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aimforthehead90 OP t1_j8nxkhk wrote

I haven't looked into Lowell yet, it looks great though! I'll look more into that and Salem, although we're looking to stay away from excessive crowds, I'm not sure how bad Salem is in that regard. Thanks!


ednamillion99 t1_j8o4z4j wrote

Google ‘Salem Halloween crowds’. It’s…bad. All month long. And getting worse.


geographresh t1_j8p8kw5 wrote

You'll be pressed to find a new-ish single-family in Salem for $600k, unfortunately.

Haverhill sounds like it would meet a lot of your specifications. It does not give the same quaint vibes as coastal Maine/NH though, be forewarned.

If you can push your budget closer to $700k you might open up some options closer to Boston like Norwood, Beverly, or Hudson which would have better transit than Maine/NH, too.


jjgould165 t1_j8q4vaf wrote

You also need to inquire about flood insurance and how much it would be if you are thinking about moving to a coastal place like Salem.

I would also suggest coming in the winter (not this one cause it hasn't arrived yet) but you need to know what it is like to be near the ocean in the winter and how dark it gets here before you move