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averydarkcat OP t1_ja11fnp wrote

Is cape cod really all that? Alot of New Yorkers go there for vacation or at least I heard lots about it in school

And thanks for the last bit


PulledPorkPlease t1_ja3mw8a wrote

Yes. Cape cod is awesome. There are plenty of quiet towns and also plenty of party areas. My parents moved down there and have a house that is not in one of the tourist towns.

So summers are still amazing. And the rest of the year is so quiet and peaceful

The ding dongs that call it a “tourist trap” are literally tourists that get trapped in the tourist trap towns. 😂


topsheetisamust t1_ja1cx1q wrote

No, I don’t like the cape especially in the summer it’s a total tourist trap. I prefer the beaches in Maine


SufficientZucchini21 t1_ja2xjvw wrote

Overrated and crazy crowded.


PulledPorkPlease t1_ja3mxho wrote

Found the guy that only goes to the tourist trap towns ^

Seriously tho, yea some places like Hyannis and Chatham and p-town get crowded in the summer. But unlike you can literally drive 5 minutes away and it’s very quiet in the summer.