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BobQuasit t1_jd3fjs5 wrote

So who are the mods now? Apart from the usual suspects, who all seem to be...well...inactive?


smmshad OP t1_jd3fvur wrote

No idea, he went to /r/needamod and picked a bunch of new random mods.

The mods should be from Massachusetts, not just random power mod imo


BobQuasit t1_jd3i0sc wrote

Oh my god. If he screened them to suit his tastes, this sub is definitely doomed. And I agree absolutely, mods should be from Mass as a basic requirement!

At this point I want to see open and honest statements of intent from all new mods.


NativeMasshole t1_jd3jahl wrote

Especially since he's only suspended, and not even necessarily removed as a mod. There's a hierarchy between the mods' authority over the sub, so with the head mod being inactive, he will have direct power over them.


KadenKraw t1_jd88ki5 wrote

He deleted his account so I'm sure he will make a new one to try to grab "power" elsewhere


boat--boy t1_jd3j3mq wrote

Do we only choose like they choose mayoral candidates, those who have a Harvard degree? Lol