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chickadeedadee2185 t1_j9u69uf wrote

One can get cited for that.


PakkyT t1_j9u7x3u wrote

A coworker yesterday morning was telling me about the satisfaction of coming into work that morning, seeing an SUV come up behind him at the stop sign, stop, and all the snow slid forward onto the windshield like the picture in this post shows, and a cop sitting nearby immediately turning the blues on and pulling them over.


its-a-crisis t1_j9vjp2c wrote

Keep going, I’m almost there


kineaks t1_j9y804f wrote

It’s so cringe when people turn things into sex like that, awkward 12 year old Humor r/trashy


bleepbloopbluupp t1_j9zcbuf wrote

When is the last time a twelve-year-old told you they were almost there? Never mind, "officer this guy right here!"


phantompenis2 t1_j9y5yp3 wrote

one time i was driving to work. i was probably doing 50 in a 45 and some guy flies up on my tail and rides me for a bit before passing in a no passing zone, hands flailing and cursing at me bc im only going a little over the speed limit. not a mile up the road i see him pulled over by a cop. now that's the way to start a work day


NativeMasshole t1_j9uyyij wrote

On the other hand, I saw a statey parked on the side of the road this morning who didn't bother to clean off their own SUV.


NativeSon508 t1_j9v7dnb wrote

Should be a 30 day loss of license. I’m sick of people not thinking about anyone other than themselves around here. Can’t reach your roof? Stay the fuck home.

People get killed from this shit. Cops should serious about it


3owlsinatrenchc0at t1_j9y6fr9 wrote

I'm a short person who drives a tall car, and after getting tired of making do with a broom/step stool, I bought an extendable snow brush and it's been an absolute game changer. Mine even has a rubber attachment that I use to break up ice when my car is completely encased. Strategy is to turn the car on and let it melt a little, then go to town with the rubber end. Safe for the paint job and oddly satisfying.


kineaks t1_j9y84wj wrote

The best part is not being sued for bodily damage!


kineaks t1_j9y85pb wrote

The best part is not being sued for bodily damage!


bonnercide t1_j9tz9v6 wrote

Forget? It's pretty hard to forget to clean it. It's fairly easy to be a lazy asshole though


Mnemon-TORreport t1_j9uf7mv wrote

I think it goes beyond laziness. It's more folks who a) don't think the rules apply to them b) know the police aren't going to do anything about it on the off chance they're 'caught.'


Illustrious-Mix9904 t1_j9v75zz wrote

It is one thing if the snow slides forward, but a whole other problem if it flies off the car into some other unassuming vehicle.


AkatherineGu t1_j9yd2pa wrote

What if you can’t reach the middle and got as much as you can off? My suv is small and I’m only 5’. Even standing in my car door and full reach I can’t get the middle. I ended up going around my block and stopping suddenly so it wild fall forward and then clean from my windshield but I could just feel everyone giving me guff.


aehsonairb OP t1_j9tzpc2 wrote

sounds like you need some dunks buddy, just making a psa.


Linux-Is-Best t1_j9u3701 wrote


I like useful, friendly, and time appropriate public service announcements (PSA's). It is appreciated.


aehsonairb OP t1_j9u4a7f wrote

this isn’t friendly useful or time-appropriate?


Linux-Is-Best t1_j9u4ph8 wrote

>this isn’t friendly useful or time-appropriate?

It is, and I said it is appreciated.

> It is appreciated.

Where did you get the idea that anything was wrong?


aehsonairb OP t1_j9u8yep wrote

your reply had no tone, couldn’t tell if it was a critique by way of sarcasm. tends to be a standard of reddit, but thank you!


Linux-Is-Best t1_j9u9iqw wrote

I keep things to the point. I also don't use sarcasm online, because there is no tone or body language to read. Presume what I say is face value with no pretense.


god_damn_bitch t1_j9umitj wrote

My best friend got her windshield smashed this morning while on the highway by someone who didn't clean the ice/snow of thier roof. Thankfully she's fine and didn't have her kids with her.


AnyRound5042 t1_j9uqhjf wrote

And my girlfriend thinks it's extra to get a dash cam


kineaks t1_j9y8a55 wrote

She’ll think it’s extra when someone convinces the insurance companies to blame you 50-100% fault because there was no video evidence


SundanceKidZero t1_j9x2o1x wrote

In 2015 I was on the pike and an SUV probably 2.5-3 car lengths ahead of me had a sheet of frozen snow fly off its roof. I thought it would be powder and just poof away if it hit me. Nope. Smashed in my windshield, jettisoned my rear view mirror into the back seat, and even dented a small part of the roof where the windshield met the metal of the car. To this day if it rains really hard, I'll get a small leak going inside.

I rage hard at anyone I see who hasn't cleared their roof off. They make long snow scrapers, I know you can get one. Don't be a lazy piece of shit.


Weekend_Nanchos t1_j9v00m6 wrote

Her front windshield? How did that happen?


god_damn_bitch t1_j9v8ko7 wrote

A slab of snow/ice came flying off someone's roof while driving on the highway and hit her.


majoroutage t1_j9vw9di wrote

Here's a thought, though. While that indeed sucks, it's also possible they were following said truck a little too closely.


SmellsofElderberry25 t1_j9x1qh1 wrote

Actually, you’re probably less likely to get hit by the ice if you’re tailgating. Im not encouraging this.. but physics.


Weekend_Nanchos t1_j9w1cd4 wrote

That makes sense. I was trying to figure out the physics of how a slab would come through a front windshield. I guess if you were very close and a high truck accelerated fast it could slide backwards into you.


really_isnt_me t1_j9w93q5 wrote

It can happen even if you’re plenty far enough behind the front vehicle. Those ice sheets/ice slabs can fly around in the air in weird ways and can land very unpredictably. R/boston was talking all about it yesterday and some people posted videos. There’s no rhyme or reason to how the ice lands and believe it or not, you can get hit even if you’re not following closely at all.


majoroutage t1_j9w8li9 wrote

I see ice chunks come flying off the roofs of vehicles, especially box trucks and semi trailers, traveling at highway speeds all the time.


Weekend_Nanchos t1_j9w955m wrote

Of course. Yes, that does make sense. The ice stays on… until it doesn’t.


karpomalice t1_j9wdvnp wrote

Lol are you new to driving in northern states?

Ice sheets fly up in the air and due to the speed of traffic your car can travel significant distance before the sheet comes down

You could be traveling multiple car lengths behind a vehicle with ice on their roof and it could still fly over your car.


SchiffsBased t1_j9uouzr wrote

It’s the trucks that are really dangerous. Almost had two giant ice sheets fly off 16-wheelers on the pike, shoot 40 ft in the air and crash down on my windshield this morning. Luckily no one was driving close behind me so I could slam on my brakes to avoid them both times.


XxERMxX t1_j9uacqn wrote

I really wish police would ticket more for this. Dozens of cars on the highway today with 3" of snow with a layer of ice flying off in sheets.


Mission_Albatross916 t1_j9uqufo wrote

Well, you’ve educated this dummy. I’ve been in Massachusetts for a year, and it hasn’t occurred to me to clean off the roof. I will from now on!


MinneapolisKing25 t1_j9ua0gu wrote

Someone came to a full stop in the Concord rotary this morning to clear their windshield off just like this. I was a littler erked to say the least.


movdqa t1_j9uambi wrote

I spent 30 minutes clearing off 2 cars this morning. The cars were in the sun which helped tremendously. Then I cleared the ice off the driveway in 15 minutes with an ice chipper. I've only seen a handful of people pulled over for not clearing their car in the past 15 years or so so it's generally not enforced. Similar to mobile-phone laws.


mountainwocky t1_j9uf3pb wrote

Exactly this.

I’ve got a hightop Sprinter van and I wouldn’t even think of driving it on the road without clearing off the roof.

It’s not an easy thing either as I have to get out the telescoping ladder and the long handled SnoBrum. Getting all the recent ice off the top required some effort, but it’s important for the safety of others on the road.


CLor0x t1_j9vz7d1 wrote

I feel you. I have (had) a wooden broomstick on my snowbroom for extra reach / power on my long bed pickup cap. I broke the broomstick in half trying to break the ice apart today.

Keep your distance on the highways folks.. this stuff is brutal to clean off and too many folks don’t even make a minimum effort.


twoscoop t1_j9wgo2n wrote

you could always make yourself a diy snow brush thingy like they have for 18 wheelers. They drive through all the snow is gone.


throwsplasticattrees t1_j9uinz7 wrote

Traffic enforcement is abysmal in MA. What do the police do?


AnyRound5042 t1_j9uq8gt wrote

Overtime schemes and protect assholes like super happy fun America


[deleted] t1_j9vl59d wrote

In the mean time, in my corner of MA, troopers are waiting all day every day of the weekend to nail us for going 10mph over the limit on a long, clear and straight road


Garethx1 t1_j9wwjom wrote

They need to nap during their shift so theyre well rested to get hammered and drive their boats around on one of their 65 vacation days a year.


aytay617 t1_j9wkr2s wrote

Well, you'll be happy to know that I was pulled over for using my cell phone while driving. It was a pretty good trick too, because it was in my pocket. My hands were folded over my steering wheel as I picked at my nails. Didn't matter though, because according to this fine state trooper, one must have BOTH hands on the wheel at ALL times. When I tried to call him on that by asking for the statute, he said some BS about how he could pull me over for going 56 in a 55, but don't. Ultimately, he gave me a written warning, which pisses me off because I lost my get out of jail free card, but whatever. As soon as I pulled off, he bagged someone else withing 15 seconds. I'm all for the law, it just pisses me off that there is no way to prove it apart from an interior camera and that some cops either don't know or misrepresent the law to justify their overzealous enforcement of it.


Darklighter10 t1_j9y1mwg wrote

Ooh you missed a good “got ya” moment. “My other car is a manual transmission, with which third hand am I to shift with?”


aytay617 t1_ja01sa9 wrote

I thought of it, as I used to drive a stick (before I married someone who does not). But, I decided not to press my luck. There was absolutely no way that I was going to convince the guy that I wasn't holding my phone, so what was the point after a long day at work?


B-Roc- t1_j9w2o66 wrote

My windshield was shattered this morning by a box truck that shed a piece of ice at 65 mph. Totally sucks.


elemenopppppp t1_j9v53zx wrote

Just drove by someone with a smashed windshield assuming from ice flying off of cars. No bueno


CrackityJones33 t1_j9ujtgh wrote

This happened to me once. A truck dumped a boat load of snow onto my car while driving. It looked just like the pic above and I had to stop the car on the road to clear it off because I could not see a thing and it was too dense for wipers to clear.


b1ack1323 t1_j9vxci3 wrote

Why did you cover the plate? Fuck that person they need a ticket.


MichaelPsellos t1_j9wo4t2 wrote

Saw a statie tailgating an SUV in the left lane on 495. Sheet of ice came off the SUV, flew over the statie and smashed on the pavement. Statie passed the SUV in the middle lane and kept going.


MrMcSwifty t1_j9u8c10 wrote

Hahaha GOOD! Better that it blocks their windshield than smashing someone else's behind them.


NativeSon508 t1_j9v7l6s wrote

Would’ve been better if the wipers broke off and scratched the hood


MrMcSwifty t1_j9v7wy0 wrote

Funny enough I just changed a set of wiper blades for a woman who had this very thing happen to her.


Consistent-Bird-4121 t1_j9um74r wrote

It is seriously a law here? I just moved here from the south about 2 years ago- had no clue


BradMarchandsNose t1_j9uu885 wrote

It’s considered an unsecured load and if it falls over your windshield it’s impeded driving. The law doesn’t technically say anything specific about clearing snow off your car, but it is covered under other laws.


aytay617 t1_j9wl798 wrote

Interesting. I'll break out the ratchet straps next time it's too icy to remove.


oldcreaker t1_j9ugx06 wrote

Today - anything left going to freeze into hard projectiles when the temperature drops later today.


IamaMentalGiant t1_j9uj2hr wrote

Yes. I thought my car was pretty clear but even the little bits of snow left froze hard overnight and went flying around as soon as I moved.


idkhow2userddt t1_j9viqxd wrote

Saw the same thing yesterday, but worse. That jack hole didn't have an inch of windshield showing through the snow and he kept driving!! Unless he was ace Ventura-ing idk how he moved more than 5 feet without hitting someone.


PabloX68 t1_j9whv7c wrote

People should be caned for that shit.


QueenOfQuok t1_j9y3fwd wrote

Took me a second, I thought the snow was supposed to be on the top.

I guess the driver did too.


The-Appointed-Knight t1_j9yaxga wrote

By clean your car off you mean drive wicked fast til it falls off right?


Dhart10187 t1_j9uo0q6 wrote

Typically CT drivers 👀


bingbong6977 t1_j9upnue wrote

The lack of common sense is alarming.


funsk8mom t1_j9v0mmc wrote

Just drove from Worcester to Peabody and back and ice was flying everywhere


MagisterFlorus t1_j9vtuel wrote

It could really cause damage. Even more so if it freezes into a sheet of ice because then it'll come off all in one go when the bottom starts melting from the heat in your car.


lostlittledoggy t1_j9vx2z7 wrote

Oh God it was like dodgeball on i-90W today leaving the city. Jfc


beeinabearcostume t1_j9w0qm6 wrote

I almost got nailed on Route 1 this morning by an ice sheet that flipped off the roof of a car ahead of me, one lane over. Luckily the wind took it pretty high up and I had room to accelerate out of the way before it landed. Not sure if anyone behind me was as lucky.


Dfr0stedwang t1_j9w1p0d wrote

Suv in front of me on 91 had a piece of debris the size of its hood fly off into the next lane. Could have easily killed someone


Adventurous_Yak t1_j9w7jxj wrote

I broke my scraper cleaning it off- had to drive to HD for a new one. That being said, Maine license plates work in a pinch!


conundrum4485 t1_j9wtzo7 wrote

Yes, please. I almost got slammed with snow from other vehicle roof tops easily 3 to 4 times this morning on the highway. 😩


TheCaptMAgic t1_j9xzdhz wrote

Saw two trucks Friday afternoon on the side of the Pike with smashed windshields.

Stay safe everyone, and clear your car too!


lufecaep t1_j9xzeea wrote

That's usually how I go about cleaning my roof. Let it warm up enough to get a layer of wet between the snow and car. Jam on brakes. Sometimes you gotta pop the sunroof open a little to loosen it.


Bob7998 t1_j9yk6sh wrote

This has got to be an optical illusion. At first the snow just looked like the reflection of the sky on the windshield and it took me like a minute to realize it was actually snow. Now that I see it I can’t I see it though lol


throwsplasticattrees t1_j9uicpk wrote

JFC - where are the police? Is it too much to ask that basic measures of safety are enforced?


[deleted] t1_j9ukway wrote

First we would need a basic statewide law against it. Right now they can only get you on an obstructed view or an unsecured load. I think there’s an additional fine if it’s on the Mass pike, but that’s it. Even New Hampshire has stricter laws than us when it comes to this, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

EDIT I had posted a few links to reference this info but Reddit kept removing it.


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hudsoncider t1_j9v97kt wrote

Please just post WITH the license plate showing. Name and shame those people. They cause dangerous accidents


aehsonairb OP t1_j9vcxed wrote

lol no.


[deleted] t1_j9vdcqy wrote



[deleted] t1_j9vlda4 wrote

This is also a little intense man


Fit-Anything8352 t1_j9vsr3y wrote

It's not like anybody can do anything with the plates anyways. Those online reverse plate lookup websites don't work--they're scams. Obviously, because anyone walking by can see your plates too. OP is like going out of their way to give them a false sense of privacy.


hudsoncider t1_j9vsjmc wrote

Really? They posted the pic yet went out of their way to cover up the plate…. MA has a ticketing law on this, and it’s very dangerous. Surely when someone gets into an accident because of it that is intense enough for the victim no?


KitchenBreadfruit816 t1_j9vsyw2 wrote

What about the jerks going 75 on I 93 who didn’t clean their tops and dam nearly caused me an accident ?


ijuscrushalot t1_j9vvjxr wrote

Ofc it’s a RAV4


montoya0142 t1_j9vzssl wrote

Thought it was a 4-Runner at first. They're guilty too. TBH we all are.


Charles_Carmichael1 t1_j9wua58 wrote

Nature exists : people and cops “make it illegal”


Darklighter10 t1_j9y1w1q wrote

Having to poop is also nature, but you can’t/shouldn’t just leave your dog shit on the sidewalk.


josephkambourakis t1_j9u859y wrote

That person should spend 1 day in jail. Not a huge punishment, but something to make them think.


movdqa t1_j9uaqrw wrote

And it would be reported by the major news networks.


Nicksucksathiking t1_j9vq5w3 wrote

Id rather see some snow on a car then Some dipshit in his phone posting on reddit while driving ….