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I live in CO, my wife is from MA. She was a skiier all her life but she says skiing in MA wasn't very good but that's 20 years ago. Curious if It's changed in any way (maybe due to climate change or other factors?). We saw a documentary about small family owned resorts in the northeast and it looked amazing. Just curious what folks opinions are of MA skiing. Especially for kids (we have kids and getting them into skiing here in CO is expensive af).



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PakkyT t1_ja09gvd wrote

We haven't erected any new higher MA mountains in the last 20 years. Sorry.


Professional-Fix6119 OP t1_ja0i8jr wrote

Good to know..we haven't either in CO 😉


Bunkerbuster12 t1_ja4048w wrote

That's a funny response but in all seriousness, the snowmaking, lifts, and grooming have improved dramatically. Wachusett is a nice spot but you'd have to drive to Maine or Northern Vermont to get anywhere close to Colorado. But even that, probably 50% of what you'd expect from Colorado in terms of terrain and snow quality. But some years we get pelted with snow (especially Jay, Stowe, Sunday, and Sugarloaf) and it's fantastic


Icy-Neck-2422 t1_j9zqp3t wrote

MA skiing sucks. Northern New England skiing is generally better but you better like ice.

People from out west don't want to ski here because they grew up on proper powder, while East Coasters have to use their edges. Different strokes for different folks.


disparitydream t1_ja14ieu wrote

There’s powder in the woods, well there was before climate change


Quiet-Ad-12 t1_j9zwygw wrote

Very few people ski in Mass. We all travel to VT, NH, ME for skiing. Or Canada if you can afford it


SalemSound t1_ja0fh30 wrote

Quebec is nice for a 3-4 day trip. Before I turned 21 I would drive up to Montreal for long weekends to ski Tremblant. The lower drinking age and full-contact strip clubs were nice too.

One of these years I want make it to Quebec City and ski at Le Massif; supposed to be legendary.


rareeagle t1_ja1eu5l wrote

I grew up skiing at Blandford, which is now bankrupt and closed.


Quiet-Ad-12 t1_ja1ext8 wrote

Yeah I mean you can technically ski Blue Hills... But I wouldnt


Professional-Fix6119 OP t1_ja063r7 wrote

Yeah that's seems to be the theme in the responses. Thanks! I doubt we can afford Canada (unless it's somehow cheaper than an Airbnb+ tickets in CO)


Opposite_Match5303 t1_ja2rpf6 wrote

Skiing in VT and NH is certainly better than skiing in eastern Canada. Tremblant is a lovely resort town but nothing super special in terms of skiing, and while I've heard le massif gets tons of snow it's pretty small.

The Canadians all come down to ski Jay.


theopinionexpress t1_j9zy9r6 wrote

Oh god. It’s gotten worse in 20 years. It’s amazing how much less snow we get now than we did in the 90s and early 00s (climate deniers don’t @ me).

Personally I am a fan of wachusett though. It’s fine to go get some turns in. It’s been unseasonably warm winter this year, but normally it stays about as cold in Princeton as it does in North Conway NH, so their snowmaking is pretty good.

And you can go up north to VT, NH, ME for some pretty good ice coast skiing with the occasional 6-12” storm.

There’s plenty of great places to learn. I’d say it gets more expensive every year - especially since Covid, where the ski areas discovered how much people are really willing to pay.

Get a pass to a close mountain to make it affordable if you go a lot and keep your skills up and legs in shape, then make a trip up to Stowe or Jay for a storm, or head out west for some quality skiing.


Professional-Fix6119 OP t1_ja05yks wrote

Thank you for the info! Here day passes are 150+ (epic pass is way cheaper but a lot more up front). I read an article somewhere at some point that said by 2050 there will be less than 25 skiable days in CO due to climate change. That's kind of the context for asking about MA (plus my wife is from there and we did a family trip last summer to MA I loved it)


theopinionexpress t1_ja07z56 wrote

I was in vail last month I noticed the prices are high, I think a day pass at vail was 200+. I have the epic pass so I don’t remember for certain. The more popular mountains here - killington, Stowe, loon aren’t that high yet but they are approaching that level slowly.

The warm/cold cycles here kill the snow. The freeze/thaw. This winter has been a bit of an anomaly but it’s been crazy warm (50s and 60s some days with many 40° days) and very very cold days well into the negatives, with not much snow.

When it does snow a decent amount, alot of times it starts or ends as rain and ruins any powder. Even when it’s straight powder, it might be on top of a sheet of ice. Nonetheless when a good forecast shows up, we all lose our shit over at r/icecoast and there’s a battle between good and evil in the comments sections (optimists vs pessimists).

Long story short, you can get great skiing here, when you know where to look sometimes. When it’s not great, it can be good. When it’s not good, you’re still skiing. And the ski culture is overall pretty good once you know where to go. Especially for kids that are learning.


Spicydaisy t1_ja0cwbt wrote

Omg. Thank you for recommending that ice coast sub reddit. There really is a sub for every topic 😂 As someone who grew up skiing in the Poconos and now lives in New England, I️ always feel like I’d be horrible skiing out west in all that powder.


wiltingphilodendron t1_ja2pz9k wrote

Skiing in New England is in the same price range. Even small MA mountains are expensive (eg: $69 for a day pass to Ski Bradford in Haverhill).


geographresh t1_ja09nyp wrote

MA has 5 small-medium sized hills, around 800-1000 ft vertical. Catamount (on NY border), Berkshire East, Jiminy, Butternut, and Wachusett.

There are a number of tiny places scattered about. Ward, Nashoba, Blue Hill, Bousquet, Blandford.

Other commenters are correct that most people go to VT/NH/ME to ski "for real". But no harm in trying the others while they still exist (because lord knows they probably won't in 15 years!)


bobmcrobber t1_ja032or wrote

Most of the better New England ski places are in Vermont or New Hampshire


NOPNOFNOG12 t1_j9zrwke wrote

There are some decent tiny hills that are totally fine for beginner kids (2-8 y/o) if there is actually any snow.

For anything resembling real skiing you have a 2+ hour drive from Boston to VT,NH, ME


nattarbox t1_j9zsljl wrote

Check out r/icecoast

Nothing in MA is worth your time but there's good stuff within a 3 hour drive VT/NH/ME.


mari815 t1_ja0cjcq wrote

The skiing around here is really just good for beginners practicing or to go goof around one day. Wachusett does night skiing and a lot of people go after work.


_peteyfourfingers_ t1_j9zq588 wrote

She’s right.

Skiing in MA mostly sucks. Berkshire East is a nice little hill that is very family friendly, but they suffer from low elevation. Jiminy Peak is another option out in Berkshire County, but they have the same issues. There are a couple spots close to Boston, but they have low elevation and enormous crowds of Jerries.

If you live here, you’re more likely to find a place in NH or VT that suits your needs.


Professional-Fix6119 OP t1_ja06c94 wrote

Yeah I think Berkshire East was where she skiid growing up. We don't live in MA but maybe some day. NH and VT seems to be what everyone is saying. Thank you for your response!


Hercworx t1_ja2rjlx wrote

If you are in the area Berkshire East is worth it. It pretty fun. Ski there for a couple days then head north.


Lord-Eddard t1_ja07xe2 wrote

Don’t, it’s awful. Vermont has the best skiing in New England. Jay Peak and sugarbush are where it’s at, mad River Glen if you’re an expert. NH is okay, Maine has a couple gems.


houseonthehilltop t1_ja08wlm wrote

Maine has Sunday River and Sugarloaf both worth the trip. Kids can learn in Mass at Mt Wachusset .


NE889 t1_ja0po63 wrote

FWIW, I have two coworkers who are avid skiers. One grew up in British Columbia near Vancouver and the other in Utah. They both primarily go to Vermont as they claim it’s the best skiing in the East. Jay Peak, Mad River and Stowe are their top picks. I know because they love to talk about skiing and have gone up a few times with them.

For New England, Vermont is the best state to ski, followed by Maine and then New Hampshire.


One-Knitter-15 t1_ja03fmh wrote

Wachusett Mtn in Princeton MA is the only MA place Id ski at if I couldn’t get up to VT, NH or ME. It’s not huge but decent for average skiers and small kids. They have a good program for kids (Development “Dev” Team) where we put our 8 yo kids. By the end though, they wanted to hit bigger places (Eg Bretton Woods NH). In COVID, wachusett starting selling half day lift ticket windows for morning and afternoon bc they realized they could make more money that way (they haven’t gone back to selling a daily lift ticket).


AnyRound5042 t1_ja09y2p wrote

I always thought wachusett was fun. Once upon a time I was an almost competent skiier


Hercworx t1_ja2rfnt wrote

I don’t understand. I think wachusetts is at the bottom of the Mt in Massachusetts. Place is super busy, expensive and boring. My favorite place is Berkshire East, almost no wait in line. Terrain is better and I don’t feel like I’m going to get killed by some kid.


SeaworthinessLeft88 t1_ja3bxz9 wrote

Wachusett has its really dedicated fans who will fervently defend the mountain. They show up often on icecoast posts. But I agree: it’s generally pretty pricey for beginners and gets very boring at advanced intermediate level. They groom 99% of the mountain, so natural and challenging terrain is pretty much nonexistent for skilled skiers.

What they have going for them is proximity to the greater Boston area, decent night skiing coverage, and pretty impressive snow making.

I hate the new 4 hour blocks too. I’ve only been there maybe 3 times since COVID despite the fact that I have two young kids learning to ski. You’d think this would be Wachusett’s wheelhouse. But the mountain is always incredibly crowded and at times feels unsafe and lessons are shorter.

I’ve instead taken the kids mostly to Pat’s peak. The extra hour drive is usually worth it for their kids ski school program alone.


AnyRound5042 t1_ja09k58 wrote

Well the mountains haven't gotten significantly taller so not sure in what way it could have improved? Pretty sure almost all skiing is done to the north.


Professional-Fix6119 OP t1_ja0icln wrote

Heh I guess I should have elaborated I meant the powder (or lack thereof according to other replies)


AnyRound5042 t1_ja0jyxx wrote

Yeah hasn't really snowed yet this year. Evening we had melted the next day. Until this weekend but it's only been a couple days so we'll see what happens Monday


devino21 t1_ja19hd2 wrote

It's worse, less snow :-(


Gold-Sector-8755 t1_ja1n57s wrote

I like skiing MA weekdays. $30. 1000’ elev. Go get mega laps. Work on speed carving stuff. I’m shot by the end of day. But I’m 62.


xu2002 t1_ja0sbf1 wrote

I grew up skiing in PA and Ohio, but lived in CO for 2 years. Skiing here is typically icy. The snow here melts and refreezes, where as with the altitude in CO the snow evaporates and doesn't usually form a layer of ice on top. I moved to MA about 20 years ago, and have not been skiing here because I hate skiing on ice.


j2e21 t1_ja20rxa wrote

No, but Vermont, N.H., and Maine have great skiing.


Excellent_Ride t1_ja2a9ih wrote

Let’s put it this way, people from New England ( Ice Coast) pay money/ save up to ski out west/Colorado I’ve never met someone from out west that says “I can’t wait to ski the east coas”


Banea-Vaedr t1_ja352cb wrote

Massachusetts skiing sucks, but New Hampshire or Vermont skiing rocks


Past-Adhesiveness150 t1_ja3tawj wrote

Watchusett isn't bad if you're close. 15 minutes to a mtn, even a small one is super convenient


AccurateDelay1 t1_ja37rui wrote

Not since Brodie closed. RIP the Irish Alps.


PulledPorkPlease t1_ja3rd80 wrote

People from MA that like to ski go up north. VT, NH, MN


lotusblossom60 t1_ja0k16c wrote

Sucks. Unless it just snowed. Very ice. When I skied in Colorado it was heaven.


Hey_My_Throw_Away t1_ja0p1vw wrote

VT, NH, ME have good skiing, but if you've only ever skied out west you're gonna hate it. Lots of ice and lots of trees.


pine_tree_55 t1_ja11iy4 wrote

Can you clarify OP? Are you looking to move and wondering how the skiing is? Nobody would choose to fly to Mass. to ski from Colorado unless you are visiting family or something.


Professional-Fix6119 OP t1_ja1c1f9 wrote

No my MIL lives in MA (wife is from there) and I'm curious about visiting in winter should we bring the ski equipment for my kids. My wife says no since she says it isn't good skiing and we live in CO. So I wanted to post this so I could get another opinion but seems like she's right and I just burned my only challenge hahahaha. I do like MA though and wouldn't mind living there but we are kind of stuck in CO for now.


SuburbiaNow t1_ja1c8gs wrote

If you are in eastern MA you can drive to Gunstock and Sunapee in NH fairly easily. They are closer than the ski areas in Western MA. Wachusetts is good if you are a beginner and only want a quick day trip.

Definitely do leave CO to ski in MA!!


LadyGreyIcedTea t1_ja1fymb wrote

I'm not a skiier but, if anything, I would think it's worse now. Other than 2015, we have gotten relatively small snow totals in recent winters.


HEAT-2000K t1_ja1zb28 wrote

Tonight, Wachusett slops are not bad.


fun_guy02142 t1_ja2rn22 wrote

Skiing in MA has gotten worse over the last 20 years, not better. There are a few little places just outside of Boston (Wachussett and Nashoba Valley), and some places out in western Massachusetts (Jiminy, Butternut, Bousquet, etc) but for anything decent we go up to VT, NH or ME.


I_love_tac0s69 t1_ja2wj42 wrote

We’ve always had to drive north to go skiing…NH, Maine, VT. My personal favorites are in Vermont (Stowe and Killington). Vermont is also just a beautiful state in general and if you’re ever looking for a weekend trip, lake Champlain and Burlington are awesome. Depends what part of MA you’re in too. Western mass you will be closer to Vermont. If you’re wife did ski in MA, it was likely the Berkshires (which is beautiful) but it’s nothing compared to Colorado. If you’re on the east coast of MA then NH and ME are most convenient (Loon Mountain/Lake Winnipesaukee is only 2 hours north of Boston). There’s also Sunday River in Maine. If you’re ever up for the drive and have your passports ready, there are also some awesome spots up in Canada. My boyfriend is from California and having grown up skiing in Colorado and Lake Tahoe, he claims that Stowe and Killington are the only mountains worth skiing out here. Hope that helps!


RMR6789 t1_ja2yz4k wrote

Some of my favorite NE mountains for skiing are Bretton Woods, Cannon and Loon (NH), Sugarloaf and Sunday River (ME), Sugarbush (VT). Admittedly, VT is supposed to be the best but I don’t get there much due to commute. I have friends in Maine which makes the other mountains easier.

If it’s cold enough or we just had snow, I will hit up Sunapee or Wachusett in a pinch if I’m just trying to get somewhere and do a few runs.


Past-Adhesiveness150 t1_ja34jmi wrote

Watchusett mtn, I think is 1 of the bigger places to ski in MA. But thats in comparison to the couple other places I know of.

MA doesn't have real mountains with ski areas. We have a few big hills we call mtns.


PuddleCrank t1_ja3ujjw wrote

The best skiing is in Vermont and Maine with a few NH mountains. While generally smaller in terms of total terrain, there are a few gems for expert skiers that are as good as the lines out west, and certainly more technical (you guys dont have frozen water falls right?) Not so much in Mass proper.


singalong37 t1_jacdbn7 wrote

I guess the point is there’s no reason to limit yourself to Massachusetts. Colorado is a big state, no need to go outside. New England states all run together. I don’t know if the skiing is better than it was 20 years ago anywhere since with climate change the winters aren’t as dependably cold as they used to be. But they do a good job of snowmaking and there’s plenty of terrain in the northern states.


Lazy-Ad-2530 t1_ja1e3wq wrote

I live 10 min from Wachusett Mountain which is probably the best ski resort in MA. If you want better skiing try NH or VT.


Bouix t1_ja15gic wrote

MA has one mountain (Wachusetts). It's pretty small, about 800', though they offer night skiing and I find it to be a pretty good practice mountain.

A short drive up north (2-4 hrs) to NH, VT, or ME and you have A LOT of options for some amazing skiing whether you're a beginner, or a hard core expert, or want to relax with your family.


rizub_n_tizug t1_ja167s5 wrote

Wachusett is not the only ski mountain in the state


Bouix t1_ja16srh wrote

Well. Sure there are some mountains in Western MA. Wachusett is just the most popular one, I didn't really go beyond that.