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RubiconRider t1_j7z8os2 wrote

Don’t be fooled… when building you can customize things, pick whatever colors, finishes, fixtures but you will pay significant price with your mental health and your wallet. At first it’s fun picking out flooring… but three months later…. After 1000 decisions…picking out door knobs, cabinet pulls, light fixtures will be truly painful and you will second guess all your decisions. Also note, unless you go with a top tier General contractor, you can expect multiple delays and cost increases… check your GCs references and expect the build to take about 2 years. I’ve got personal experience having built my home in 2019…it was the most stressful and unpleasant experience I have survived to date.
People visit and say “You’ve got a beautiful home”. And I say thank you but secretly hate it because the build was so traumatizing.


DunkinRadio t1_j7zcqif wrote

Basically everybody I've met who has built their own home says: it was the worst experience of my life and I would never ever do it again.


RubiconRider t1_j7zxp4w wrote

I think if you have stupid money and unlimited time, it might be less stressful…like a second or vacation home…but that’s not the case if it’s your primary residence


blondiegirl1012 t1_j88zl9g wrote

I used to work for a residential new construction builder. I would never ever build my own house. It’s a nightmare of unending choices and delays.


BannedMyName t1_j8d2jlg wrote

Whining about being able to afford a custom build in MA, wtf


RubiconRider t1_j8d68od wrote

I was replying to the OP. We had a house fire in 2017 and had to rebuild.