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Pointlesswonder802 t1_j8rgtn8 wrote

This entire winter has been mud season


Elk_Man t1_j8rowfh wrote

Right? I've been waiting for a god freeze up so I can get a trailer down to my dad's old shed to get a bunch of equipment out of it and at this rate I'm going to have to wait until summer for everything to dry out before I can do it.


heartsoflions37 t1_j8s4mwd wrote

This one leaves out “the pollening” 🤧


UltravioletClearance t1_j8rrsch wrote

I put the snow shovel away. That means we should get 3 feet of snow next week.


Myztic84 t1_j8shjia wrote

They are supposedly predicting a stormier pattern next week and more winter like temps.


PakkyT t1_j8slwl9 wrote

"Actual Spring" should have the description next to it of "two weeks only"


Wants_to_be_accepted t1_j8su11k wrote

I miss when we actually got a spring.


atigges t1_j8ux2ih wrote

I remember never having space in my cubby at school because you had to bundle up for the winter in the morning but it was always warm in the afternoon and I never wanted to wear any of it back home. By the end of the week, every sweater and coat I had was at school.


FattyMcBlobicus t1_j8ss6rd wrote

I’m 40 years old and I’ve never experienced a winter this warm, especially February, this is bizzare


nba123490 t1_j8vd5ib wrote

I’m 26 years old and I was expecting this winter to be like the 2007-08 winter. I remember that winter being kind of warm.

Like, we got a big snow storm in December, then a big one in January, then a couple minor storms in February and then absolutely no snow on March and April (and May).

It’s really just been one big storm on like January 3rd, and then nothing of significance since then and a ton of warm and rainy weather. It’s been the easiest winter ever, and I’m not a fan. Sure spring is my favorite season, but it’s my favorite because winter is harsh and long and spring is that nice escape.


aeroumasmith- t1_j8sx9df wrote

Today it's 65°F where I am. That's really weird for February...


ksperouni t1_j8t5b3t wrote

The daffodil stems in my front yard are beginning to rise from the ground. In February. Have never seen it this early.


Frankenstien23 t1_j8um7to wrote

The ice we skate is getting pretty thin, waters getting warm so we might as well swim


mini4x t1_j8v5p7j wrote

Mine are like 6" tall, and have been visible for about 3 weeks.


DarthT15 t1_j8rkgl4 wrote




warlocc_ t1_j8rv81d wrote

You say that, as I get my motorcycle back out from winter storage.


GroomedScrotum t1_j8uh02z wrote

I love those 20 hours of actual spring.


birius_slack t1_j8tmjc7 wrote

We've had one winter, but what about second winter?


mini4x t1_j8v3t8g wrote

Feb 3rd and 4th was winter.


coolpotato14 t1_j8xj5za wrote

*sigh* I've been feeling really tempted to take out my spring clothes from the attic... this was my wake up call not to do that so thank u


Wizard01475 t1_j8t0m3y wrote

No way! This is the best February ever! Winter is dead 🌞


dalebrower t1_j8rnqt5 wrote

I refuse to believe that 50 degrees is "nice outside"


cat_chat_gato_maau1 t1_j8rrhvb wrote

Everything is relative. I have my windows open today. I don’t mind the cold anyway, I still consider it nice outside in the 30’s.


dalebrower t1_j8to3rj wrote

Lost ya damn mind


cat_chat_gato_maau1 t1_j8ttuno wrote

There was a Reddit thread a little while back about how cold you feel outside is largely a matter of mindset, and there were people that live in Siberian-type climates saying how funny they think it is to come and see people dressing in so many layers when it’s “only” in the single digits, not even in the negatives. And then I read that being outside in the cold briefly without a heavy jacket does not make you sick, unless you are under-dressed for a truly prolonged period of time or wet in the freezing cold. So I decided to toughen up, started taking walks in 30° weather, and now I enjoy it.


dalebrower t1_j8u8qek wrote

I mean no doubt I'm a cry baby about it. I walk my dog ~2 miles every morning barring really bad wind or rain, it's just not my cup of tea. I'll take 90 and humid every day of the week over the frigid days.


RawDoggRamen t1_j8sgdfv wrote

Well, it's 60. Also it's usually about 15 degrees this time of year.


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_j8shh0x wrote

When you’ve just come out of a polar vortex 50 feels pretty nice. Of course I prefer 65-85, but it is relative my friend.