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progressnerd t1_je81bc6 wrote

Arlington has another vote on it this year, and it will probably pass this time, because some of the concerns with the prior legislation were addressed. There were some (IMHO) legitimate concerns about whether the elderly and disabled would be able to have adequate access in a self-service environment.

That said, I'm curious why there's so much love for self serve? The prices in Arlington aren't any higher than surrounding communities. It's an opportunity for the station to make some extra money by providing less to customers ... it's not like some magical experience to get out of the car to pump gas.


predictablecitylife t1_je8nc5h wrote

I’d just prefer to not coat the paint below my gas filler with gasoline. Which after looking at my parent’s vehicles (both only go to full serve) apparently is a feat that the majority of fuel attendants can’t accomplish.


dew2459 t1_je891kx wrote

Arlington is a funny town, they were also "dry" until a few years ago. Maybe it is conflict between some townies who want no change and newer people.

I don't usually buy gas in Arlington (though I have some family there), but I used to go through Milford a lot when they were no-self-serve, and the gas was always more than surrounding towns. OTOH I drive through Maynard some, and the cheapest gas there is the only full-serve station, so I don't know.


Steltek t1_jea1wid wrote

Arlington gas station owners also stated their opposition self-serve because smaller stations wouldn't have room for separate full vs self pumps and the overall cost to retrofit the existing payment terminals.

I think people like the feeling of control self-serve gets them, mostly saving a little time not waiting for the attendant to walk over or the implication that you're not responsible enough to pump your own gas.