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calvinbouchard t1_ja60mms wrote

I miss the Hilltop Butcher Shop even more than the restaurant. I used to check the flyer every Wednesday, and stocked up when they had $5 filet mignons or ribeyes. Ahh, those were the days.


spssky t1_ja841ew wrote

I don’t know if my family ever went to the actual restaurant but we hit up the Braintree butcher shop all the time


Bada__Ping t1_ja8kawp wrote

And you could buy a gallon jug of their house dressing there too!


bristollersw t1_ja5x90h wrote

Bali Hai in Lynnfield.


Bada__Ping t1_ja8k70y wrote

Hell Yes! That place was my go-to for a while. I think they mostly suffered because of their location, especially after they put up the sound barriers on the highway.


joeyrog88 t1_ja5y01n wrote

The Porthole in Lynn, MA


chancimus33 t1_ja6inqm wrote

Is this just a list of restaurants in Springfield?


geminimad4 t1_ja5ybss wrote

Back Bay:

Magic Pan (corner of Newbury & Berkeley) Bailey’s (Boylston St) 29 Newbury Newbury Steak House (Mass Ave)


Grendel’s Den upstairs (Harvard Sq) Joyce Chen (Alewife) Bel Canto (Mass Ave btw Central & Harvard Sq)


B&D Deli Tam o’shanter




calvinbouchard t1_ja603tk wrote

Was Magic Pan the Mandelbaum's crepe restaurant?


geminimad4 t1_ja68jlx wrote

It was a crepe restaurant, not sure about the Mandlebaums. I do know it was a national chain (not huge though). Here’s its wiki page. They also had wonderful salads.


PakkyT t1_ja5z17p wrote

Skip's in Chelmsford. Closed in 2008 after about 60 years.


JoeCylon t1_ja64nxs wrote

Lanes & Games served food so that's my answer


Hoosac_Love t1_ja6ouc3 wrote

Primo's pizza/Italian,Worthington Springfield

The Lido on Worthington Springfield

The 4 leaf Clover Bernardston

Abdows everywhere

Carmalina's Hadley (the best rasperbery tarts)

The Pub amherst

Amherst Chinese food Amherst (where I once saw Umma thurmond eating with her father)

The overall decline of Friendly's


Mr-Chewy-Biteums t1_ja7tr8y wrote

The Pub! I forgot about that place. They had a good Monte Christo.

And just on the other side of the parking lot was The Sub. I always liked their calzones when I was in Amherst.


Thank you


Hoosac_Love t1_ja7u53l wrote

The Sub was awesome was friend with one of the drivers actually

Pub too yea


ChowboyDan t1_ja9f9cj wrote

TIL that Amherst Chinese and The Pub are no more.

This got me digging for other area restaurants, and I learned that The Dove's Nest in Sunderland closed 6 years ago. That place was greasiest dump, and I loved it. It was the kind of place where the cook would sing the blues out loud and the waitstaff would just sit down at your table because their "feet hurt".


cmcrich t1_ja6ppwc wrote

I miss Hu Ke Lau.


StateLottery t1_ja6vxp7 wrote

There are some awful restaurants on this list that we should be praising are gone haha. Two that I miss that weren’t on the list:

Mel’s in Holyoke and Aqua Vita in Hadley.


inphiltrate t1_ja84tj1 wrote

TIL we had a Big Boy restaurant


Mdecast t1_ja6n581 wrote

Hungry herbs in Medford was my spot.


Equivalent_Warthog22 t1_ja7q63y wrote

Ashfield Lakehouse used to be a go to but never really came back after the pandemic.


SouthShoreSerenade t1_ja7r7wo wrote

Dang, Christo's in Brockton made the list which wasn't even very good, but the really special joint was its neighbor The Lobster Hut across the street. Best lobster bisque you could find. They put huuuuge chunks of lobster meat in it and if you were nice enough to them and asked them to scrape the bottom of the pot for it, you'd get a ton of it. Miss that place.


Other_Region7328 t1_ja7urvt wrote

Toodys in Wakefield

The Chicken Place in South Dennis


andy189 t1_ja7wkc3 wrote

The Chicken Bone Saloon in Framingham


Mr-Chewy-Biteums t1_ja7wp5g wrote

I was going to say that I couldn't believe Bernie's in Chicopee didn't make this list, but then I saw that the article was published in 2018.

I never cared about their famous, massive beef slabs, but I thought it was a great diner and I liked going there.


Thank you


IncognitoWarrior t1_ja83hbw wrote

This many not mean as much to many of you guys here but there was one good South Indian Restaurant here called Pongal in Billerica. Amazing buffet. Closed down a few years back. Never had decent South Indian Food near Boston after that.


LackingUtility t1_ja6cx9w wrote

My family always referred to Fontaine’s as “chicken armpit”… not really the best advertising.