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wittgensteins-boat t1_jac9obn wrote

On site consumption is not allowed in Massachusetts.

The owner has not done their research.


SXTY82 t1_jad0ns8 wrote

They are working to make it legal. I've heard of other companies working towards that.


BrokedownAlice69 t1_jacnozo wrote

Read again… talking about the future. The first pot clubs are about to open in the state. Places will be able to do it this year… not my scene at all. The last thing I want to do when getting high is to look at topless women who are getting stared at like objects. I’ve never had any desire to go to any topless place. Weird


Green18Clowntown t1_jadenyl wrote

But strip clubs make all their money from booze. That’s what your credit card receipt will say at least. Unless they sell $70 prerolls. But you kinda have to be drunk to blow money at one... I wonder if they can allow byob?


BrokedownAlice69 t1_jacnu5a wrote

And I don’t care about how weird it is, people can do whatever they want. I hate to say it but the clientele that attend topless businesses are 90% scumbags