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Humburgur28 t1_j9hm9aj wrote

From someone who’s learning to drive:

  1. If you haven’t driven in Massachusetts before your probably gonna have to take a week of classes. Videos, tests, etc. on how to drive properly and safely.
  2. You’ll then get your permit which will allow you to drive with other experienced people in the car with you. You’ll need to take a few driving tests. Probably about 10.
  3. Finally after all the tests are over, there’s some paperwork and such and then you’ll eventually get your license.

tyws t1_j9ho5e8 wrote

That's for a Jr operator. Unless they make out of country people do the same. But youcan walk into any rmv take the permit test and if your above 18 and (I believe they lend cars again) have theoney for it right there and get there soon enough, you can do an on road test that day and get your license. They give you a paper one and mail in the card version takes a week or two. That's also from me doing it back in 2010 so it could be different.