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Hi all,

A bit of an odd question, I thought I had cancelled my enrollment to Masshealth when I got my job last year (!) and have been between several addresses for a while so my mail has been all over the place and lost (my fault); I finally got a hold of some documents and turns out I was enrolled again for 2023, but I've had coverage through work since late 2021. I have not used the plan at all, and don't even have info on my account. I've only submitted claims/used my current work insurance. I had applied to the emergency health plan, forget the name but if you need coverage to hold you over before going through full applications with proof of residency.

Now, I WILL be calling tomorrow to cancel and confirm that it is, in fact, closed out for god but I was wondering if anyone had experience if this would cause some sort of tax penalty for having 2 health plans? I know you could be dinged in another state I lived in or so I was told, but I was just curious. I did also get the tax document for it in the mail. Just trying to prepare for any shock payments, haha...

Side note, this is the only place I've ever lived where theyre like "you WILL have insurance and you WILL like it." Last state denied me help with no income. I never even submitted proof of residency and they still enrolled me...?


ETA Oops last year as in 2021... not 2022



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PolkaD0tMom t1_ja5ytgi wrote

Income changes haven't affected eligibility since March 2020. There aren't any penalties to using Masshealth while you qualify for Masshealth.

You don't have to cancel anything. You can keep using your Masshealth, it is secondary to the employer plan.

All you have to do is report your income and employer insurance. Eventually they will redetermine you when the COVID protections end, and you might expect to lose eligibility at that future point.


[deleted] OP t1_ja62nkj wrote

Ah ok, that makes a lot more sense than what I was finding online. I'm still going to call to update then. Thank you very much for explaining it so simply! :)


rikityrokityree t1_ja6nqsg wrote

They are redetermining everyone this year, you will get a notice. Since you have employer insurance and Masshealth, check into Mass Health Premium Assistance— if you qualify the state reimburses part if your premium costs


LadyGreyIcedTea t1_ja6530u wrote

It's possible to have both private insurance and MassHealth. MassHealth just becomes secondary in that scenario and covers things like deductibles and co-pays from the primary insurance. So no, there's no penalty for having 2 insurances as this is common and something many people have. If you qualify for MassHealth, you should always have MassHealth.


[deleted] OP t1_ja65fch wrote

Good to know, thank you so much for the info! I am definitely less anxious and worried about it now haha


t_11 t1_ja67gtq wrote

No. But you gotta declare your income next time


wlutz83 t1_ja68kus wrote

i cancelled mine after getting coverage through an employer and they mistakenly kept me enrolled for some time before i figured it out. never had any issues or questions.


Sayoria t1_ja9r5h5 wrote

I had a similar issue and the process was a massively long pain in the ass to deal with. Call Mass Health. Depending on if you have that proof, they may be able to cancel that year.