have any oomf to it. Especially considering next door you got New Hampshire with “Live Free or Die”


Jonabc5 t1_j95qagj wrote

Florida should read “America’s dirty asshole”


nrj6490 t1_j96xm0k wrote

Bro wtf is going on in Michigan


rezistence t1_j974mqx wrote

The passage and the official motto of the U.S. Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The phrase is often loosely translated into English as "By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty." The literal translation, however, is "she seeks with the sword a quiet peace under liberty."


PM_me_PMs_plox t1_j9296p3 wrote

It's cool until they put it on a flag with an arm holding a sword over the head of a Native American (who wasn't even from Massachusetts).


Ex-Pat-Spaz t1_j92c1kp wrote

Well, you are not wrong. It’s based on Ojibwa chief Thomas Little Shell, which I always thought was odd myself.


dharmaday t1_j92ho25 wrote

True! Glad Massachusetts is changing the motto and the flag.