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legitcopp3rmerchant t1_j8urslt wrote

Sounds like you were auto-enrolled into Mass Health and thats why your connector care was canceled. You can call connectorcare (best of luck to you) and inquire about attempting to recover the plan. But I would recommend going down to Advocacy for Health programs and speak with someone. They are usually affiliated with hospitals and have people certified in navigating health connector and mass health.

I was able to cancel my health connector plan, of 6 years, this month because I finally have a full time job with insurance benefits (hurray!) And I always spoke with an adocate to make sure I was in the right bracket.


Brian-OBlivion t1_j8w4ku9 wrote

I've actually had decent luck calling them recently. Shorter wait and actually helpful. I remember 10 years ago (when I first signed up) it being a total shitshow.