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BobQuasit t1_j990xqr wrote

Considering that it was 66° in the middle of February, I believe it! In a long life as a New Englander, I have never seen a winter as warm as this one. Can I start panicking now?


SharpCookie232 t1_j99adgh wrote

You should have started panicking several years ago but you can try to get caught up now!


BobQuasit t1_j9az82e wrote

I was panicking 40 years ago, when I started researching this stuff in college. Tried to warn people, and they laughed at me. It really sucked.


dirkvonnegut t1_j9bbyt5 wrote

Global warming is for sure making things worse. However, it's really because of a bad El Nino season and it will be the same next year. Something similar happened in 2015/16.


GreatAndPowerfulNixy t1_j9bz5bh wrote

The gulf stream doesn't exist anymore thanks to global warming.


SheeEttin t1_j9c37tp wrote

Rapid swings between the polar vortex and whatever this is right now are about to get a lot more common, I think.


oldcreaker t1_j9ac35b wrote

I'm 64 and I have never seen a winter like this before. A warm day here and there is common. But it's been so consistently warm this year with only an occasional cold day here and there.


mini4x t1_j9bb9s6 wrote

we had one day that it was -5. and the next day it was 50. The averge low so far hasn't even been below freezing.

I'm 10 years younger than you and I remember we used to start getting snow in mid-Nov and there would be snow on the ground the entire winter, until mid-Feb or so.


NativeMasshole t1_j9amzdz wrote

It actually just barely beat the record set for that day about 100 years ago. It's the overall climate trends we should be looking at; winters have almost certainly become overall milder in my lifetime, with snaps of freak winter weather.


Oniriggers t1_j9av21o wrote

I’m up in maine and like 3 fridays ago it was -45f outside and the last two fridays were each in the 50s. It’s alarming


mini4x t1_j9bbgev wrote

...and three Saturdays ago it was 50.


MoeSzys t1_j9cibbi wrote

We should have started panicking a long time ago


alejandrodeconcord t1_j9abrro wrote

This winter has felt like spring


friz_CHAMP t1_j9am8wz wrote

It's 45 every day with and occasional -/+15 degree swings. The ground in my yard isn't even frozen. Ticks are going be brutal this year.


corgibutt19 t1_j9ap6u1 wrote

I've been finding ticks on my horses occasionally all winter. It's going to be nightmare fuel this year.


capybroa t1_j9cfjjg wrote

Hoping the possums will benefit, at least.


somegridplayer t1_j9g5sma wrote

Unfortunately they're not the voracious tick eaters we've been lead to believe :(


LowkeyPony t1_j9ast9d wrote

My mother was diagnosed with Lyme last week. The ticks are already brutal


SilverNightFairy t1_j9afhlg wrote

This has been the strangest winter.. The birds singing outside my window definitely feels more April than February


fakecrimesleep t1_j9ajm3u wrote

Daffodils are already starting to come up


GottaVentAlt t1_j9aptgq wrote

I've been seeing some different flowers since early Feb.


Alternative-Bee-8981 t1_j9bqyc6 wrote


I was raking my yard 2 weeks ago, and I noticed them just pushing out of the ground. This has been a very odd winter.


bostonmacosx t1_j9ari9s wrote

Thoughts and prayers for the heating oil and natural gas companies.....BUH BYE..


mini4x t1_j9bbrpy wrote

Somehow they've managed to still make record profits.

Looks at gas bill...


novolog t1_j99xgb3 wrote

Imagine if it was getting colder


B-Roc- t1_j9aex6d wrote

Global cooling would be far more devastating than global warming. We can adapt to the heat. Cold is life ending. Life thrives in warmer climates. Nothing grows and few animals live in extreme cold.


novolog t1_j9afelb wrote

Good point. In general warm planets are more habitable than cold planets right?


Bayoris t1_j9ah9gl wrote

Any planet that has liquid water. We just happen to be towards the bottom of that range.


The-PageMaster t1_j9anjni wrote

I'd prefer global cooling honestly


downwardspiralstairs t1_j9ajms8 wrote

I got buzzed by a bee last week which was a new one for February.


SheeEttin t1_j9b18ls wrote

At least they're not all dead yet.


downwardspiralstairs t1_j9b218b wrote

True, it was just surprising because I might have been a little bit wicked stoned at that moment.


monotoonz t1_j9b5rpt wrote

Isn't the same sub that told people, "A few random warms days in winter is normal"? Yet, almost none of those people here saying that now.



SalemSound t1_j9bghy6 wrote

This is more like warm weeks. A few warm days is normal in winter, but this winter, it feels like cold days are the exception.


bryanhealey t1_j9bnm78 wrote

months, even. we've had, like, 1 cold day this entire winter lol


oneMadRssn t1_j9fg4ef wrote

Years! Getting close to a decade actually. The kind of winters MA used to have in the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s are gone. For example, the last time we had snow on the ground for 2 month straight in most of the state was 2015.


koidrieyez t1_j9aqkr2 wrote

I just switched from plastic straws to paper ones so we're good. No need to panic anymore.


GlugGlugBurp t1_j9c3uxn wrote

we're any reasons given as to why NE is warming faster than other areas of the world?


jakoboi_ t1_j9c7mg9 wrote

skimmed over the study rq for you and they did not give any reasons or hypotheses, their goals were only to assess the change in temperature over time


BlindBeard t1_j9d7yoo wrote

I've read some (what I assume are watered down accounts of something else) things saying that climate change is weakening the gulf stream. Where it would normally go all the way across the Atlantic and make the weather in the UK area wet and mild with warm water from the Gulf of Mexico, it's ending around New England leaving that warm water off the coast here to a similar effect. Also would account for that same part of Europe to be experiencing the unprecedented cold winters they're experiencing. For example it historically doesn't get that cold in Ireland so it's easy to forget its at the same latitude as Newfoundland. If it's a trend that continues (and what I skimmed turns out to even be true) we're in for even worse summers here and winter's gonna get real fucking cold in the UK and Ireland.


GlugGlugBurp t1_j9ddg7u wrote

so you are saying NE and the area just east of here (ocean) has become a warm spot. a spot that has shifted from being over the UK which would account for why they have been historically so rainy. and the UK area will now get colder winters?


BlindBeard t1_j9di1ap wrote

That's what I gathered from what I read, yes. It makes as much sense to me as any other theory but I suppose I could be bothered to do the bare minimum of due diligence...tomorrow :D I'm going to bed


squarerootofapplepie t1_j9duqyl wrote

So before the Gulf Stream can weaken climate change is making it more unstable, it’s migrated northward in the last 15 years and is spilling warm water over George’s Bank while cutting off the Labrador Current. Since we’re surrounded by ocean changes in ocean temperature have a big effect on our air temperatures as well.


Kodiak01 t1_j9cbsbb wrote

After this year, we're going to move away from La Nina and back to El Nino weather patterns which will cause the usual amounts of snow to fall.

We have gotten plenty of precipitation, it is just because of the wind currents that we've been spared the level that the rest of the country has been shit on this winter.


Sensitive-Tax9482 t1_j9d4l6f wrote

There’s about a hundred _____ is warming up faster than the rest of the world articles. Some one posted images of all the article titles claiming all these places are “warming up faster than the rest of the world


Different_Ad7655 t1_j9bi1ue wrote

God damn it ,maybe I'll get camellias in my New Hampshire garden after all.. You can almost just almost grow them on the most sheltered spot on the cape or behind a stone wall in southern Rhode Island.. oh just another zone or two north, no complaints about global warming in northern New England lol ..Just making light I know, of aserious global climate problem.


YaBoiJim777 t1_j9d3kwv wrote

We've known this for 20 years. Not that it's not still true, but aren't you guys tired of talking about this and sharing the same articles saying the same thing for over 20 years?

This study looks at snow accumulation and snow water equivalent (SWE) at 21 sites around new england. I have a more readable copy of this paper saved in a pdf if anyone is actually interested.


Boomtowersdabbin t1_j9dk5l3 wrote

I'd be interested to see a similar study from 2000 to present. I understand it's a smaller sample size than the study you shared but I think we can agree that there has been a significant swing in the weather patterns in the last decade. I'd love to see what that has done to the snow accumulation at those 21 sites.


YaBoiJim777 t1_j9dl967 wrote

I agree, this study is definitely dated. Snow/Total Precipitation rapidly started decreasing after ~1975. It would be interesting to see how that rate has changed since 2000.


smoothlightning t1_j9f624t wrote

I think I had to shovel snow twice this winter- maybe three times tops. There were years where I had to shovel more times than that in April.


The_Mean_MacKean t1_j9j6zmn wrote

I know this is a bad thing but I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that I love this one thing about global warming.


bostonmacosx t1_j9ar8ub wrote

All of the hot air.... ;P


calvinbouchard t1_j9az6ka wrote

Well, this IS where the Industrial Revolution started.


chancimus33 t1_j9baav4 wrote

Does the study show when we’ll be at the point where there will be no more snow? Hopefully it’s soon!


sightlab t1_j9bkitc wrote

> Hopefully

"Well the food riots suck, but at least I dont have to shovel!"


chancimus33 t1_j9c4995 wrote

Why would thee be food riots? The watermelon I’m buying at Whole Foods in December isn’t grown in Swampscott. So what would people be rioting over? Not being able to make S’mores?


sightlab t1_j9cea90 wrote

If you put water in your gas tank, your car wont stop running immediately. "Why have I been overpaying for gas this whole time when water's working just fine?" says /u/chancimus33


chancimus33 t1_j9fcegu wrote

I haven’t been overpaying for gas though. I’ve been paying what everyone else in the area has been paying. Sometimes less because of Stop & Shop rewards…because I’m buying oranges that aren’t grown in SouthHampton in January


mini4x t1_j9bc67k wrote

We only got one storm that had a shovel-able (plow-able?) amount of snow this year. SO we're almost there.


mari815 t1_j9btvko wrote

That would be now where I live in MA. There’s been 1-inch here so far….


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_j9an4m5 wrote

Everyone’s getting downvoted for saying this; but I’m taking a balanced approach. I really do understand the tragedy of global warming (climate change). I mean, the entire ecosystem is disrupted, and who knows what that will lead to… however, I sure do love the warmth and lack of snow. And I’m going to enjoy it!


lucascorso21 t1_j9azzk4 wrote

You’re going to less enjoy the spread of diseases uncommon to this area due to the prevalence of mosquitoes.


mini4x t1_j9bbygb wrote

Don't forget about the ticks!


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_j9b0nod wrote

You may have a point. Though I’m not so sure. When you look up the data for West Nile it’s just as rare in Florida as it is here. That seems like a National thing. It’s a huge danger in poorer countries, but not here.


lucascorso21 t1_j9b1wnf wrote

West Nile is not the only disease spread by mosquitoes. Here is a good source on why it’s a growing issue. A significant expansion of mosquito (and ticks, can’t forget about those) breeding more northward can have significant worldwide impact.

Also, I would’ve hoped that the last several years would demonstrate how dangerous communicable diseases can be.


BobQuasit t1_j9d47bw wrote

I've been wondering how long it will be before we start getting our first cases of malaria and dengue fever in New England!


Illustrious-Nose3100 t1_j9axecq wrote

Can’t really change at this point so may as well enjoy.

I’m already vegan, rarely drive my car and we have solar panels. Not sure how much more I can contribute to stop global warming..


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_j9b02g4 wrote

Right. I try to do what I can as well. But if it feels good, it feels good. Am I supposed to be pissed off when it’s 65 and sunny when it would normally be 15 and snowing? I know a lot of hardcore New Englanders love the cold and snow, but I don’t.


[deleted] t1_j9a5ydj wrote



funlol3 t1_j99z7ug wrote

I certainly hope so. Sick of cold winters