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OrsoMalleus t1_j8z0a0f wrote

Reply to comment by UncleCustard in Residue on car? by mattgm1995

Here is some actual information regarding how to cloud could spread.

Here is an article saying that the thing this thread is about isn't related to Ohio.

Here's another.

And this isn't even related to Ohio, and affects air quality.

My point is, it's not related to the disaster almost 600 miles away.


UncleCustard t1_j8z8jl9 wrote

Okay, so it came from Texas or Oklahoma, but not Ohio. Got it.


OrsoMalleus t1_j8zr6bi wrote


dbath t1_j91jrvy wrote

I doubt it, the timing doesn't make sense with my observations. Our car was getting progressively more dirty over the course of the week, then I got a carwash at 7 pm Thursday. Our car was still clean on Friday.

I can't find a more precise start for the Braintree fire than "late Thursday" or "Thursday night", but it wouldn't have made sense for any residue to get from Braintree to Watertown instantly, then stop completely before the fire was extinguished.

Dust makes way more sense.


bootboard t1_j8zn3i5 wrote

It came from a chemical waste fire in Braintree.


Baystate411 t1_j8z8g5o wrote

600 miles is about 6 hours travel time by wind alone. It's foolish to think their isn't a possibility it wouldn't cause air problems or particles falling. It rained last night, that's a condensation nuclei. Chemicals go up, cling to a cloud that starts to precipitate and it falls back down.


OrsoMalleus t1_j8z9ooz wrote

If you want to be afraid then that's on you, but the science isn't supporting your very loose argument.


Baystate411 t1_j8z9ss0 wrote

Not really too concerned but to say it isn't a possibility is kinda odd.


[deleted] t1_j8zls35 wrote

It's not just being "said". It's a scientific factuality. You're being irrational to your own detriment.


OrsoMalleus t1_j8z9ylo wrote

And to sit on the very unlikely possibility that we're in any danger from it in Massachusetts is fear-mongering.