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Thabass t1_jd5sczf wrote

The only Sandman I know of is ECW Sandman.


curious_skeptic t1_jd61tt1 wrote

If you all don’t know who he’s talking about, fine, just move along. Dude was quite famous, but not an A-lister. Wish I had seen them live. So much passion in their music.


bristollersw t1_jd67tab wrote

Treat Her Right always did a good show, saw them a bunch of times late 80s. Never really thought gloomy was the word for him.


frankybling t1_jd6f9sn wrote

There’s a documentary on YT. He wasn’t a melancholy person at all.


downwardspiralstairs t1_jd7217x wrote

No, absolutely not sad and he had an amazing sense of humor.

Sad is the last adjective I would use to describe him.