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walterbernardjr t1_j7ivznf wrote

It would be incredibly convenient if there was some commercial traffic out of Hanscom


hound29 t1_j7ixbsi wrote

I don’t get how more don’t get this. A few flights a day to major business hubs on nice regional aircraft is a win for all


somegridplayer t1_j7kdp8d wrote

Which stuff like this will make it incredibly attractive to more operators.


Boston1_ t1_j7l01fc wrote

These Concord NIMBY’s have been fighting for years but the feds keep siding with the airport. Shuttle America in the late 90’s early 2000’s was awesome. I flew out of Hanscom with my family on vacation back then…


BillWeld t1_j7kq5ks wrote

I’m torn. It would be awesome to be able to avoid Logan but we live under one of the approaches to Hanscom. We get a lot traffic descending through 3000 feet, which I kind of enjoy actually, but big jets, maybe not. It would certainly change the character of neighborhoods near the ends of the runways. Otoh, the base used to be so active that neighbors had to clean soot off their houses. That was when most military traffic was prop driven.


walterbernardjr t1_j7kqqe7 wrote

Fair point on the increased traffic. Of note I saw a Delta livery at Hanscom on Sunday, thought it was out of place, but I suspect it was for maintenance or something.


Boston1_ t1_j7l0bun wrote

All the sports teams fly in and out of Hanscom on Chartered Commercial Aircraft. Not uncommon to see Delta, JetBlue Jets.


[deleted] OP t1_j7izc6w wrote



AccuracyVsPrecision t1_j7jhsik wrote

You don't need hangers at all for commercial jets but you do need the runway upgrades. It would be great to have these in so more flights could happen


PabloX68 t1_j7kbpk1 wrote

If it's private jets, they're small and won't amount to much traffic. So what's the issue?

Of course, you should actually read the OP