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Hoosac_Love t1_je6h5os wrote

People believed false things like:

Smoking and pumping gas is dangerous,not really true,it's really the fumes that are dangerous and they disapate in air and liquid gas will only ingnite with a blue flame,if you put a ciggarette in a bicket of gasoline it will actually go out.


Pumping gas while a car is running is dangerous,no not at all,cabbies have for years pumped gas while the engine ran to save gas by keeping the car running 24 hours per day.If pumping gas to a running car was dangerous millions of cabs would already have exploded.


BradMarchandsNose t1_je6k1s1 wrote

Pumping gas into a running car isn’t dangerous most of the time. There’s still a very very slim chance of an electrical spark or something igniting the vapors. Gas stations put those signs up because it’s a liability issue mostly.


nieuweyork t1_je6ysie wrote

> pumped gas while the engine ran to save gas by keeping the car running 24 hours per day

How does this work? Why does it save gas to unnecessarily run the engine for ~2 minutes?


BradMarchandsNose t1_je74vlc wrote

Older carbureted engines would use a lot of fuel to start up, so there was a “5 minute rule.” If you were stopping for less than 5 minutes, it would use more gas than letting the car idle. I have no idea if this is true or not scientifically, but that was what people said. These days though, that’s not the case at all. They build cars now that stop the engine at a stoplight and start it back up again 10 seconds later because it’s more efficient with modern engines.


puppydogbryn t1_je73d1w wrote

It does save fuel to shut the engine off. You only waste fuel if you keep it off for like less than 15 seconds.


SileAnimus t1_je8f8va wrote

Pumping gas while your car is running is bad because you'll very likely set off an evap gross leak code if your purge valve is off. Stupid way to get a check engine light.