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DeliPaper t1_je63w7f wrote

Full service gas stations are super popular on the south shore for some reason, so I guess it makes sense.


Hoosac_Love t1_je68xgp wrote

I know new Jersey does not have self serve.

Does anyone know the reason why they ban it?


KayakerMel t1_je6di4e wrote

This has caught me out a few times when I've tried to self serve at one of these stations. Fortunately the attendant was very polite about my confusion, as I'd never been to a full service gas station before.


BradMarchandsNose t1_je6du0w wrote

The reasoning when they made the law ~70 years ago was that it was a safety concern. Really, the full service gas stations relied on their garage business to make most of their money, it was a way to keep a guy out there who could look at your car and potentially sell you service in addition to the gas, while also not having to compete with lower-cost self-service stations.

The reason it’s still a law is that every time it comes up, politicians will cite the potential job losses and just continue to kick it down the road.


hockeystick13 t1_je6dyzw wrote

Milford was too, until 2019 when a new station built got approval to be self serving


Sirhc978 t1_je6e6wp wrote

Originally it was because they literally didn't trust motorists to do it themselves. They have tried a few times in recent history to end the ban, but it always fails in one way or another.


Hoosac_Love t1_je6h5os wrote

People believed false things like:

Smoking and pumping gas is dangerous,not really true,it's really the fumes that are dangerous and they disapate in air and liquid gas will only ingnite with a blue flame,if you put a ciggarette in a bicket of gasoline it will actually go out.


Pumping gas while a car is running is dangerous,no not at all,cabbies have for years pumped gas while the engine ran to save gas by keeping the car running 24 hours per day.If pumping gas to a running car was dangerous millions of cabs would already have exploded.


Elk_Man t1_je6i4hg wrote

As someone who lives in Weymouth, I hate this. Nothing worse than needing to be somewhere and the gas attendant is nowhere to be seen, or a busy station with 8 pumps and only one attendant. Looking at you Cumbies-on-Rt-18


BradMarchandsNose t1_je6k1s1 wrote

Pumping gas into a running car isn’t dangerous most of the time. There’s still a very very slim chance of an electrical spark or something igniting the vapors. Gas stations put those signs up because it’s a liability issue mostly.


Fencius t1_je6kj2o wrote

Get your shit together, Weymouth.


SilverRoseBlade t1_je6qvom wrote

Well that’s stupid. Then again that’s probably why there’s no BJ’s Gas in Weymouth when there’s space.


Own_Lychee_2243 t1_je6rmq9 wrote

Cumbies on Rt18 and the Shell in Lincoln Sq have no problem letting you pump your own. The Shell leaves their pumps on 24/7


oscar-scout t1_je6vjum wrote

I live a couple towns away from Weymouth and never knew it was "illegal" there. I feel like Weymouth is sandwiched between ~ 6 towns all very close by where probably most people that live there don't even know that it is a law.


neifirst t1_je70dzm wrote

I grew up in Hingham, we all drove over the border for cheaper gas and not having to get our hands dirty; thank you Weymouth


Quiet-Ad-12 t1_je70gqw wrote

Whelp, add to the list of laws I've broken


BradMarchandsNose t1_je74vlc wrote

Older carbureted engines would use a lot of fuel to start up, so there was a “5 minute rule.” If you were stopping for less than 5 minutes, it would use more gas than letting the car idle. I have no idea if this is true or not scientifically, but that was what people said. These days though, that’s not the case at all. They build cars now that stop the engine at a stoplight and start it back up again 10 seconds later because it’s more efficient with modern engines.


majoroutage t1_je75gvy wrote

From what I've heard, it's a racket, and not one that is going to go quietly.

The one time I stopped on the Garden State Parkway to fill up, we had to wait for the attendants to get done with whatever illegal substances we totally didn't witness them inhaling and stumble their way back from the side of the garage.

These are definitely jobs that they can't just randomly hire and fire people, if you know what I mean.


somanygoddamnbooks t1_je760qs wrote

On our first road trip during college, my good friend stopped at a gas station near campus and just sat there. We asked her what she was waiting for and she said, “For the man to come out and pump the gas.” We were completely bewildered because that’s not a thing in Va. she grew up in… Huntington NY. She’s never pumped her own gas


GetPucked14 t1_je76cb8 wrote

I've totally pumped my own gas before at the cumbies on route 18


MrRemoto t1_je76ib1 wrote

Rt 18 cumbies was my first thought. You use the smart pay app, select the right store and the right pump, and then sit there for 15 minutes to wait for the attendant while 7 other cars are waiting ahead of you.


ItsMeTK t1_je79ruf wrote

I don’t drive, but honestly full service is better. It provides jobs and reduces risk of fire.


SYNTHLORD t1_je7ass8 wrote

That explains why, when I was in high school, the Arlington police were so militant about combing through skyline park at night with their 9 billion lumen flashlights to make sure I’m not concealing Tito’s underneath my skeleton.

They just ended prohibition loool


MammothCat1 t1_je7e3ap wrote

When i worked up there a summer or so i was shocked when i saw the guys at the cumby's right down the road from the hospital. They seemed chill but boy do the people that run through there need an attitude adjustment. Its just gas, not your first born.


Twerks4Jesus t1_je7eaib wrote

Huh, I had no idea. I guess that’s why I've been shot dirty looks at gas stations. Oops.


The_Mean_MacKean t1_je7glpn wrote

I’ve hit the Mobil right next to the Route 3 at 4:30 AM all bleary eyed from having just woken up and pumped my own gas because no one was outside and I forgot about that weird rule. No cops showed up so it must not be illegal.


craigawoo t1_je7gqu4 wrote

Who cares. Just tip the person and be happy you don’t need to do it


jumpijehosaphat t1_je7iedn wrote

some places in Quincy too. I have to keep a mental note which gas stations are full service and avoid them


SurprisedByItAll t1_je7lxx7 wrote

That's messed up. Never knew this. Been through Weymouth, maybe a trillion times too.


Lemonice420 t1_je7mxkj wrote

Born and raised in weymouth. Genuinely drove for a year and a half before i had to finally learn to pump my own gas in New Hampshire. Felt like a princess leaving the castle for the first time


D-Incognito t1_je7o8iz wrote

I don't know what the initial justification was, but I did learn that it is beneficial to some drivers.

I went to college in NJ and had a friend in a wheelchair who had a car. He certainly appreciated that all gas stations were full-serve.


TKInstinct t1_je7qpzj wrote

Medford is partially illegal I think. The Stop and Shop is half full and half self. I think they're not allowed to have full self serve. But there's a Sunoco on the Fellsway and a few Mobiles that are self so I'm not sure.


YellowSea11 t1_je7trhj wrote

Took a trip to South Carolina, started to fill up and the guy looked at me like I just kicked his dog. Like .. I was the worst haha. And I realized how good we have it have it here in Mass .


BOSBoatMan t1_je7vgse wrote

The prices are good though. Sometimes I just drive over the FR bridge just to get gas without getting out of my vehicle


AcornTopHat t1_je7w34u wrote

The first and only time I experienced a person filling up my tank for me was 2005 in Cape Cod. I was filming our trip and got the person pumping our gas on film. Lol it’s like a five second clip of me pointing the camera at the attendant and saying, “Look ittt”. Haha oh to be young and weird again.


Affectionate_Gur_151 t1_je7wa9j wrote

Who the hell is running g Weymouth? Glad I found out, I need to drive through there next week. I'll make sure I have gas before I leave town


Alert-Journalist-808 t1_je7zpz6 wrote

Yet dumb Americans continue to accept oppressive laws like this and wonder why the country is falling apart.


progressnerd t1_je81bc6 wrote

Arlington has another vote on it this year, and it will probably pass this time, because some of the concerns with the prior legislation were addressed. There were some (IMHO) legitimate concerns about whether the elderly and disabled would be able to have adequate access in a self-service environment.

That said, I'm curious why there's so much love for self serve? The prices in Arlington aren't any higher than surrounding communities. It's an opportunity for the station to make some extra money by providing less to customers ... it's not like some magical experience to get out of the car to pump gas.


wilkinsk t1_je84ne6 wrote

Ya, they're fucking stupid down there.

But if you go to the Cumberland farms the dude will just not even bother if you pump your own gas. Lol


dew2459 t1_je891kx wrote

Arlington is a funny town, they were also "dry" until a few years ago. Maybe it is conflict between some townies who want no change and newer people.

I don't usually buy gas in Arlington (though I have some family there), but I used to go through Milford a lot when they were no-self-serve, and the gas was always more than surrounding towns. OTOH I drive through Maynard some, and the cheapest gas there is the only full-serve station, so I don't know.


HyruleJedi t1_je8cedf wrote

Funny everyone here makes fun of NJ…. Yet the gas is pumped for you, and its the cheapest on the east coast

And if you stop at a wawa you can go in and get a hoagie

Im new England born and bread, but i wouldnt take a dump at a cumbys over a wawa in NJ and somehow its cheaper


throwawaysscc t1_je8hkev wrote

I always liked Rt. 3-A gas stations, now I know why.


WilliamBoost t1_je8k2k4 wrote

I went to high school in Weymouth in the early 90's and this law is the only reason a lot of my classmates had jobs.


predictablecitylife t1_je8nc5h wrote

I’d just prefer to not coat the paint below my gas filler with gasoline. Which after looking at my parent’s vehicles (both only go to full serve) apparently is a feat that the majority of fuel attendants can’t accomplish.


PurpleDancer t1_je9f2fl wrote

The weird thing to me is that the cheapest gas stations are always full service. You would think they would be more expensive.


justanotherbrunette t1_je9fenb wrote

I was driving out to the Mahoneys in Winchester and realized I needed gas and stopped in Arlington. I’ve been in Boston a few years, but wasn’t really “exploring” neighboring towns because I’m a student. When the attendant knocked on my window I thought I was about to be burgled (he was wearing a puffer jacket and I didn’t initially see anything identifying him as an employee). Luckily I’d stopped to dig through my wallet for my card while I was still in the car, but I don’t think I’ve ever been more confused in my life.


jred1026 t1_je9jp36 wrote

I’ve pumped my own gas in Weymouth before lol

Now I know why the gas attendant looked at me funny


RJC02134 t1_je9n4n1 wrote

I grew up in Weymouth and graduated from Weymouth North High School. So I saw that station on Washington street across from The village cemetery built by BP. They obviously anticipated that the permit to have self service was just a rubber stamp, or something along those lines. I have a suspicion but this is just my guess that the town council didn't appreciate the way BP operated In building the self service without prior approval from them and therefore guaranteed it would never be approved. That was over 50 years ago and Weymouth Massachusetts to this day does not have self service. I no longer live in Weymouth and haven't since 1978 with a few exceptions so I no longer have to worry about buying gas there.


Steltek t1_jea1wid wrote

Arlington gas station owners also stated their opposition self-serve because smaller stations wouldn't have room for separate full vs self pumps and the overall cost to retrofit the existing payment terminals.

I think people like the feeling of control self-serve gets them, mostly saving a little time not waiting for the attendant to walk over or the implication that you're not responsible enough to pump your own gas.


Enragedocelot t1_jea8wcj wrote

wait this is hilarious, I don't even know what you're referring to but assume I mentioned not checking BTC in my history or something or you found me and you curious. either way fill me in because i'm so curious


RJC02134 t1_jeac0e2 wrote

According to the Patriot Ledger from Oct 7, 1976, p. 17, the Town Counsel discovered that self-service station owners were planning to throw out the repair side of gas stations turning them into "back-door monopolies" on the part of the oil companies. This would deny gas station lessors of repair income. So the town decided to use zoning to prevent self-service gas stations. I am assuming this is the rule to this day.