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ihiwidid t1_jd69dcp wrote

Wait, what’d I miss?


_life_is_a_joke_ t1_jd6n4dt wrote

A new mod went on a ban bender after instituting a new colorblind policy "thou shalt not talk about race" commandment. A lot of his replies to dissenters were unhinged and seemed like vaguely racist dog-whistles. A POC asking if a certain area was safe to live in got banned, which enraged many members (rightfully so). The aforementioned mod went mod shopping in a separate sub and brought the drama they created here to a different sub; he still managed to hire another mod, then employed some weird bots (one was meant to block hentai, weirdly). They also took down very obviously MA related posts for being unrelated to MA. And lots more besides...

Ex mod is now publicly licking their wounds and complaining they've been thrown under the bus. Refusing to admit any wrongdoing and claiming that people were exploiting a Reddit bug to edit his posts or some such nonsense.

It was a real shit show, to say the least.


Bossman28894 t1_jd8az58 wrote

Was that what the post in Boston subreddit was all about?


Kolzig33189 t1_jd7gkiu wrote

There’s a 400-odd comment thread on subredditdrama sub that has a lot of details and peoples personal experiences if you want all the gory details.