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Thisbymaster t1_j80ui86 wrote

Interesting, but I don't think the garage has the extra support available to support a whole building on top of it. And the lives of the people who live in the garage would also depend on the upkeep of the garage which has been questionable.


PakkyT t1_j81szke wrote

>And the lives of the people who live in the garage

What people live in the garage?

Also skimming the article before commenting might be helpful...

"The MBTA garage opened in 2014 across the street from the Beverly Depot and was designed to support up to four levels of development on top of it. "


Thisbymaster t1_j81toim wrote

That is the point of the article, to have people live over the garage.


PakkyT t1_j82pvrn wrote

You said the people who live in the garage.


TheGrandExquisitor t1_j8163pi wrote

Imagine if they tried this in Salem with the city owned garage at the mall! That thing is a fucking mess.