Submitted by skewsme t3_1129hew in massachusetts

The Police Department has received a call regarding an individual with a weapon near the high school / middle school. There is no direct threat to the schools, but they are in lockdown out of an abundance of caution.

That is an abridged version of what the school posted on Facebook. It’s still quite scary, given the times we live in. There are news helicopters hovering and flying over my house, and I feel awful for the poor kids and faculty for what they are going through right now 😔



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DunkinRadio t1_j8ipx93 wrote

This happened yesterday to several other high schools.

I heard the police here in Chelmsford say it was a "robocall from a foreign number."


skewsme OP t1_j8irxog wrote

I heard about that. I am also hearing that Fitchburg has received a similar threat, likely from the same caller, and it is believed to be a hoax but authorities are being cautious


bitspace t1_j8ivdg1 wrote

Yesterday it was many schools across the state. I've also seen lots of reports of similar patterns in school systems around the country recently.


[deleted] t1_j8j3dk4 wrote

This has happened all over MA, what the hell is going on? The day after a mass shooting and people are phoning in hoaxes to a bunch of schools?


Hilarias_Glucose_Cup t1_j8mlpbk wrote

This has been going on all over the country since the beginning of the school year. Massachusetts is just the target of the week.


[deleted] t1_j8mxc8x wrote

It's crazy easy to lock down a school with a phone call. This has been happening since at least I started school.


irishgypsy1960 t1_j8msrrz wrote

I missed another mass shooting? Oh god, we don’t even hear about them they are so common.


[deleted] t1_j8n5rfb wrote

The Michigan University one happened a couple days ago. Then all these hoaxes started.


77bobcat t1_j8ixg81 wrote

Happened today at the middlesex school in concord as well


sonderaway t1_j8j90j2 wrote

Same thing in Haverhill today, and Amesbury yesterday


cprescott3797 t1_j8iz9jz wrote

Duxbury too. Maybe be just going in alphabetical order


Unique-Public-8594 t1_j8j83nv wrote

Individual with gun spotted ain’t the same as a phone call threat though folks.


skewsme OP t1_j8n1tza wrote

In this case the phone caller said they saw someone with a gun, and it’s a relief that it wasn’t true. It seems these hoax calls are similar in that they mention a threat to the school, but the scenario varies. In some cases they said they spotted someone with a gun in or near a school, and in others the hoax calls have claimed there was an active shooter.


funsk8mom t1_j8kt7du wrote

Yup… I work in a school near Clinton and we were put on warning that this may happen this week. Happened yesterday to a bunch of schools and again today. The worst part is because it’s being called in in a certain way we have to go into complete lockdown. Close the window curtains, barricade the door, shut off the lights and hide until they can prove it’s fake. Hopefully they stop this soon


[deleted] t1_j8mx6tv wrote

Seriously some weirdo shutting down your highschool isn't unusual. It takes a phone call or just a gasmask. It happened a bunch when I was in school near there. It sucks and fucks up the day.


skewsme OP t1_j8n2hq7 wrote

I find it pretty wild that whoever is doing this is making day of it. When I was young we occasionally had someone try to write a bomb threat on the bathroom wall to get out of taking a test, but doing that in this day in age is way more serious… and to just do it over and over again… crazy stuff


[deleted] t1_j8n6np6 wrote

My highschool and middle school (same school) experience was all after columbine and shit heads had latched onto the incorrect idea that those guys were outcasts and part of some edgy group. Like in middle school some recent grad decided to just stand outside in a trenchcoat and gasmask. By college swatting and all that was a bigger thing. Saying the school is locked down is meaningless to me without more context.

Oh also we would lock down for so many things besides that. Anytime someone came off route two with cops in tow or anything happened on devens that's a lockdown. bear nearby? Soft lockdown.