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NH_Licks_Boots t1_j93umro wrote

Reply to comment by BobQuasit in How are you all doing? by Lawlesslawton

That’s the sad part, people talk about houses and children but for many it’s rent and food 👎


BobQuasit t1_j93vpzi wrote

I'm on the old side - the last of the boomers, by some accounts - and things have never been as bad in my lifetime as they are now.


NH_Licks_Boots t1_j96dqnx wrote

A needle in the haystack

If we had a CEO tax penny for every other boomer yelling about bootstraps our entire lives

The comedy of these people telling everyone they’ll magically become bloodsucking and greedy just because they grow older

Thanks for not being an asshole


BobQuasit t1_j96ms90 wrote

It's funny, because the way a lot of people talk about boomers now is exactly the same way we talked about older generations ourselves! Selfish, close-minded, evil old bastards. I guess it's a reminder that stereotypes are never wholly true.

Personally I grew up with the 0.01%, in the third richest town in America. We weren't rich, and I was bullied constantly. That gave me an enormous hatred of bullies and the rich that has lasted all my life. It also gave me a great understanding of the psychology of the elite. They really don't see us as human beings; we're cattle to them, profitable but potentially dangerous cattle who must be exploited and controlled.

People laughed at me for saying so, but as the decades passed my predictions came true again and again - not that it helped me at all. The role of Cassandra is pretty damned frustrating, and saying "I told you so" doesn't make it any better.

Despite the cliches, the older I got the more politically radical I've become. At this point I see the system as terminal, corrupt beyond repair. Reform isn't possible. Our only hope for survival as a species (if it's not too late) is taking to the streets, shutting the worldwide economy down, and overthrowing the power elites - including the oligarchs, the media, the corporations, and ALL the politicians.

If that's possible.


NH_Licks_Boots t1_j96dut4 wrote

Just keep bootstrapping and telling everyone they’ll become greedy bloodsucking conservatives just from their age increasing

I think that’s what uncle regan told us at least. So if we just keep hoping, maybe we will all be trickled upon! Any day now. Annnny day.