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ArmlessGeodude t1_j9tkbfx wrote

Maybe you should report these complaints with the attorney generals office.


fuzzypickles34 t1_j9tkztx wrote

And/or a major newspaper


Coggs362 t1_j9tp8d2 wrote

If the AG drags ass on it, WCVB or any of the other local stations would love to take that dumpster fire of a nonprofit and rake them over the goals all the while throwing buckets and buckets of gasoline in them.

Edit: you will need sources or evidence to corroborate your story, otherwise you're exposing yourself to massive legal liability with these claims.

I have no reason to doubt but no direct reason to believe, either. I have worked at employers in the past which played a little fast and loose with rules, Laws, and ethics in the past, and when sometimes saw folks leave for similar (although less egregious experiences) as yours but with no way to proceed on accountability.


somegridplayer t1_j9tkzav wrote

>There was one female employee who threatened to sue; HR fired her right on the spot.

An ambulance chaser could win her a mountain of money on that alone. That's flat out corporate suicide in Massachusetts.

>IRS will not get involved because they are being paid off; simple as that

Uh that's not a thing. Wounded Warrior Project got hung and had to ditch Nardizzi because of playing games with money and they're MANY times bigger than Veterans Inc.

I don't know anything about this group but am involved with some larger veterans groups. If you have evidence to these claims (the house sale is an easy one, just pull the property records, the wrongful firing, they can speak anonymously) and go to the media. Evening news will absolutely destroy them if true.


MoreGuitarPlease t1_j9u06bn wrote

The AG in Mass will get back to you if you file a complaint.


mslashandrajohnson t1_j9u51lm wrote

The account that posted this was deleted.


Linux-Is-Best t1_j9woqf8 wrote

> The account that posted this was deleted.

I noticed that too. So I'll be locking the thread.


KenOfEarth t1_j9u5pbv wrote

Don't drink and post.


Linux-Is-Best t1_j9woujl wrote

The user seems to have deleted their account, so their opinion does not matter. Locked.


PurpleTurle711 t1_j9u7rjh wrote

Turtleboy would eat this place up, get at him!


Horknut1 t1_j9uj7eq wrote

Yes. Turn to the height of journalistic integrity.



somegridplayer t1_j9ua2zs wrote

And probably find a way to ruin any chance for prosecution.


PurpleTurle711 t1_j9ubpxt wrote



OrsoMalleus t1_j9v5zik wrote

Turtleboy's a joke.


PurpleTurle711 t1_j9v7fnk wrote

I mean, yeah, but I was just asking how them posting this type of story would ruin prosecutorial positioning.


OrsoMalleus t1_j9v9wtt wrote

Because Turtleboy sucks at journalism that hard.


RevengencerAlf t1_j9vxe32 wrote

Anything said in the open press has a chance to undermine what is said and done in a court of law. Particularly any claim that is sensationalized or exaggerated by a complainant in the press can be dragged out in court by the defending party to call their credibility into question. Among other issues.


DetailPlus t1_j9wi2jo wrote

Yes, but this is actually a serious issue and it's a problem country wide. I've dedicated a lot of time personally to a Veterans Non-Profit also so I could understand where the poster was coming from. Since much of the financial assistance has dwindled down, many of the only resource facilities that can help Veterans are Non-Profit, their CEOs and VPs receive 6 figure salaries, while many of the rest are overlooked for compensation. Some of them are just happy to have equal help available and maybe a little gas reimbursement. And they can put them on a W2 Wage. They should be providing a wage if they are repetitiously providing their personal time for over 10 hours a week, If the VA can provide at least that, so that advocates can be trained to help with services. People are more inclined to care deeper when they are appreciated and feel like part of a family. Less sloppiness, laziness and inadequate care, It also it is a reflection many times to them, in how those who help them are treated by others outside in an open environment, for everyone around to see. They find it disrespectful when their advocates are made to feel overlooked, like many of them felt when they come home from serving. They're very humble to have someone listen to them and have lunch with.

And the non-profit bullshit, refusing to pay and not providing a wage because you're "volunteering" doesn't allow a person to keep devoting their own time to put forth if they aren't receiving any type of income in the meantime. The United Way is worth to be over a $20 Billion (Non-Profit). If they weren't being compensated, they wouldn't be able to devote so much to fundraising and creating all the fun activities to keep them fun and active. If communities want the responsibility moved over to non-profits and away from the VA and other private groups, then someone should be stepping to assist in getting them up to par.


Daily_the_Project21 t1_j9to4xs wrote

This sounds like conspiracy theory shit honestly.


OrsoMalleus t1_j9v5ubc wrote

I used Vets Inc when I lived in Worcester.

It was literally worse than the VA.