Submitted by FuzzAldrin36 t3_11y11c2 in massachusetts

Thank you, u/Ky1e. Just want you to know you have some serious appreciation from the members of this community.

We know you returned to a mess. We know it will take some time to sort out.

Thank you for handling this. You are appreciated.



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ky1e t1_jd5stbv wrote

Never thought I would be thanked by a real astronaut, thank you :)


holldizzle024 t1_jd5tm8u wrote

you’re appreciated!

i missed out on the mess, but looks like it’s been crazy!


Games_N_Friends t1_jda3apw wrote

If you make your way into the Springfield area, stop by and we'll hook you up with a board game, game book, CCG packs, or something. Just DM me before coming to make sure I've got a name to give to staff in case I'm not there that day.

Thanks for sticking by MA, we appreciate you.


ChowboyDan t1_jd61ssh wrote

I just disagreed with /u/Ky1e on something, and he didn't block or ban me. This is good. I think it looks safe to put this drama behind us and focus on more more mundane Massachusetts topics.


Ready-Interview-9809 t1_jd5sdu7 wrote

Seriously. We’re not the best mannered state, but if anyone fucks with us hold my beer. I’d buy u/Ky1e a Dunkin’iced regular anytime, and I can’t imagine I’m alone in this.

HOLD my beer edit


matt_cb t1_jd5zwgh wrote

I’d even buy him a large iced regular with a Boston cream donut


North-East1989 t1_jd5zoqw wrote

If you use the dunkin app you can send yourself a gift card and PM it to him


BobQuasit t1_jd5y34j wrote

I'm glad you came back, ky1e. I'll admit to being a little appalled at the number of people here who so quickly acquiesced to the junta, though. Some of them even seemed eager to support the usurper!

I think it's a good lesson in the need for democracy on Reddit. And online in general, actually.


mallorn_hugger t1_jd642me wrote

I missed it but am enjoying all this spilled tea. Sounds like a wild time.


BobQuasit t1_jd65gnp wrote

It was. Even though it was kind of upsetting, I'm proud that I was banned. I'd have been ashamed if I had just meekly kept my head down and gone along to stay out of trouble with that loony.


mallorn_hugger t1_jd66gtt wrote

Good for you! Yeah, I had a weird situation with a mod on r/whitepeopletwitter earlier this week. I told my sister the world is on a fascist tilt... Even people I usually side with and consider myself part of (left leaning, liberal, inclusive and accepting) are losing their fucking minds. I'm glad you stood up, too! :)

I found one of their posts here and see they are from Western Mass, which is where I'm from. If they're in the Five College area (my home area)... My dad calls the Valley the "surrealistic pillow" for a reason. I love the place with all my heart, but the university bubble is a little hyper and out of touch sometimes. I read somewhere else that they haven't been in the state super long, so I'm wondering if they are a college student who hasn't grown up yet. ;)


fendermrc t1_jd7d09l wrote

Surrealistic Pillow is the name of an old Jefferson Airplane album, but it does work well to describe the happy valley!

Better than “the people’s republic of Amherst”, which I’ve also heard :).


mallorn_hugger t1_jd9har7 wrote

Oh yeah.... I remember now. Makes sense. My dad is an older boomer who was big into the music scene in the 60s and 70s. When I was little, I used to ask him what his favorite color was (a favorite topic of all 4-7 year olds) and he always replied with "deep greens and blues are the colors I choose," so really, that's par for the course!

And yes, I agree it is better than "the people's republic of Amherst" 🤣


swoldier_force t1_jd6gpkg wrote

I honestly hope some of those people who were quick to support the mod were just oblivious.

Once I realized what was happening, I followed the drama as it spanned several posts and subreddits.

Due to the constant deleting and locking of comments and posts though, I don’t think a lot of people realized the scope of things. I saw several “What’s happening here?” posts that came and went within minutes.


BobQuasit t1_jd6jxd1 wrote

There's a certain irony, though, that many here in r/Massachusetts so willingly bowed to their dictatorial new ruler. And then attacked anyone who questioned the leader, his arbitrary rules, and his capricious punishments. It would be nice to think that some of them might have a moment of honest reflection, and feel some shame.

...but I very much doubt that they will.


Games_N_Friends t1_jda1zmx wrote

There was a lot of false equivalence going on with that new mod. He explained what he was doing in terms that wasn't the whole truth in order to stay rosy-looking.

When I first bumped into he drama, it looked like there was some reasonable cleaning going on. It only took a few moments of looking further to realize how over the top he was. He had a lace glove covering his iron fist.


sidran32 t1_jd5z9qw wrote

Seriously. I am not the most active but seeing what was happening really was disheartening. I love my local subs, and it would have sucked to lose this one.


noodle-face t1_jdad48v wrote

I'm out of the loop. Was this because of the recent mod shit


HistoricalBridge7 t1_jd6vzes wrote

I vote to have u/ky1e to be next MBTA general manager


Gold-en-Hind t1_jd789yq wrote

He probably is, which is why we don’t hear from him otr.


ohhgrrl t1_jd7uqza wrote

Nah, he ain’t responsible for the mess of MBTA. Kyle is a problem solver!


MrsMurphysChowder t1_jd64n2z wrote

And in quick time, too! I barely even knew there was an issue before it was resolved. Good work.


ihiwidid t1_jd69dcp wrote

Wait, what’d I miss?


_life_is_a_joke_ t1_jd6n4dt wrote

A new mod went on a ban bender after instituting a new colorblind policy "thou shalt not talk about race" commandment. A lot of his replies to dissenters were unhinged and seemed like vaguely racist dog-whistles. A POC asking if a certain area was safe to live in got banned, which enraged many members (rightfully so). The aforementioned mod went mod shopping in a separate sub and brought the drama they created here to a different sub; he still managed to hire another mod, then employed some weird bots (one was meant to block hentai, weirdly). They also took down very obviously MA related posts for being unrelated to MA. And lots more besides...

Ex mod is now publicly licking their wounds and complaining they've been thrown under the bus. Refusing to admit any wrongdoing and claiming that people were exploiting a Reddit bug to edit his posts or some such nonsense.

It was a real shit show, to say the least.


Bossman28894 t1_jd8az58 wrote

Was that what the post in Boston subreddit was all about?


Kolzig33189 t1_jd7gkiu wrote

There’s a 400-odd comment thread on subredditdrama sub that has a lot of details and peoples personal experiences if you want all the gory details.


wet_cupcake t1_jd6az1e wrote

This day will be written in the history books


Unlucky-Boot-6567 t1_jd66opl wrote

Make March 21st a state holiday!

It’s like the Ides of March part II !


Zealousideal-Top4576 t1_jd7zi3q wrote

Linux was on a crazy power trip it was actually amazing to watch how quickly it escalated.


swoldier_force t1_jd6h7e9 wrote

Democracy is beautiful.

Ky1e is getting more karma and updoots than the previous mod got in their entire tenure here. Well deserved too.


crooshtoost t1_jd87o6k wrote

So weird to see a Facebook employee on censorious power trip. Good riddance!


koebelin t1_jd88m3g wrote

I thought he was going to go full Massachusetts Puritan and start burning witches and hanging Quakers.


Anekdotin t1_jd8gcak wrote

Are we changing Ukraine profile pic?