Submitted by schlock_ t3_119jfm2 in massachusetts

Before picking a clothes donation company randomly from a google search, wanted to ask r/massachusetts if they have a direct referral for me. Maybe some company that you have direct experience with or even better, a cause that is near and dear to your heart.

We have about 20 large bags of clothes, mostly older woman's clothes but there are some mens. They are clean and in good shape. We want to donate to a good cause. Pickup at our house is preferred if possible. Thank you



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DunkinRadio t1_j9mmk6w wrote

Perhaps simplerecycling, depending where you are. We've used them and it's a snap.


schlock_ OP t1_j9mpjcz wrote

Thanks, no service in my surrounding area unfortunately.


lilephant t1_j9msjwp wrote

If you’re in the Greater Lowell area, The Wish Project is my go-to. The work they do for the community is incredible and I have come to know the staff there well from donating clothes and other goods over the years.


AndrewDeGaren t1_j9mpjxa wrote

I don't know where you are in Massachusetts, but Second Glance in Gloucester is a thrift shop operated by The Open Door, our local food pantry. All the revenue from the second-hand items sold there fund the work of the pantry, and Second Glance also provides non-food household items to individuals and families in need. I can't speak highly enough of the team of The Open Door and Second Glance for all the great work they do in the communities they serve.

I know they go out and pick up donations sometimes, but I think it is going to depend on how much you've got and where you are. If you aren't around our area, there may be something similar near you. Still on the North Shore, but I know that Beverly has thrift store that follows a similar model. I'd go with any of these in order to support your community/communities near you over some of the big names.


Cheap_Coffee t1_j9o0yrd wrote

Some towns (Framingham, for example) handle textile recycling through their DPW. Check towns in your area.


houseonthehilltop t1_j9qmsi9 wrote

I donated to the earthquake victims in Turkey through the Islamic Center on Rt 20 in Wayland ( or maybe it’s Weston). I am not sure they are still collecting but it’s worth a call. So many people left with nothing.


mcgoogz t1_j9refxh wrote

related question, are those drop boxes you see in various supermarket etc. parking lots to donate old clothes legit?


Pleasant-Champion-14 t1_j9rlwtf wrote

They can be suspect in that they often use deceptive advertising. Many are for profit companies and if you look closely only a small percentage of monies , if any, are donated to charity. They do recycle the material though and make a profit.