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DeliPaper t1_je63w7f wrote

Full service gas stations are super popular on the south shore for some reason, so I guess it makes sense.


Imaginary_wizard t1_je68glo wrote

Yea I would assume most people in Weymouth couldn't figure out a gas pump anyway


OriginalObscurity t1_je6p5fc wrote

“These damn elites don’t want us drinking the forbidden Gatorade!”

continues struggling over nozzle with station attendant


claimsnthings t1_je7te31 wrote

Wow. Asshole.


wilkinsk t1_je84rmn wrote

The words said about every kid I've ever met from Weymouth. 🤣


cdwalrusman t1_je8beii wrote

They’ve got a donut king, a Walmart, and a half decent state park to fish in. That’s about all


jkotis579 t1_je7kbbb wrote

Damn, doing them dirty like that, but my ass literally nevers goes south shore so i believe it


Imaginary_wizard t1_je7lztn wrote

Went south of the pike once in 40 years. That was enough


burn_your_bible t1_je8dnjr wrote

There’s a reason it’s infested with trump goons


Imaginary_wizard t1_je8hl61 wrote

I mean I'm just making a joke here. Weymouth is fine


burn_your_bible t1_jea1lvu wrote

You’re in part the reason we have trump goons


Imaginary_wizard t1_jea1z3f wrote

You're the only one here talking about trump. Take your day old account and go away


burn_your_bible t1_jea5i36 wrote

Sounds like you’re one of the enablers, maybe grow a pair instead of making excuses


shotinthedark83 t1_je7e4ik wrote

Because boomers on the South Shore enjoy believing that it's still 1973.


-doughboy t1_je7qez6 wrote

If I recall correctly, the Weymouth mandate came about because of a gas station explosion in like the 40/50/60's due to user error.


KayakerMel t1_je6di4e wrote

This has caught me out a few times when I've tried to self serve at one of these stations. Fortunately the attendant was very polite about my confusion, as I'd never been to a full service gas station before.


aestheticbonnie t1_je88meb wrote

I live in Weymouth and love the full service gas stations. Why do people prefer self service over full service? Genuine question btw.


DeliPaper t1_je88rt8 wrote

I don't want to talk to anybody and I don't want to tip anybody


momoneymocats1 t1_je9a96h wrote

I’ve never heard of anyone tipping full service gas


TinyEmergencyCake t1_je9k9ni wrote

I worked at a gas station that offered a full service lane and got tips. Not from everyone but it was fairly common.


momoneymocats1 t1_je9kvuu wrote

Makes sense. As a Weymouth resident who’s forced into full service I just can’t swallow tipping when I’m forced into it. Also our gas prices are painfully expensive


ButterAndPaint t1_je9e06o wrote

Finding the mute button on gas pumps with commercials is the best part of my day.


GaleTheThird t1_je9yza7 wrote

I don't want to interact with someone then sit around while my gas gets pumped when it's faster and less hassle to just do it myself