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Linux-Is-Best t1_j9u3701 wrote


I like useful, friendly, and time appropriate public service announcements (PSA's). It is appreciated.


aehsonairb OP t1_j9u4a7f wrote

this isn’t friendly useful or time-appropriate?


Linux-Is-Best t1_j9u4ph8 wrote

>this isn’t friendly useful or time-appropriate?

It is, and I said it is appreciated.

> It is appreciated.

Where did you get the idea that anything was wrong?


aehsonairb OP t1_j9u8yep wrote

your reply had no tone, couldn’t tell if it was a critique by way of sarcasm. tends to be a standard of reddit, but thank you!


Linux-Is-Best t1_j9u9iqw wrote

I keep things to the point. I also don't use sarcasm online, because there is no tone or body language to read. Presume what I say is face value with no pretense.