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throwaway_wama OP t1_jaj2a4j wrote

Thank you. Do you know if I can do all that even earlier, before the 6 months?

I saw an airline that want the real ID starting May 2023 even though 2025 I read is when it should start


LadyGreyIcedTea t1_jajy1yd wrote

The need for a real ID doesn't vary by airline. The TSA is the only one who looks at your ID at the airport and the date that Real ID enforcement goes into effect is 5/7/2025. It was supposed to be this year but got pushed back.


Training_Sail_5996 t1_jaj2swb wrote

I don't know about now. I did it two years ago and it had to be within six months of the expiration. But I wanted the renewal also.

I think you might be able to go and get a new one issued but would still have to renew it in 2024....but don't quote me on that.