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BobQuasit t1_jd3i0sc wrote

Reply to comment by smmshad in What happens now to this sub? by smmshad

Oh my god. If he screened them to suit his tastes, this sub is definitely doomed. And I agree absolutely, mods should be from Mass as a basic requirement!

At this point I want to see open and honest statements of intent from all new mods.


NativeMasshole t1_jd3jahl wrote

Especially since he's only suspended, and not even necessarily removed as a mod. There's a hierarchy between the mods' authority over the sub, so with the head mod being inactive, he will have direct power over them.


KadenKraw t1_jd88ki5 wrote

He deleted his account so I'm sure he will make a new one to try to grab "power" elsewhere


boat--boy t1_jd3j3mq wrote

Do we only choose like they choose mayoral candidates, those who have a Harvard degree? Lol