Submitted by ikrakenmyselfup t3_11j0nci in massachusetts

Hello! I am looking for a reasonably priced venue for a small wedding in MA/New England. We only have about 15 guests. Preferably would like everything at the same venue- ceremony, dinner, etc. Outdoor ceremony ideal. Any suggestions appreciated! Thank you.

Edit: Thank you everyone for your suggestions! We are looking into all of them!



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cdiairsoft t1_jb0zcaf wrote

Not sure if you have considered it. But if you, relative or a friend have a little bit of yard you can rent a small 20x20-20x30 tent. Get catering (don't tell them it's a wedding as it will be cheaper) and DIY for a very reasonable price.


ikrakenmyselfup OP t1_jb17aua wrote

That’s what we were originally thinking, but we don’t have anyone with a place who can host. We are considering renting a house or something!


mahhninja t1_jb1lqun wrote

I got married this summer at an Airbnb that allowed events. Was a ton of work but we saved literally tens of thousands of dollars and it was very unique


ARandomGuy035 t1_jb2xkme wrote

I did the same thing and it was perfect for my wife and I. If you're able to splurge a bit and get something ocean or lakeside, it can be very beautiful and much more intimate. Saved us a ton of money as well.


xKimmothy t1_jb1dgnb wrote

It's out West in Lee/Lenox, but we got married at the Devonfield Inn in the Berkshires. It's a B&B and had an elopement package for a very reasonable price. The owner is an ordained minister who will do the ceremony, and have a large property and you can choose where to get married (they have a large field, wooded area, lawn, or inside if it's raining). Our guests just got rooms there (we paid for some), and they had lots of deals with vendors in the area. The photographer they recommended was awesome and we had 3 sessions with him taking us around Lenox and we got all our photos for ~$850. They don't do dinner, but Old Inn on the Green had an amazing 3-4 course menu, or you can cater dinner on their property.


Wxzowski t1_jb19i3d wrote

You could do an outdoor ceremony + dinner at Gibbet Hill in Groton MA


ikrakenmyselfup OP t1_jb1a5k0 wrote

Oh I love their food! I’ll look into their pricing, good suggestion !


Wxzowski t1_jb1a9yc wrote

I had my wedding there a few months ago, they were great


EtonRd t1_jb1r8q7 wrote

That’s a beautiful setting for a wedding.


BridgeBabe t1_jb1yif7 wrote

Gibbet Hill, Forge & Vine, and the Groton Inn are all in close proximity and offer different event packages. Smaller events usually go to Groton Inn since Gibbet Hill has the huge barn. The Inn is stunning and has outdoor space. Can’t go wrong with the backdrop in that area.


Wxzowski t1_jb57g4m wrote

The inn is so inexpensive compared to what you get. The rooms are so nice, good breakfast, great value


BridgeBabe t1_jb5wfim wrote

I know! I wish I had known for my wedding so I try to spread the word.


quiggles48 t1_jb1iskb wrote

Deerfield Inn in historic Deerfield. We did our 20 person wedding there and it was lovely.


KingPhisherTheFirst t1_jb15r6q wrote

Old Mill in Westminster has a few small rooms and beautiful outdoor area. I used it for my rehearsal dinner and they also host weddings. Nice drive out there and affordable from what I recall


ikrakenmyselfup OP t1_jb1736a wrote

Thank you! That’s not too far from where I live!


KingPhisherTheFirst t1_jb1cvwm wrote

One piece of advice in scoping out places, especially with it only being 15 or so people, ask about room rentals and catering vs saying its for a wedding. There's always an upcharge once they find out its a wedding vs if you're just renting a room.


ikrakenmyselfup OP t1_jb1h4br wrote

Ugh I know it’s so annoying! I’m finding a lot of places charge the same price whether you have 10 guests or 200.


nromdotcom t1_jb2vhhl wrote

The Old Mill is so great. I used it for my rehearsal dinner as well, and we go back for lunch every couple of months.

Our actual venue was The Colonial, which was also great, but probably not appropriate for 15 people...but maybe? I know they're pretty flexible there and maybe you can just do the reception in the bar.


KingPhisherTheFirst t1_jb31x9q wrote

Lucky! We got married at the Wachusett Village Inn... and ended up being one of the last weddings before they turned into a Recovery Center of America. It was such a great spot too 😫


Sprucey26 t1_jb1774l wrote

Back yard wedding and spent $600 in total (just for food and delivery). Did it and saved 30k. Did my kitchen instead. Had 12 adult guests plus kids. It’s was stress free, and amazing.


Space_SkaBoom t1_jb24y16 wrote

My wife and I got married on Black Rock Beach in Cohasset, then had our reception at Stockholders in Weymouth. 12 for the ceremony and 30 for the reception.


HolmeonSpaulding t1_jb11cqy wrote

Hartman herb farm in Barre might be perfect for this. They have a few rooms plus 2 other little b and bs in town plus a great brewery or 2 nearby for pre wedding shenanigans.


ikrakenmyselfup OP t1_jb176xf wrote

Ooooo I’ll definitely check this one out!


Adam_Ohh t1_jb1b06g wrote

My fiancé and I toured Hartmans back in august, and if I remember correctly, they have a guest minimum of around 100. But it certainly is pretty. The garden setting is gorgeous, and they have a really nice hand built mini chapel on the grounds also.


kennetcook t1_jb1l9wi wrote

Look in the North Conway or Lincoln New Hampshire area beautiful setting you and your family would love it


bix902 t1_jb25of9 wrote

The Sleeper Mcann house is beautiful and they do micro weddings!


AWholeNewFattitude t1_jb2wr93 wrote

We did Camp Kiwanee, but there are some really nice VFWs and public event spaces (libraries, town halls) and we used Fireflies BBQ for catering and sincerely everyone loved it.


MaybeALittleCreepy t1_jb7juhq wrote

If you don't mind a drive, Wolf Cove Inn in Poland, ME is great. They cater to elopements and smaller sized weddings. The setting is beautiful, it's right on a lake and makes for great photos. I'm not sure if she still works there but the chef that they had on staff about 6 years ago was fantastic.


ikrakenmyselfup OP t1_jb7zujo wrote

I actually inquired with them and it was my first pick! Unfortunately they have a guest limit of 12 for the services we were looking at and our guest list is 16.


MaybeALittleCreepy t1_jb9hzmz wrote

Ah darn, that's too bad. I hope you find a venue that you love! There are definitely some good suggestions among the comments.


Any_Advantage_2449 t1_jb26v06 wrote

Get the party room at a restaurant at the seaport in Boston your photographer can get some great pictures. We did our vow exchange, no religious figure, in front of our guests on a public green space next to restaurant.

It was super easy no stress was great.


AthelasMDPhD t1_jb2csbd wrote

The Eustis Estate in Milton, MA. They partner with Capers catering, which is a phenomenal company.


pixieanddixie t1_jb2csdh wrote

I photographed a small wedding on the beach at The Blue Inn on Plum island. B&G rented a suite there and and had nice dinner for about 20 people in the dining area after the barefoot beach vows.


Illustrious-Nose3100 t1_jb2op5s wrote

I’m not sure if this would fit the bill but Thompson island in Boston does weddings. It’s a pretty cool spot - outdoors overlooking the city. I think they do catering but you’d have to check.


ItsAllOverWeLost t1_jb3mhwb wrote

Check out the Alvirne Memorial Chapel in Hudson, NH.


willowthewize t1_jb65neb wrote

Wayside inn in Sudbury, MA! Beautiful old inn and very historical :)


okethan t1_jb8509m wrote

Contact Dan at Northern Spy. A gorgeous restaurant in Canton. Won’t be cheap but will be delicious and picturesque. Dan has hosted many weddings.