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RoyalSloth t1_j8hx087 wrote

Do you not see the problem of a judge posting right-wing conspiracy theories?

I mean, you obviously don’t and will probably just have some fun and creative insult to lay on me for daring to question you, but it wouldn’t hurt to at least try to pretend like you’re still living in the same reality as the rest of us, instead of exhibiting one of the most out-there persecution complexes I’ve ever seen


Hen-stepper t1_j8hy2ph wrote

What are you essentially saying is that you either do not wish to or are incapable of refuting this judge’s assertion, which you call a conspiracy theory, and so due to your lack of effort or ability you have decided that it is better to get the person fired. In my mind that is an authoritarian mindset and an anti-debate mindset. I disagree with your methodology and the world that anti-intellectual social media brutes have created.

It doesn’t even dawn on you that the person’s view can be changed through persuasion. It’s just that they are “bad” which is ridiculous and false.


BlaineTog t1_j8hzqpy wrote

A judge's job is to be impartial. This chucklehead was making it abundantly clear that he was anything but. Even putting aside that we don't need to refute claims that have absolutely no evidence to recommend them, judges cannot fulfill the terms of their employment if they post a bunch of stuff that makes them look hopelessly biased and unhinged.

Would you want a judge known for making pro-BLM posts and replying, "ACAB," to every story about police misconduct to judge police brutality cases? Of course not, they would appear biased. Same thing here. Nobody would take this motormouth seriously and he would provide grounds for mistrials any time he sat a case with the barest whiff of politics attached to it.


Hen-stepper t1_j8i2j38 wrote

I do not believe you know what makes a qualified or unqualified judge. By your logic, you are saying that if a judge in their personal life is vegan, speaks about it, and a judge’s job is to be impartial, then your conclusion is that the judge should be fired? Judges have to be saints with no bias towards anything? Or what you are saying is they can be biased but cannot express this?

ACAB and BLM are absolutely different because a judge works with cops and black people. A judge’s very mild personal opinion about Joe Biden and China has absolutely nothing to do with their job. A judge’s job is to interpret the law.

You are witch hunting this judge because at face value you believe that you disagree with his politics. Based on a screen shot from Facebook.


RandomRandomPenguin t1_j8i6x9u wrote

I love how you conveniently ignored that the Supreme Court in MA agrees that his conduct was unfit. Pretty sure they know what makes a qualified judge.


Hen-stepper t1_j8i9jdo wrote

A slap on the wrist so that people would leave them alone? So you agree with a reprimand and not a firing? Okay then.


RandomRandomPenguin t1_j8ial78 wrote

Way to move the goalposts dude. There is a world that you agree with the evaluation but disagree with the consequence. Or is your brain too mushy to contemplate that?

Maybe just take a breather here and realize your position is full of holes

Edit: did you serious just block me because you couldn’t take the discussion?


Hen-stepper t1_j8iccql wrote

You cited the SJC’s actions and now you are upset that I referenced that same resource?

You think you can bully other people around because they don’t conform to your ideology. That’s what this is about and it is coming out right now. People of your ilk made the political right into what they are the day today.


twendall777 t1_j8i7sw0 wrote

>A judge’s very mild personal opinion about Joe Biden and China has absolutely nothing to do with their job.

I hardly think accusing POTUS of treason is "mild". And spreading unproven conspiracies shows a lack of critical thinking and judgement skills needed for his position. Especially since he's reciting Trump's exact words in some of his posts. Whether it affects his job or not will be determined by his decisions. We have seen out of Texas that biased political affiliation can in fact affect a judge's decisions though. At the very least, he can be 100% fair and impartial in every decision he makes, but his posts show he has a political bias and will leave doubt in a lot of people's minds.


Hen-stepper t1_j8i8mky wrote

These are politicians… I don’t know why people think it is unlikely that Biden has some connection to China. Even if it isn’t meaningful. I voted for Jill Stein who had connections to Russia. Trump had connections to Russia. A judge couldn’t remark about Trump’s possible connection to Putin? Why??

This is purely political. The townies here hate anything that resembles conservative thought.


twendall777 t1_j8i9j9a wrote

Did you not read the whole article? He specifically calls Biden corrupt and traitorous and accuses him of taking kickbacks from China and Ukraine. He takes a shot at Pelosi. He rants about Hunter's laptop, refers to Trump as the most investigated president in history, and makes the whole "orange man bad" joke. This isn't a judge demonstrating conservative thought. This is a judge showing clear bias based on unfounded accusations and conspiracies. As a judge, evidence should be his basis of decisions, not his political bias. This doesn't just affect the judge either. Showing impartiality can cause a loss of faith in the whole MA court system. He deserves to be reprimanded.


The-Shattering-Light t1_j8icyml wrote

Of course they didn’t read the article. You expect a right wing apologist to read anything that contradicts the opinions they want?


[deleted] t1_j8ihooe wrote



The-Shattering-Light t1_j8ioi7i wrote

Amazing that you’d say that after defending parroted propaganda 🤣


Hen-stepper t1_j8iz3un wrote

Get lost and go hit up the Fox News comments section if you want to pick a fight.


BlaineTog t1_j8ialdf wrote

> The townies here hate anything that resembles conservative thought.

I haven't seen anything that resembles thought from Conservatives in years, and it is honestly depressing. Everyone suffers from this.


BlaineTog t1_j8i9djk wrote

Ok, so you're going to ignore that it was the SJC that said this judge was out of line. Got it.


Chewyville t1_j8i6dw1 wrote

Left views good. Right views bad. Two legs good. Four legs bad.